12 Expert Tips for Hiring a Private Driver in Bali How to book a private car & driver in Bali - how much to pay, rates, tipping and managing expectations.

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Hiring a Bali private driver for sightseeing some of Bali’s extraordinary attractions or just to drive you for the day while visiting markets, beach clubs and restaurants for dinner is a great idea. This article will teach you how to hire a private driver in Bali, what you should pay and help you make a booking.

1.  Why hire a Bali private driver?

If you are within walking distance to the beach, shops and restaurants from your accommodation, and will only be going further for the odd sightseeing day then you only need a private car and driver on an ad-hoc basis for day tours.

However, if you will be going further than walking distance for most days I highly recommend hiring a private car and driver for the full length of your stay. Having a driver on call for most if not the whole day and evening will help make your Bali holiday friction-free because you remove the hassle of getting taxi’s in Bali on a regular basis, which can be a real pain.

Whether you and your crew are looking to spend the day at a beach club, visiting the unique attractions like temples, rice terraces, the Bali swings, some of the amazing waterfalls or just spending the day shopping, hiring a car and driver can make a huge difference.

  • If you are just venturing out locally, then hire a taxi.
  • For trips to attractions further than 10km away, then hire a private car and driver.
  • If you will be gone for more than 4 hours, then hire a car and driver.
  • Thinking of hiring a rental car and driving yourself? Don’t do it. Hire a private car and driver.
  • Want to go on a shopping expedition? Hire a car and driver.

2. Connect with your driver using WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp. Everyone in Indonesia uses WhatsApp — a free smart-phone application that allows you to text and call using the Internet or WiFi, and is very cost-effective if you bought a SIM card at the airport so you don’t get hit with exorbitant data roaming charges from your home telco provider.

It’s an easy learning curve and I’ve had anyone with a smartphone of all ages using it easily and painlessly in minutes.

The best thing is you can be in constant contact with your driver, so you don’t have to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the best features is to send your current location via text which provides a GPS map directly to where you actually are. 

Even better — you can send a photo of what’s in front of you so there is no doubt where you are. Think about this common scenario. You are shopping your way down Ubud markets and have arranged with your driver to meet at the northern entrance when you where dropped off. The northern end is a terrible place to be picked up anyway, so you should shop your way down to the southern end of the laneway. Sending a photo makes it crystal clear where you are and avoids simple misunderstandings and mistakes when getting your driver to meet you.

3. Going to a beach club or tourist attraction?

What most people don’t realise is that getting to a place is often quite easy. But getting from there back home can be a nightmare. The reason is the local transport services (think local taxi cartel) will always charge a much higher fee to get you back than it’s worth. Sometimes outrageously high.

Because they have a monopoly on the transport options if you don’t already have a private car and driver you are literally at their mercy. Depending on supply and demand and which way the wind is blowing you may have to pay up to 2-5 times the amount that a normal taxi fare would cost you.

For example, a taxi fare on the meter from Eat Street in Seminyak to Finn’s Beach Club in Canggu will cost you around Rp 120k. But when you want to leave, the local set prices will knock you back Rp250 – 350k (and sometimes much more during busy times at night).

4. Shopping expeditions can be awesome with a car and driver.

Going on shopping expeditions in Bali is why many people come here. Even leaving the souvenirs alone, the chance to buy homewares, textiles and artworks that are unique to Bali is more than tempting. It’s downright addictive if you know where to go (more on that in a later chapter).

If you treat shopping like a full-contact blood sport with bargains as the scoreboard and showing off to your friends and family back home is something you like the idea of, then hiring a private car and driver makes perfect sense.

Loading up the back of an SUV while the driver waits patiently for you to make the next “it’s like saving money” purchase is a pleasure. Trying to get a taxi while standing beside the road with a bunch of shopping bags or some seriously large artworks wrapped in bubble-wrap is not so much fun.

A private car and driver is the most useful tool you will invest in while shopping like you mean it in Bali.

5. How much you should pay for a private car and driver for the day?

Let’s start with the basics. A rule of thumb is the cheapest you will get a private car and driver for the day is IDR500k. That’s rock bottom. If you are offered anything cheaper then do not take it. You are simply being set-up to pay more later from the usual scams — making you wait, being asked for more during the trip, running out of petrol or just being intimidated. You have been warned.

Realistically, the lowest amount you should expect to pay for smaller cars (or the ubiquitous smaller SUV’s) is IDR600k bare minimum. Anything less and you run the risk of being taken for a ride (please excuse the pun. It had to be said.)

An experienced driver who knows their way around, can adapt to your specific needs and has a solid grasp of English in a high-quality, air-conditioned 6-seater SUV is IDR800k or more and I highly recommend you set this as your budget. The great private drivers (and there are many) have a solid contact list and will make over 50% of their revenue through repeat business and referrals.

The age-old maxim of you get what you pay for is never more appropriate than when hiring a private car and driver in Bali.

And be careful of the referral from a friend who has been to Bali, possibly many times before, and has their mate Ketut to look after you. I’ve heard from many people who were disappointed in the service they were provided. That’s why I only ever work with a small, knowledgable group of drivers I know and can trust implicitly.

If you would like to book one of my trusted, knowledgable, English-speaking drivers with a 6-seater air-conditioned SUV you can do so using my reservation booking system here. Or read further below for more details.

6. Booking a driver from your hotel.

Every hotel provides a booking service for a private car and driver, especially for day tours. It’s one of the many revenue streams a hotel depends on, so don’t be surprised that they take a significant markup.

Their biggest markups come from short trips where they can charge many times the rate that would be charged by a taxi. A prime example is a trip from the hotel to one of the local restaurants that are only a couple of kilometres away, and because they don’t allow taxi’s or ride-sharing providers to enter their property you are at their mercy.

I have a Golden Rule never to pay more than IDR50k for a ride to somewhere local from a hotel, and that’s being generous. For around $5 you should be able to get anywhere within a 5km radius.

If you book a private car and driver for a day tour from a hotel, expect to pay upwards of IDR800k or 1 million+ for 8 hours. That will include a 40-50% commission to the hotel and if the driver is employed directly by the hotel then the driver will likely only be receiving IDR200-300k.

If you do book a day tour from a hotel make sure you follow the next tips and make sure your driver speaks passable English, the destination is crystal clear and the waiting time and number of hours are clearly communicated with the driver.

The most common mistake is to book a driver with the hotel and expect the best. They will undoubtedly be providing the lowest cost driver possible, and while the car may be in decent condition your driver will most likely not have a clue as to your expectations.

7. Be clear about the destination and what you expect.

Most drivers are reactive, not proactive, so if you ask to go to a destination that is very far away or may encounter heavy traffic they will generally just follow orders. Being proactive means discussing where you want to go, understand the realistic, expected elapsed travel time, and whether that leaves you enough time for your other destinations and the trip back home.

There is a big difference between a cheap hire and a driver who actually knows the places and attractions you want to visit.

Engage with your driver before you get in the car — don’t be pressured into hopping in and getting the trip going because he is holding the door open. Engage in straight-forward terms using simple language — and I don’t mean simple because of intellect, I mean simple because of the language barrier.

Engaging early with your driver will tell you how much English he actually understands. A great driver will begin to form a rapport with you and ask what kind of things you like and make adjustments accordingly.

Pro-tip: already know the rough itinerary of where you want to go, what times you would like to be there and engage with him so you can change plans according to conditions and not be disappointed because the clock ran out and you missed something you really wanted to see.

8. Be really clear about the time-frame and how much you will be paying.

If there is one thing you can do before hopping into a private car or SUV, it’s engaging with your driver to set crystal clear expectations about how long you expect their services and the total cost.

For example, if you intend to see a waterfall on the northern side of Bali, don’t expect to be back at your hotel in less than 10 hours, if not much longer. Daily hire of a car and driver is usually 8 hours, plus 100k per hour thereafter.

However your driver may have somewhere to be later, so don’t count on unlimited time. Ask clearly what their expected number of hours are for the trip, and make a point to set a specific time you want to be back at your hotel or villa.

9. Waiting time is built-in to the cost of a private driver.

If you want to be dropped off at a beach club or restaurant, don’t think that you can pay less because your driver is waiting for you. The time they spend waiting for you all part of the hire, and let’s be honest — a big attraction for hiring a driver is to get going when you want to get going.

They will wait for you while you are there — that’s not an issue — but the key is communication. That’s why WhatsApp is so important. Having a good time at the pool bar? No sweat, just text your driver that you will be staying a bit longer. Enjoying your lunch and can’t be bothered hitting the next temple on the tour itinerary? Not a problem, just text your driver and let him know.

The more he knows about what you are thinking about your day the better service you will receive. Did you decide not to tell your driver you wanted to miss the next stop on your pre-arranged itinerary? Maybe he’s already headed towards where he thought you wanted to go and turning around now takes another 30 minutes. Communication is the key.

Wherever possible download and use WhatsApp, a free text and calling app over wifi, to communicate with your driver, giving him a heads-up 10-20 minutes before you are ready to leave for the next destination. He may have had to park some distance away from your current location depending on the availability and cost of parking in the immediate vicinity.

If you start your tour in the morning it will be assumed you have had breakfast. If you want to stop somewhere for breakfast make that clear, although it will naturally cut into your travel time.

The same for lunch — it’s always best to have at least the kind of food you want for lunch — be it a local warung (restaurant) or a popular well-known eatery.

10. Plan your toilet breaks and communicate with your driver.

Communicate with your driver well beforehand so you don’t get caught in traffic or a rural area without somewhere that has clean, serviceable toilets. 

A great driver will know where the best toilet stops are. Maybe at a McDonalds if travelling back via the highways from Ubud, or a little-known warung with clean and serviceable toilets in the middle of nowhere. A great driver will know where the best bathroom breaks are. Make sure you ask for a toilet break at least 20 minutes ahead of time, or at the very least your driver knows how to stop and find while travelling through suburban areas with no public amenities. 

11. How much to tip your driver.

Tipping practices in Bali vary greatly, but here are some simples rules that will help you tip the appropriate amount and reward great service.

As I write above, the length of time a driver will be at your disposal ranges between 8 -10 hours. If you get a cheaper driver it will likely be for 8 hours, but the amount my drivers work for is 10 hours for a full-day hire.

While no tip is expected, it’s always welcome and demonstrates your appreciation in a very direct financial way while also making your driver feel valued. A small tip would be IDR50k. Less than that wouldn’t be an insult, but it could be viewed negatively relative to the total amount paid for the day.

I recommend IDR100k if your driver has done a great job and you’ve experienced a great day out. IDR200k would be greeted with joy and the represents a real bonus for a job well done. This isn’t much in foreign currency terms – around AUD$10-20.

Considering the minimum monthly salary in Bali can be as low as IDR2.2.000.000 (or lower) it really is a meaningful amount. If you have a multi-day booking then these guidelines still apply.

If your driver books tickets for attractions for something like Elephant Park rides, White Water Rafting or other adventure activities they quite likely get a commission on ticket sales, usually around 20% but sometimes more. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, as it augments their income and is a naturally accepted part of the tourism business in Bali.

12. Book Ahead.

I have so many inquiries asking me to book the trusted, knowledgable and English-speaking drivers I regularly use for my friends, family and villa guests that I’ve made a secure, online booking system.

A 50% deposit guarantees your reservation and the remaining 50% can be paid to your driver on a daily basis from your first day of pick-up.

What is and what isn’t included?

Rates are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Included: English speaking, trustworthy and knowledgable driver with immaculately maintained 6-seater air-conditioned SUV. 10 consecutive hours of private driving services, fuel, applicable taxes and hotel pick-up and drop-off in Canggu, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak, Ubud and Uluwatu.

Not included: Parking fees, entrance tickets to attractions or event tickets (if any).

How do I pay?

You pay a 50% deposit using the online booking form here. The remaining 50% is paid to your driver in Rupiah (the local currency). You pay separately for each day – no need to pay for all reserved days at once.

Do you provide half-day service?

No. You can hire my drivers for a full day only (up to 10 hours). There are no refunds for unused hours. Considering how inexpensive this private driver service is it’s not really an issue.

I am staying at different villas and hotels. Is that OK?

We provide pick-up/drop-off at hotels in Canggu, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Seminyak, Ubud and Uluwatu only. It’s no problem if you need picking up at one place and dropped off at another as long as they are both in the service area.

If you are staying outside these areas I cannot provide a driver for you. If you are overnighting somewhere like Lovina or Amed it is possible but I will need to arrange accommodation at your cost for my driver. Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

How can I choose tours and places to visit?

Plan your schedule directly with the driver when you meet. You can choose from some popular routes which my drivers are very knowledgable, or you can choose to follow your own tour itinerary. I’m OK with whatever you decide.

I highly recommend you read my articles on attractions, beach clubs, temples and waterfalls.

What if something happens and I need to cancel?

The deposit is non-refundable. Because my drivers have a confirmed reservation they will be knocking back other jobs they may have picked up, so the deposit at least compensates them a little if you need to cancel and not pay the remaining 50% still owed.

However, in order to make this a premium, flexible service, if your plans change during your holiday you can cancel the remaining days on your reservation and not have to pay the remaining 50% owing.

The entire remaining reservation days must be cancelled – you cannot simply cancel individual days at whim, as that is a very unfair practice sometimes inflicted upon drivers that cause them undue stress and economic hardship.

But we understand that sometimes things happen so you may cancel the remaining days of your reservation, forfeiting the non-refundable deposit, but not having to pay the remaining 50% owed for the remaining days.

Who will be my driver?

I will assign as soon as you make a reservation to ensure my best drivers are booked first. You will receive an immediate email confirmation with your driver’s name and number and reservation details.

Can you pick me up at the airport?

Yes, especially if you arrive in the morning or early afternoon so you can use the full day service after arrival. If you only need picking up from the airport to your hotel then use this Bali Airport Transfer Service instead.

Click here to make a private car & driver reservation.

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Truly amazing!

Thank you Michael for providing such an amazing service and advice. The driver you reserved for us (Putu) is truly amazing! He took great care of us on all the days we booked and took us to places we never even knew about!! He was really cool about waiting for us when we went over time at some places and clearly knows all your secret trails. We had such a wonderful time and was the highlight of our trip to Bali. We are already booking our next trip!!!


  1. Michael, You have a ton of good stuff to read. I read somewhere you mentioned “your villas” but I don’t see any listed. Do you offer villa rentals?

  2. Hi Michael,

    Do you have 10 – 12 seater van with driver? How much would it be for 8 hours?

    • Hi Soo Ping,
      Yes, I do. You can book a private driver and 12-seat Minivan here.

      If you reply to this comment with how many days you need it for, the number of people and expected destinations I may be able to put together a quote including driver overnight charges if you plan on travelling around Bali.

      Safe travels,

  3. Thank you for all of the wonderful details provided. I am a travel writer visiting Bali for the first time in November and your information was extremely helpful. I need to hire a driver for 7 full days, but I was wondering if you have anywhere I can see reviews of your services? I am unable to find your services anywhere else and feel uncomfortable about paying up front without more details. Thank you very much for your help!

    • Hi Aimee,
      Thanks for dropping by and asking about reviews. So far I’ve only been publishing some ad-hoc reviews sent to me by customers. I haven’t yet set up a review system because as yet I haven’t needed one, nor have I been asked before, as we only take a 50% deposit on booking.

      I understand if this doesn’t inspire confidence, but I’m pleased my writing is something you found extremely helpful.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Aimee,
      As we previously discussed, having a dedicated review page is worth the effort to make, so I did – you can read all the reviews submitted so far here.

      Great idea, thanks for the feedback 🙂

      Safe travels,

  4. Hi Michael….

    Looking for some advise.

    Are we trapped?
    I booked us into a resort, was told it was 1 1/2 hours from Kuta…. it’s not… it’s 3 hours west. Puri Dajuma… we would like to hire a driver to come pick us up and take us to Kuta/Seminyak for some shopping for a few hours then take us to the airport. On Sunday …. it would be a full day., maybe more than 10hours….

    I can’t find any local drivers and the hotel charges $80AU just to take us to and from the airport (each way). $80 for 3 hours….

    Do you know of any drivers up towards this way?

    We are feeling a little stranded and cornered to pay the hotels transfers….

    Very misled on how far away this is, as beautiful as it is! (And it is a stunning resort).

    Any advise would be appreciated….

    Kind regards

      • Thanks Michael!

        Will book tomorrow for pick up Sunday.

        Appreciate your help!

    • Hello,

      Although the website says book a day in advance, can I book from today for tomorrow? And, is there a way where I could have my driver pick me up at 2 am to start a trip to mount Batur (reach at sunrise)? How much is it if we extend till 12 hours instead of 10 (or is that possible)?

      thanks for the tips, most informative website I saw

      • Hi Dee,

        The reason we need a day before booking is to allow time to allocate a driver. You didn’t mention where you would like to be picked up from, and without that, I can’t get in touch with a local driver to ask if being picked up at 2 AM is going to be OK. Do you have a pickup address I can use as a reference?

        And as the article describes if you go over 10 hours, IDR100k per or part hour is payable directly to the driver, which is only fair for such a long working day.

        Safe travels,

  5. Hi Michael,

    I’m in bali now and we want to book a driver with you for this sunday the 15th if possible.
    > But what’s the price for a 10 hour day? I saw something of 600K?
    > And can i send you our time schedule so you can check if it’s feasible please?

    I have an indonesian phone number but my whatsapp is connected to my Belgian number..


    • Hi Phil,
      The price for a day tour anywhere in South Bali is IDR800k. You can make a booking here.

      The most efficient method for figuring out if your itinerary is feasible is to use Google Maps to plot your intended route. That will give you an approximate travel time, which is usually underestimated because it’s not allowing for traffic conditions.

      If you do book a day tour we will connect you with your driver a few days beforehand so you can co-ordinate your intentions with him, and your tour is flexible, so if you spend a lot of time at one destination you can adjust so you return home when you feel like it.

      Or if you leave a comment with your intended destinations, I’ll check with one of my drivers to see what they think regarding total trip time.

      Hope this helps!

      Safe travels,

  6. Hi Michael,
    I’m looking for a lift for myself and my daughter for tomorrow, 13th September, from Ubud to Nusa Dua. Is it too late to book? If not, what is the cost and is it worth stopping anywhere on the way?
    Best wishes

  7. Hi ,

    We will highley recommand Putu! He was our private driver for a day and did a very good job !

    Thank you !

    Lore and Louise

    • Hi Lore,
      Thanks for the shout-out, I’ll make sure to let him know.

      Safe travels,

  8. Hi there Michael!
    My friend and I will be in Bali the second week of October. We wanted to know your availability and a quote as well if possible!

    • Hi Anna,

      What did you have in mind that I should be available for? ???

      “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

      I hope this answers your question.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Javier,
      I’m afraid so 🙁

      Bookings need at least 1 days notice. But thanks for stopping by!


  9. Hi Michael,
    What is the best way to contact you for this service? I have a couple questions for you before booking!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lisa,

      Feel from to leave a question in the comments and I’ll attend to them as soon as I can. Thanks for dropping by.


  10. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for all the great information! Two quick questions for you. I’m hoping to book a drive for multiple non-consecutive days (Sept 12-13 and Sept 16-17 but in different locations). Would this be 4 separate bookings (one per day) or two separate bookings? If the latter, does that mean I also pay for the overnight costs even though it’s one location?

    Secondly, do your drivers do one-way drop offs (i.e. start in Seminyak and drop off in Ubud?) I’m assuming I would pay for their time back to the original location, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to get to different cities on the island!

    Thank you and please let me know!

    • Hi Lisa,
      If I read your question correctly, you need a driver for pickup for a day tour in one location on one day, and another location on the 2nd day. That’s fine for one booking, so that way you keep the same driver. As long as the pickup is in the service area described, no problem.

      Yes, you can be dropped off somewhere other than the pickup location – as long as you’re mindful of the tour day ending with enough time for the driver to return home.

      Hope this helps,


  11. Hi Michael,

    I’m visiting Bali in October and was hoping to get a private driver who can pick me up as early as 4:30am to Lempuyang Temple from Ubud. I’m wondering if your drivers can manage that early pick up? I am solo traveler by the way. Is there any additional charge if you are solo? Thank you!

    • Hi Jannna,
      Yes, they can pick up that early. Travelling solo is to be applauded – there is no extra charge 🙂

      Hope you have a great Bali holiday!


  12. Hi Michael,

    I am traveling to Bali next month for few days, and it’s my first time being there. I am having a hard time to decide some of the better place among so many amazing destinations in Bali. Can I have some suggestions? And if I book with you, is there an option get the entrance tickets (if any) ahead of time?

    • Hi Francis,
      Thanks for dropping by. Your comment about entrance tickets makes me think you want recommendations for attractions, in which case you might want to read my article on the best tourist attractions in Bali.

      I don’t sell entrance tickets to these, but you can easily get them on the day. If this doesn’t answer your question, please let me know. I’m happy to help.


  13. Hi Michael,

    First of all splendid work on the tips & tricks for visiting Bali. I’m traveling alone so it’s really interesting.

    Perhaps a stupid question. But when you use a taxi (or private driver), when do you pay? Because if you pay at the start, they can simply disappear with the money. But if I pay at the end, they probably don’t want to drive me.

    Another question. What about renting a scooter? The traffic jams are great, I’ve heard? Perhaps good for shorter distances?
    You have some good rental companies for this?

    ps: I’ll be arriving on the 4th of September and staying for a month. Probably I will be using your services, because I don’t like to bother too much with fee negotiations or false drivers on holiday.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Phil,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, it’s very much appreciated.

      When you use a taxi – please read my article on catching a taxi in Bali – you should insist on using the meter and pay at the end.

      If you are using a private driver that you have hired yourself, its normal practice to pay at the end of the day. If you book a private car and driver online with me, by definition you are paying upfront – but the risk is removed because we are clearly and demonstrably a trusted service.

      You may want to read my article on renting a scooter in Bali for some tips and advice, and a couple of trustworthy rental companies that include insurance.

      Hope you have a great time!

      • Thanks Michael for your response!

        One more thing..How long in advance should I book a driver with you? I’m not sure what my planning is going to be. I love the “go with the flow”-vibe, you see 🙂

        Thanks a bunch!

        • Hi Phil,
          Two days minimum, but a week is optimal to make sure we can cater to your needs.

          Enjoy your Bali holiday!

  14. Hi there
    Would you have a driver available for day on 13th aug for family of 4 to travel from Legian to Ubud- to visit
    swings, rice fields, water fall and Kintamani?
    Thank you

  15. Hi Michael, I would like to book a driver for 7 days for a group of 6 pax. We will be arriving from airport on Nov 24 and traveling from Jimbaran (Nov 25) to Baturiti (1 night) to Pemuteran (2 nights) to Ubud (2 nights) & then back to airport. Would it be possible to arrange lodging for your driver in these farther away locations? We may not need a driver on Nov 17, but I am willing to hire them for the duration if it makes the whole arrangement possible. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Hi Olivia,

      I’m making arrangements with my drivers now and will email you the details shortly. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂


  16. Hi

    Do you cater for day trips from Seminyak to Uluwatu, and back to our hotel in Seminyak?

    • Hi Bianca,
      Sure do. Book a private car and driver and you can be picked up from your hotel in Seminyak for a day trip to Uluwatu and be dropped off back at your hotel.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  17. I will be in Bali for 10 days September 25 to October 7, myself and wife want to hire driver for day, any recommendations, say from 9am till 6 pm.
    We are staying at Segara Village in Sanur.


    Tommy Nolan

    • Hi Tommy,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Not sure if you read the article, but you can hire a private car and driver right here. Everything you need to know about the service is explained so you know what you’re getting.

      Trust this helps!

  18. Is it possible to book one of your private drivers if our day tour will start from our hotel and end at the airport?

    • Hi Joshua,
      Yes is it, that’s totally ok. Just tell your driver at the beginning of the trip so he can plan on getting you there in time, and be mindful if you go over 10 hours or part thereof to pay the extra IDR100k per hour in cash.

      Enjoy your tour!

  19. Hi, I will be staying at candidasa.. will u provide drivers there

    • Hi Amritha,
      I’m afraid not. It’s a little too far from where all my best drivers are based, but thanks for getting in touch.


  20. Hi, We are looking for a driver for wedding shoot and also sightseeing and shopping, the dates are 23july to 26 july this year. How are the rates like and any recommendations. Thanks!

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Thanks for your comment. Did you read the article? It explains rates in some detail, and there is also a link to the online reservation form to book my recommended drivers directly.

      Hope this helps and good luck with the wedding!


  21. Hi Michael, I think there is an issue with the links? Can you please email me – we are a couple planning to stay from 26-Aug to 30-Aug and are exploring options on whether to book a driver for the entire duration or go day-wise. Hoping to hear from you.

    • Hi Swayam,
      You didn’t specify what links you are having an issue with. I’ll send you an email as requested. Happy to help.


  22. Hello. Do you have recomendations for drivers in august? Very helpful article 🙂


    • Hi Paola,

      Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. The small number of trustworthy drivers I use for the guests in my villa prefer I make the arrangements, so there are no communication issues or double bookings. I’ll send you an email.


  23. Hi Michael, thank you for this post. It’s super helpful. I’d like to know the names of some drivers whom you’d recommend for a 8-10 hour day?

    • Hi Xiaoyun,

      Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. The small number of trustworthy drivers I use for the guests in my villa prefer I make the arrangements, so there are no communication issues or double bookings. I’ll send you an email.


  24. Hi,

    My wife and I spending a few days in Seminyak 8-13th August followed by the remaining days in Ubud 13th – 16th August. We are considering some options for tours or alternatively taking a driver and viewing the locations at our own pace. What’s the cost of a driver?


    • Hi Farooq,

      There is a whole section under # 5 in the article above dedicated to pricing. Rather than repeating the entire section here I’ll just point you towards reading it if that’s ok?


  25. Hi Micheal,

    I am going to Bali in June 2020 with my family and will be based in Ubud. I would like a good recommendation for a driver who can do a full day trip to Gunung Batur region and Jatiluwih. A large air conditioned SUV for my family of 5 would be great. Is it also possible to leave at 7am, with return projected to be around 630pm? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Clarence,

      Thanks for the comment. They prefer I book for them so there are no communication issues or double bookings. I’ll send you an email.

      But leaving at 7 am, and returning at 6:30 pm is no problem. Just remember that over 10 hours is an extra IDR100k per hour.


  26. Hi Michael, my husband and I are coming over in August and are interested in booking a driver for a few tours, shopping, day trips and evening outings. Some days we may stay local. To be flexible, it best to book a driver for the whole trip and just pay for a day even if it’s not used?

    • Hi Leah,

      That’s exactly what I recommend to all my guests. If you book a driver for your whole trip, then you have the freedom and flexibility to go where you want, when you want. And if you miss a day, then it’s so cheap it doesn’t really matter. Although the chances are you’ll still use him for shopping or going to dinner.


  27. Hi Michael,

    Would you mind sharing contact information of your preferred drivers?


    • Hi Jelle,

      Thanks for the comment. They prefer I book for them so there are no communication issues or double bookings.

      I’ll send you an email.


  28. Hi Michael
    Thanks for your post – very informative and helpful.
    My wife and i will be visiting Seminyak Bali at the end of July. 24th to 31st.We would like to look at hiring a reliable driver that knows the places to see in Bali /Udub such as Waterfalls Elephants temple etc etc and also use him for shopping trips night markets etc on an hourly basis.Could you please advise us the name of a driver and expected costs.
    Thanking you in advance

    • Hi John,

      If you want a private car and driver (6-seater air-conditioned SUV) I can book one for you at a cost of IDR800k per day.

      It’s incredibly good value and cheaper than adding up all the taxis and other transport you may need during your holiday.

      I have a very trustworthy driver that I use frequently. He makes an exceptional tour guide and gets consistent 5-star reviews. He’s available for 8-10 hours each day, includes fuel and will wait for you while sightseeing or dining.

      Booking early is important to confirm availability.

      I just sent you an email, so let me know either way.

      And thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated.


  29. Hi Michael

    Thank you for your post – very helpful
    We have never been to Bali and are heading over early August for a short trip – we only have 5 days so thought a car and driver would be a great way to see the highlights of Bali for a day. Does the driver you recommend have a sightseeing itinerary like this or would we need to specify what we would like to see? Would love the contact for your driver please – we use Whats App also if this is the easiest? Many thanks

    • Hi Sonya,

      I just sent you an email with some details.


  30. Hi
    I am leaving for Bali in August. Any good recommendation for a driver? What is the best way to book for a driver.

    • Hi Nabila,

      If you want a private car and driver (6-seater air-conditioned SUV) I can book one for you at a cost of IDR800k per day.

      It’s incredibly good value and cheaper than adding up all the taxis and other transport you may need during your holiday.

      I have a very trustworthy driver that I use frequently. He makes an exceptional tour guide and gets consistent 5-star reviews. He’s available for 8-10 hours each day, includes fuel and will wait for you while sightseeing or dining.

      Booking early is important to confirm availability.

      I just sent you an email, so let me know either way.


  31. How much a private driver charge for a day? Any good recommendation of the driver? We are going in August.
    Thank you

    • Hi Karen,

      A reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable driver with a large 6-seater SUV will cost Rp800k for an 8-hour day (possibly stretching to a 10-hour day for no extra charge) with overtime at a very cheap Rp100k per hour.

      You can get cheaper, but you will be compromising on the vehicle, reliability, trustworthiness or knowledge.

      I’ll send you an email directly with my recommendations.


  32. Just wondering what “one day” means? 8, 10 or 12 hours or…?
    You don’t really say.
    You mention that IDR800k (a day) would be the cost for a good driver.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks so much for the comment. A day generally refers to 8 consecutive hours. Some drivers include up to 10 hours in their daily rate.

      I’ll update the article accordingly, and thanks again for dropping by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

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