18 Expert Tips on Arrival at Bali – Denpasar Airport (2024 Update)

Arriving at Bali Airport (Denpasar or DPS) after a long flight can be stressful. You need to know about the electronic customs declaration and how to navigate from the plane through the arrivals hall, immigration, baggage collection and then customs. I’ve flown in and out of Bali airport more times than I could possibly count, and through hard-won experience, I can tell you there is an easy way and the hard way. Read this and get through Bali Airport faster with less stress.

1. Vaccination Requirements for Travel to Bali

The short version is that yes, there are vaccination requirements, but with caveats. The most recent data I have is from the Indonesian Government’s Vaccination Requirements for entry into Bali for all travellers.

I’m keeping this in a separate post as it is updated frequently and often included in my newsletter.

2. Updated Visa Requirements for Bali

Entry Visas for Indonesia have been a moving target even before Covid, so I am keeping a separate post about visa-free and Visa on Arrival restrictions for Bali.

3. Electronic Customs Declaration

Indonesia now supports submitting the required form on arrival via an online electronic customs declaration. There are two methods for completing the form.

First, you can fill in the online electronic customs declaration provided by the Indonesian Government within two days of travel to Indonesia and not earlier. I tested the form myself for an upcoming arrival and the form won’t allow an arrival date earlier than 2 days before the flight.

Indonesian Electronic Customs Declaration
Indonesian Electronic Customs Declaration Form

Alternatively, you can fill in the form online at the airport using your smartphone. You can access the free Internet at Bali airport – the WiFi network is called “NgurahRai” and can be accessed without a password. 

The electronic customs declaration form can be submitted in Indonesian, English or Chinese languages.

At the end of the declaration process, you are provided with a QR code which you then present to the customs officials after collecting luggage and before the customs security screening and inspection.

This is a huge improvement as the arrivals hall frequently runs out of customs declaration forms (and there are never any pens).

4. Toilets at Bali Aiport

The thing that everyone wants to know but never wants to ask – where are the toilets at Bali airport and what are they like?

First up, in the transit hallways between departing your aircraft and before the immigration hall are several toilets and they are western standards (while I dislike the term) being flush toilets, not squat, and suitable for families with children.

However, these will only slow you down if you are keen to get through immigration quickly, which in my opinion is absolutely your number one objective because the queues can be brutally slow.

5. Get to the immigration queue quickly.

After landing your best strategy is to get to the immigration queue as quickly as possible. Depending on the time of day the queues can be long — very long — with waiting times from less than an hour if you’re lucky to more than 2 hours if you landed at the same time as other international flights.

Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you for the taxi service and very detailed instructions regarding the airport. My flight was one of two international flights that landed earlier today but I still took your advice and ran through the airport like a bat out of hell! There’s that initial series of checks for your covid related docs, then paying for the visa, then immigration and then customs. As long as you have your docs in order it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s a slow process so I’m glad I got ahead of the crowd. It meant that from disembarking the plane through to meeting Dewa, the whole process was just under an hour which was great. Dewa was really lovely so thank you again. I’m going through your website for more travel ideas for once I move on from Canggu. It’s one of the better online resources for a pragmatic look at Bali, what to do and how best to do it, so thank you for that too.

Pro tip: take a bathroom break on the plane before arrival, and after landing get to the immigration queues as quickly as possible. If you still need a bathroom break do so while waiting for your luggage. It’s imperative you get to the immigration queue as quickly as possible.

The arrivals hall at Bali Airport is huge, so expect a long walk from your gate to the immigration queues, unless you are unlucky enough to have a flight that requires a bus ride from the airport to the arrivals hall. If so, get on that bus quick.

6. Fast Track service is only for official business.

The rumours are not true. It is not possible for travellers to book a Fast Track service through Bali Airport unless on official business. We were offering a fast-track service for a week until we found out it was not officially sanctioned so we immediately stopped providing it.

Beware of other websites selling Fast Track Services through Bali Airport as they are likely not officially sanctioned and quite possibly breaking the law.

7. Visa Exemption Arrangement (VEA) or Visa on Arrival (VOA).

If you are from one of the lucky countries on the Visa Exemption Arrangement list then you don’t need to apply for a visa before arrival. These are only valid for 30 days are not renewable, and there are heavy fines for overstaying.

The most common entry permit is the VOA which is applied for at the Visa Desk after arrival at Bali Airport. It is valid for 30 days and can be renewed once for a total possible stay of 60 days.

Outstanding news for travellers to Bali, you can now apply for your VoA electronically before arrival, avoiding the long queues that slow your arrival down. You can apply for e-VOA 14 days before your travel and at least 48 hours before your departure.

Please note that if you are from a country that is not on VEA or VOA list then you must apply for a visa to enter Indonesia before coming to Bali in a consulate or embassy outside Indonesia.

Please be aware that before you leave baggage collection and go through the customs inspection you must have a completed immigration form. No excuses.

Make sure you have already completed your immigration arrival form on the plane. There are often no forms left in the arrivals hall at Bali Airport and never any pens, so make sure you have one and complete the form on the plane before arrival.

You need to present it at immigration along with your passport and your boarding pass, so don’t forget to keep it with your passport and immigration form.

There have been a number of issues with immigration forms not being provided on the desks before the immigration lines. Sometimes pointing this out to the immigration officer has an effect because they already know, and they may let you through to the baggage collection. Or not. Preparation is key.

8. Fast-track queues for elderly and young children.

There is now a separate queue on the far right-hand side of the immigration queues that cater to families with small children (under 5) and the elderly (over 60) along with diplomats, flight crew and those lucky enough to have an ABTC.

Please note: I have had reports this has been moved to the far left-hand side (the old location) for recent travellers. Please check for signage as to which side this is now located. It is helpful to note the far right-hand side is the first you will encounter entering the immigration hall.

If you have small children or elderly passengers in your group ask for assistance when making your booking. You will likely be assigned someone to meet you off the plane and escort you to the fast-track immigration queue. If you don’t have assistance, get moving to the immigration lines as fast as you can. Elderly and small kids to the right, everyone else into the long lines to the left.

9. Be prepared for a long wait for your luggage.

Bali Airport is renowned for its slow baggage handling, so the best option is to get through immigration as quickly as possible and take a bathroom break afterwards in the baggage and customs hall.

Checked luggage will come out onto the conveyors slowly. Painfully slowly, with 20 minutes considered extraordinarily fast and up to an hour is normal.

Before you leave baggage collection to go through customs checks you must have your immigration form, which can sometimes be in short supply. At the far end of the baggage carousels are some desks with immigration forms. Get there fast and grab an immigration form first, then go and look which carousels have your luggage being delivered.

Now you have plenty of time to fill out your form because your luggage isn’t coming out anytime soon. And rather than waiting at the customs end, hoping beyond hope that your luggage is going to be delivered early (how sweet and naive you are), the entry end has the destination boards – which often change – so hang around there until you know you have the right carousel.

Oversized luggage, like surfboards, mountain bikes or anything deemed by the local baggage handlers as “heavy” will be deposited at the entry end of the carousels. Which may change anytime.

10. Bali Airport Now Has a Duty-Free Store.

Before the recent Bali Airport renovations, there was no duty-free store before customs. There was what can only be described as a fake duty-free store after exiting customs and before the arrivals hall. It was called Dufree and because it was located outside of customs it wasn’t duty-free at all, stocking wines and spirits at exorbitant prices.

But now there is a new duty-free store inside Bali Airport that is actually duty-free located just after the immigration queues. The prices are still steep by international standards, but much lower than you will pay elsewhere in Bali so I highly recommend you buy spirits here before you get to customs inspection.

The prices are relatively cheap. You’ll pay IDR330k for a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, around IDR750k for a bottle of Grey Goose (if they have it in stock) and around IDR550k for a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label.

I came through Bali Airport in the first week of November, and while premium vodka was out of stock, there were plenty of premium whisky brands. The premium rum selection is woeful. And as for wine, you are far better off bringing something from home before you get here.

Bali Airport Duty Free

Indonesia has a “sin” tax on alcohol making it one of the few things probably much more expensive than where you came from. The only real exception is Bintang, the world-famous-in-Bali beer found everywhere, which retails for around IDR20k per 375ml bottle in supermarkets.

Wines and spirits in Indonesia – and therefore Bali – are particularly expensive. Some local wine brands get around this by importing grapes and bottling them in Indonesia. The cheapest wine brand (Discovery) will still set you back IDR159k from the supermarket. The quality isn’t great and it is locally known as paint-stripper.

Two Islands is a slightly better brand and reasonably drinkable in my experienced opinion. The company imports grapes from South Australia It comes in a number of varietals — Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon at the time of writing. The supermarket price is generally around IDR 229k.

Restaurant pricing is whatever the market will bear, usually around IDR80-120k per glass and IDR450-650k for local wines, to IDR 120-170k per glass and IDR750k upwards for relatively inexpensive imported wine. 

And remember, there is only a single bottle allowance, so choose wisely. If you bring more than 1 bottle per person prepare to have it confiscated if you are selected for a search inspection at customs.

11. Getting through customs.

Once you have collected your luggage proceed to the customs queue where you hand over your arrival form and will be directed either directed straight to the exit or towards the X-ray screening.

Here’s a tip — if you stay on the left of two queues you have a better chance of not being selected for x-ray inspection because it leads straight to the exit and depending on the flow of traffic you may be allowed straight through.

This is just a tip, not a guarantee. If you are selected for x-ray screening of your luggage you may then also be selected for a personal inspection by customs officers. Always be nice and polite, give them a smile and comply with all requests. You may be tired after a long flight, but without a doubt, a bad attitude will be met with more questions and a thorough inspection of your luggage.

Customs officers at Bali Airport will confiscate any alcohol over the limit — so if you have accidentally brought in more than one bottle simply hand over the cheaper one and don’t argue — and you may have to explain any electronics or expensive-looking goods that may require an import duty to be paid.

Technically the value allowed per person for electronics and other goods is USD$500 but this is generally not enforced for items that are clearly of personal nature like laptops and cameras.

If you happen to be bringing something unusual and expensive — household appliances not readily available in Bali are a favourite as gifts for locals or ex-pats you may know in Bali — you may need to pay customs duty.

If you are being asked to pay duty then you will do no better than paying 10% of the value for whatever you are bringing in. If you can achieve that, then count yourself lucky and just pay it! It’s the law, not a scam like some people purport.

Customs will often “assess” the value as being much higher than what you paid, so my tip is to carry the receipt with you stored somewhere else, like in your wallet, so if push comes to shove (figuratively speaking) you can prove the value.

12. Withdraw local currency or exchange cash for rupiah.

After exiting customs one of the newest additions to Bali Airport is a number of ATMs run by major local banks. These are completely safe to use and I highly recommend that you stop and either withdraw local currency from the ATM or use the bank branches if they are open to exchanging your cash for Indonesian Rupiah.

I have written extensively about safely using ATMs in Bali and the number one tip is to get some local currency while you’re at Bali Airport in a safe environment with no risk.

ATM's at Bali Airport - Bali Holiday Secrets
Use the ATMs at Bali airport to withdraw money. Banks also provide money exchange services. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

There are also a couple of reputable money changers now at the airport alongside the ATMs. While I have written about safely changing money in Bali you can use these without any risk of being ripped off as they are completely trustworthy. Although the exchange rate is not as competitive as a money changer in Seminyak, they’re within 2-3 points, making the convenience and security worth it, especially for first-time visitors with no local currency.

The best option is to change what you need for a couple of days before changing larger amounts at a money changer elsewhere once you have settled in.

13. Navigate the arrivals hall.

After exiting customs through the arrival gates you will be confronted with a wall of drivers holding signs behind a barrier all trying to catch your attention. There are also a number of touts inside the barrier that will start harassing you for a taxi fare. These are never a good idea to accept.

Recently there have been some improvements to the arrivals hall that include taxi and transport companies where you can book a taxi to your destination. However, it can still be hit-and-miss. On my last arrival, I tried to organise a taxi fare to my destination in Seminyak but was consistently being quoted around IDR300-350k, which is way too much for a simple taxi service (and they are never taxis, they are always private drivers on contract).

There is also a new taxi ticketing machine after the telecom kiosks, but I’ve tried to use this 3 times to see how it works. Twice it wasn’t operating, and the third time I got issued a ticket only to have the driver try to up the price on me before leaving, so I ditched him.

14. Get a local Telco SIM card for your phone.

On your way out past the row of taxi and transport drivers, there are a couple of telco kiosks selling local SIM cards. Buying a local SIM card is a great idea because they are cheap and while WiFi is almost ubiquitous in Bali at hotels, cafes and restaurants you are better of having full-time reliable internet connectivity via a local SIM card.

Telecom Kiosks at Bali Airport - Bali Holiday Secrets
Getting a local SIM card is a great idea to take advantage of the inexpensive and very fast 4G networks. I highly recommend Telkomsel.

Telkomsel (the bright red kiosk) is what I use and find the most reliable. Mobile internet speeds in Bali are spectacularly fast and incredibly cheap. I consistently get over 20Mbps down and 10Mbps up using Telekom’s 4G network. Expect to pay around IDR120k for a 20 Gigabyte data package with a one-month expiry. The one and 7-day options are generally more expensive, so get a SIM card package good for 30 days

 XL and Telkomsel kiosks are open from 7.00 am — 2.00 am.

Pro tip: download the MyTelkomsel app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to manage your data usage and top it up on the go, or buy a top-up voucher at pretty much any convenience store.

If you need to visit a Telkomsel store after you have left the airport, there is one at Bali Mal Galeria. There are several others located on Google Maps in the Seminyak area, but they are out of date and have been permanently closed.

15. Avoid the Porters and Taxi Touts.

There are also a large number of porters keen to take your luggage to your transfer service. They can be quite aggressive, even for seasoned travellers and will expect a tip – and most will always push you for more than you offer, so my recommendation is to simply ignore them.

They are seasoned operators who will try their best to direct you to “taxi drivers” for your transfer to your destination.

You would be far better off arranging for a private car and driver to meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel or villa for a friction-free experience.

16. Food and drinks at arrivals.

Just past the telco kiosks, there is a couple of small convenience stores where you can buy water and other snacks and refreshments (yes, they sell Bintang), the first on the right-hand side, the second on the left-hand side before the waiting throng of transport operators.

There is also a small coffee kiosk a bit further around to the right opposite the information desk (easily seen with a huge arrivals/departures board hanging above it) and directly behind the waiting wall of drivers looking back towards the sliding exit doors.

If you are feeling hangry and don’t want to wait until you get to your destination before getting something to eat, head upstairs to the departure hall where there are a number of cafes. Just outside the convenience store on the left-hand side is an elevator.

Take it to the 3rd floor for something to eat or drink, or just relax and get your bearings. It’s also the best place if you need to hang out while waiting for fellow travellers to arrive after you or are meeting someone picking you up.

17. Book your Bali Airport transfer beforehand.

If you want to organise your own transport read my guide on getting from the airport to your destination for the best tips on each of the transport options available (plus a neat hack for solo travellers and couples that I use frequently).

But the easiest and lowest friction to get from the airport is to pre-book your transfers to your destination before you arrive with an optional Fast Track service. That way you will avoid the hassle of trying to navigate the throng of touts, which is the last thing you need after a long flight and working your way through immigration and customs.

The perfect start to our holiday!!

We were so thankful we planned ahead and booked your driver. Immigration took ages and we were hot and sweaty and the kids were getting tired when we got through, so it was such a welcome relief that we saw Putu exactly where you instructed us to meet him. So many taxi drivers yelling for our attention!!! If we didn't have your advice arriving would have been a disaster. Thank you so much Michael. You're the best!!!

The transfer rate includes being met at the airport personally by a private, English-speaking driver with a recognisable sign and an air-conditioned SUV. Each car comfortably holds 1-4 people with checked luggage and suitcases. You can book as many cars as you need. My rates are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

My collaboration with local drivers has seen us serve over 300+ satisfied customers and can transfer you to any hotel or villa in Bali.

What if my flight is delayed or early?

No problem. My drivers use flight tracking apps on their smartphones to ensure they are up to date with your flight status and will be waiting even if your flight has been delayed or is arriving earlier than scheduled.

Who will be my driver?

After making a booking, you will receive a confirmation email with reservation details, expert tips on navigating the arrivals hall, and directions on how to connect with your driver at the airport, and I will email your driver’s details, including name, phone number and profile photos before your trip.

Book Online.

Booking your Bali Airport Transfer online is easy and secure. You will receive an email confirming all your details with a personal follow-up from your driver the day before your transfer to Bali Airport. You may want to read the reviews or check out more about me.

18. Can I book an airport transfer with a driver for the whole day?

Yes, you can. But instead of booking an airport transfer, you need to use the Bali Airport Transfer + Day Tour Booking form instead. Then you can get a pickup from the airport and also have a dedicated driver for the rest of the day to go shopping, hit the beach or one of the excellent beach clubs to make the most of your first day in Bali.


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  1. I have read conflicting information. Some sources say US Citizens do not need visas for stays of less than 30 days. Others say we need a VOA. If we are flying into Bali to board a cruise ship the next day are we required to have a visa?

  2. Hi Michael, I’ve found your site so useful, thanks so much for all the info. A question on money. I’m assuming it’s not a great idea to travel with loads of our own currency (A$)? Should we therefore use the airport ATMs for enough to cover us for a few days and then a reputable ATM locally when we’re running low? Or is it actually better to have a stash of Aussie dollars and use a money changer later? Thanks again, Lisa

  3. My flight to Bali arrives 7 hours earlier than my boyfriend. Is Bali airport a little bit similar to Singapore airport where there are chairs for me to sit while waiting for his flight to arrive? Because if it’s like Manila Airport (where there are no chairs as soon as you exit customs) then I have to go to the hotel then come back to the airport to pick him up.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  4. I entered Bali on 19 November 2023, and I can confirm that the kiosks for Elderly and Disabled persons are now located on the far left of the Immigration Hall. You will have to squeeze between the wall and the leftmost regular queue until you reach a corner, where you will see that more immigration kiosks extend further to the left. The last couple of these deal with Elderly/Disabled persons.

    There were very few people using these kiosks, and I noticed that people obviously much younger than 60 years old were being processed without comment by the officers. This is not a recommendation for younger folk, just an observation.

    • Jack
      thanks for that info, as a first traveller to bali is it VOA then immigration, baggage then customs ?.
      also do i need any Covid vaccine proof.
      thank you

  5. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the informative post.

    Im wondering how much you know about Domestic flights. Im arriving in Bali from Komodo at 10.10am witj Air Asia, and looking to fly out agin to Jakarta at 12.30pm with Super Air.

    Im not sure which terminals they fly in/out of, and wanted to know if you have any knowlegde of exit procedures for domestic flights, luggage waiting times, any queing to leave the airport etc.

    I know its risk, but the nly flight I can get to make it to these travel plans I have!

    Many, many thanks!

    • Hi Claire,

      There’s only the Domestic and International Terminals at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport.
      You’re definitely cutting it close as you’ll need to grab your luggages and walk over to the domestic area.

      However, domestic flights are a bit more relaxed, with boarding calls just 15-20 minutes before takeoff (sometimes).
      I hope you make it!

      Safe travels,

      • I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. After getting your advice I have actually found a better direct flight thats lets risky. Thank you for everything you do Michael!

  6. Hi Michael, great appreciated your valuable travelling tips to Bali.

    My family will be flying to Bali in Dec for 3 days to attend a family wedding party at resort. I have some questions regarding the personal mobiles, hope you can share more based on your experience.

    1. Do all the family members need to register IMEI of their own mobile phones before arrival, even we will only buy one local sim card? We will go directly to the resort upon arrival and leave Bali on the next day early monrning right after the party. So we may not really need local data connection.

    2. I have just upgraded my personal mobile to iphone 15 pro max, (obvisouly value > USD500), am I subject to custom duty? Can you advise where can I find the offical contact email of indoneisa custom office for enquiry? I can’t locate the official website.

    3. I will also bring a spare iphone. will it be subject to custom duty?

    4. When I leave Bali, will the border check all mt mobile devices I broguht in are the same devices I brought out? Why I ask as my brother will take my spare mobile to home country first for repair, while I will be flying to Bangkok for my holdiay.

    5. I will be flying to Bali from the UK, the online documents I need to fill out before departure are 1) eVOA, 2) e-Custom Declaration, IMEI register, and what else?


    • Hi there,

      1) Not necessarily, 1 should be enough.

      2) You don’t need to declare your phone, unless it’s still unopened in its box. Even so, if it’s just 1, then shouldn’t be an issue.

      3) If the spare iphone is used / out of its box, you don’t need to worry.

      4) Customs won’t be keeping tracking of what devices you brought in and out. Unless for some reason, you’ll be carrying around multiple brand-new-in-box devices.

      5) You’re all set!

      Safe travels,

  7. I have a 7.5 hour stopover in Denpasar Airport between connecting flights. I’d like to put my suitcase into a left luggage facility or locker (which I’ve read are available) at the airport, and head off into Kuta for lunch and a visit (25 years since I was there last). Are such left luggage facilities available at the airport?

    • Hi Jack,

      I’m uncertain of this. According to Ngurah Rai Airport’s website there is apparently a baggage storage office at the entrance of Departures.

      Safe travels,

  8. Hi there. I’m arriving in DPS tomorrow and have done my eVisa and customs declarations on line. Do I still need to fill out a paper arrivals card?

  9. You mentioned if we want to have a good bottle of wine to bring it with us. Are you recommending that we just pack it in our carry-on or our checked luggage and since both my husband and I are going together would we be able to bring two bottles?

    Also, do you recommend that we get the ISA now and do the duty-free card now? Today is October 2 and I am flying out for Bali October 6.

  10. You mentioned if we want to have a good bottle of wine to bring it with us. Are you recommending that we just pack it in our carry-on or our checked luggage and since both my husband and I are going together would we be able to bring two bottles?

    Also, do you recommend that we get the ISA now and do the duty-free card now? Today is October 2 and I am flying out for Bali October 6.

  11. That’s very useful information – thank you. I have tried several times to apply for the on-line visa (Australian Passport) but the website won’t allow me to upload either a pdf or jpeg file. Am I doing something wrong? Ive also tried the customs dec over a number of days as I travel in only another 3 days but it won’t accept my arrival date.
    Any suggestions?

  12. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your very valuable information. This will be my first visit to Bali and I am always keen to find out as much as I can before I travel anywhere.
    I’m not sure if you want to publish this information or not, but I have just successfully applied for our e-VOA’s and they are valid for 90 days and could therefore be applied for much earlier than your stated 14 days prior to arrival. This may be of assistance to someone else. I had heard of some of the difficulties experienced by others, and I wanted to get a head -start, just in case. I followed your advice by inserting the postcode and everything fell into place, so thank you, I would have been frustrated trying to overcome this hurdle. As it was, they produced two in my name instead of one for myself and another for my wife, but again I managed to edit this and it all went through. I printed them off and that is another thing checked off my list.
    All the very best.

    • Hi Roger,

      Fast-track queues for the elderly are for anyone above 60 years old. I suppose depending on your wife’s birthday they could allow it. I’m not certain of how strict they are with the age requirements.

      Safe travels,

  13. Hi there I am trying to find out if my business class flight allows me to use the priority lanes in the airport? You don’t have any information on that do you? Thanks

  14. Thank you so much for this article Michael.
    Is there also a priority lane for infants? Our baby will be 12 months old when we land in Bali in September. Also, would you consider 11am a busy arrival time?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Siddarth,

      Last time I checked, there is a lane for families with children under 5 years old.
      11:00am can sometimes be a busy arrival time. But you really cannot plan this.

      Safe travels,

  15. how long will it take to get through security at 1.30am in Bali, our flight from Kula Lumper arrives at 1.25am and we have a disabled daughter. We hope to get the electronic VOA as from UK.

    • Hi Carol, that’s very specific and I cannot guarantee the time it will take you to get through immigration, then luggage collection and then customs, if that’s what you meant by security check?

      If you have your eVOA and all paperwork organised you should be able to go through a priority queue at immigration.

      Safe travels, Michael

  16. I’m just back from Bali (30th June 2023) and this is what I would advise in getting through the airport quickly.

    You must obtain a Customs Declaration form with a bar code, or you won’t be admitted at the airport. The passenger sitting next to me was not aware of this and was detained.

    You can buy a Visa on arrival for A$50 – it’s the first desk you will encounter. Trying to get it online is a nightmare.

    The second desk is immigration. Anyone over 60 is considered elderly so may join the far-left queue used by pilots and air hostesses. It’s a short que whereas the other queues can be very long.

    Last you meet the customs desk which will demand to see you Customs Declaration bar code so they can swipe it. You can store that on your mobile phone or have a paper printout from your PC. Log into https://ecd.beacukai.go.id/ to do your customs declaration and obtain a barcode.

    An immigration form is no longer required nor is a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

    If you follow these steps, you should get through the airport within 30 minutes. If not, it could take much longer.

    The new airport is very modern and largely digital. When leaving Bali, it took me only 15 minutes to get to the arrival gate which can be a long walk. The airline check-in counter queue is very long (as it is in Sydney) unless you are flying business class (as I was). After that it’s just a matter of going through a checkpoint that scans your passport and photos you after which your hand luggage is checked by a normal x-ray bag scanner. Near the departure gates there are lots of restaurants and eateries.

      • Thank You for the helpful information. Can we buy duty free liqour on arrival into Bali at the airport. Or should we buy it at the destination before arriving into Bali??

        • Hi Dwayne, better to shop duty free from your destination in my opinion, depending on the time of departure, although Bali airport does have duty free after arrivals.

          Safe travels, Michael

  17. Hi Michael, thank you for this informative article! Is there a reason why we shouldn’t bring IDR in with us? You mention withdrawing IDR from the airport ATM’s but no mention about bringing it in. We are a family of 5 and intend to bring in approx 12,500,000 IDR. Also we have tried to apply for VOA’s online, but it will not accept our profile photo’s, even though they are official digital passport photos. They aren’t ‘clear enough’ apparently, seems odd. Thanks Donna

    • I had lots of difficulty as well but eventually it took but only after I first set up an account. When I tried to apply for the Visa on arrival without setting up the account it rejected every picture. I set up the account and loaded the same pictures previously rejected and they were accepted. I then applied for the Visa and the images were already preloaded.

  18. Hi, would like to know if when travelling as a family do we all have to go through baggage check as we normally travel with hand luggage only but friends in Bali have asked us to bring over some Aussie books so they can learn to read and teach their children when booking my flights I booked 20 kg each as a package. Usually just use this for return though as my husband hates going through it he likes just walking straight out of the airport as we have a child and he’s a smoker and needs to go for one after a long flight, so my question is if I bring these books can I just go through and pick up my luggage and him and our children just walk straight through or do we have to go through Together ? I have one other question we also would like to take two car seats over for our driver are we allowed to do that? Would that be counted as our 20 kg each And my daughter wants to take her pillow does that get counted in our luggage? I say thank you for all the information on this site you have done a great job

    • Hi Ann, because you are talking about a significant amount of luggage, I can’t say with certainty that you can take it all through customs control yourself. As for what your airline classes as luggage, you will have to ask them directly.

      Safe travels, Michael

  19. Hello Michael, thank you for the details information on Bali arrival. Would you mind letting us know if we could access airport lounges at international arrival ? Some airports have the departure and arrival at the same place while some are completely separate.


    • Hi, the lounges at Ngurah Rai aren’t much to speak of anyway, and I’m pretty sure they are only accessible for departure, but you would have to ask your specific airline for a definitive answer.

      Safe travels, Michael

  20. I have never been to Bali before, what kind of insurance do we need before we get there and where should we stay near the airport or close to the attractions?

  21. Hi – Is the Satushat app required for entry into Bali. I can’t find the app in English and have read there are many problems with it. HELP PLEASE!

    • Hi Katrina, I’m sorry but I can’t provide international technical support for a government app I have no involvement with.

      Safe travels, Michael

  22. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the detail article.

    Do you have any idea if I can bring my tablet, mobile phone an airpod all 3 items altogether? My understanding of the customs requirement is I can only bring two “communication devices” and I’m a bit confused.

    Thanks for your time!

  23. Hi Michael,
    I am disabled so have a wheelchair with escort arranged upon arrival. My husband is travelling with me: will he be able to come with me through the fast track lane?
    Thanks, Jacqueline

    • Jacqueline, I would assume so, and I have been in the same situation where that has been the case. I’ve also had elderly family come to visit with one in a wheelchair and the couple has been allowed through together – but I can not speak for the Indonesian authorities. You would be best to check with your airline who should be able to provide a definitive answer.

      Safe travels, Michael

  24. You mention that the express line at immigration is now for elderly and under 5s. Does this mean it is no longer an option for travellers with a disability?

    • Hi Dannii, I cannot speak to the airport immigration regulations regarding express queues, but I would imagine that those with disabilities would be catered for.

      Safe travels, Michael

  25. Hi,

    I am really grateful for your tips as I will be traveling to Bali airport soon. I have one question which I hope you can answer; I have a B211A visa, does it mean that once I have cleared immigration I can go straight to collect my luggage and then go through customs where I am assuming they will check my visa? Thank you!

    • Hi Winnie, if you land when the least number of incoming flights are arriving at the same time, it should be shorter. I don;t have the flight schedules for the airport but you can look them up online.

      Safe travels, Michael

  26. Hi Michael,
    Our flight lands at 6 pm. I would need a transfer to the hotel but then also a trip to some good restaurant. Would you recommend I book an airport pickup + half day tour? Or is there a better way for that one small evening?

    • Hi Karthik, you can hire an airport transfer + day tour to keep the car and driver after your airport transfer. It’s not economically viable to provide an airport transfer plus a half-day. The difference is negligible and considering how little our driver network is paid for their vehicle and the amount of time and effort, it’s the only viable option.

      Safe travels, Michael

  27. Thank you Michael for this excellent article. I study it carefully and will likely book transport with you. My questions are: When I arrive, will I be required to show my exit air booking? If so, and if I get 30 day Visa on Arrival with the intent of extending another 30 days, would I need to show exit air booking within 30 days or would for example exit air booking in 45 days be okay? Or should I play it safe and book exit air within 30 days, and reschedule after visa extension?

      • Thank you for the response and the link, Michael. While further internet research didn’t find an official page, the general implication is that you need a return / onward air fare within the time of your visa, so within 30 days for 30 day visa on arrival even if you plan to extend it. Side note: I booked my transport through your service. Regards, Joe

        • Hi Joe – I’m always reluctant to give advice that may not be current, but it depends on your carrier. I’ve flown into Indonesia dozens of times (not quite hundreds, but getting close) and only one Australian airline made me have an onward flight, even though my specific visa doesn’t require one.

          However post-covid, everything has changed, so my best advice is to Jump on Traveloka and book the cheapest outbound airfare you can find.

          And thanks for the booking 🙂

          Safe travels, Michael

          • Thank you for the update, Michael. Also thank you for the airfare booking link. I already booked with EVA through Travelocity, and I notice you have many references on your site to operators you feel are reliable, I use your site as a reference before making choices. I received your email about meeting my driver Reven and look forward to that after clearing immigration and customs. I’m over 60, so I’ll look for the child / senior fast track lane as describe in this your post. Regards, Joe

  28. Hi Michael, am over 60 but my wife is not. Is she entitled to accompany me in the fast track immigration line or does she have to go the normal way? Cheers M.

    • Hi Maximilian, I’m afraid I can’t answer that one, it’s not something I have personally experienced. But it would be great for my audience if you relay your experience here.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael,
        I don’t know if this is still the case but when my family of 6 went to Bali in 2018, my mum used a wheelchair for the very long walk and she was whipped through customs but the rest of us had to queue ???? Thanks for all the info!

  29. Hi – this is a super helpful page!

    Do you know how late the local SIM vendors in the airport stay open? My flight lands at 9pm (on a Friday) so I guess it could easily be 10.30pm by the time I get through immigration. Will the SIM sellers still be operating?


  30. Hi Michael Great read thankyou. QQ – Is it one Custom declaration per family? or does everyone including the children (under 18) need to complete one individually?


    • Hi Matt – I’m never travelled back here with children. Have you clicked the link and looked at the form where it asks if you are travelling with family? I think if you do it may be self-explanatory.

      Safe travels, Michael

  31. Hi Michael
    thanks for all the pro info. We are both over 60 and travelling mid October
    Can we use the fast track line – it is back running again? It didn’t appear to be in July.
    And do we pay for our visa at the counter there? Is it still $50. Thank you

  32. Hi Michael,
    I m travelling with my husband from Sydney to Bali next month, do I need to show a proof of Covid vaccination? and is there a specific form to fill


  33. Hi Michael,
    I spoke to virgin Australia, air Asia, and consulate general of Indonesia but couldn’t find any proper answer, I think I can find my answer when I reach Bali 🙂 any way thanks very much for your help Michael, you are helping many people here with your knowledge.

  34. Hi Michael,
    Such a great info. Thanks very much for that. I have a question regarding my upcoming trip. I am leaving from Melbourne to Denpasar with Virgin and after 5 hours I have connecting flight to Singapore with Airasia. Do I need to purchase VOA at Denpasar airport? Or can transit internally? Also I have checked in luggage. Please let me know.

    • Hi Sahil – my understanding is you can transit internally and therefore will not need a VoA. But as always, the Bali Airport authorities set the rules and regulations, which are subject to change, so I can’t be held responsible if my best information turns out to be incorrect. I try hard 🙂

      Safe travels, Michael

  35. Hi Michael

    Thank you for your helpful article.

    I have a flight out of Bali to Singapore and the flight is at 1pm Bali time. Im wondering how much time we have in the morning for other activities .

    So my question is, For a flight from Bali to Singapore, how much earlier would you need to arrive at the airport before the flight time?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Charlotte – not much. I always recommend getting to the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time (and personally I get there 3 hours ahead) because things can take unexpectedly longer than usual to process through immigration DNS security if there are a lot of flights at the same time. It all depends on your risk tolerance and how much seeing that extra attraction is worth relative to missing your flight.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

  36. Hi Michael,

    Thank you so much for such a helpful article.

    We arrive in Bali next week with our 1 year old. They were reporting very long wait times (2+ hours) to get through immigration on arrival. Do you know if this is still the case ?
    We arrive at 10pm Bali time.

    Thank you

    • Hi Arnie, I’m hesitant to say what your experience will be like on any given day. I do know that taking my advice from the email follow-up after making an airport transfer does help a great deal – I’ve had many customers thank me profusely for telling them how to manage to get through the airport quickly.

      You may also be able to get assistance with shorter queues because you have a baby, but again things change so quickly in Bali regarding regulations and conditions I am hesitant to say because I simply cannot guarantee anything.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Thank you Michael. We are being picked up by a family member when we arrive. But have been looking at booking through you for an airport transfer when we leave Bali.
        But it will be a bit late for the email guidance then!

        Thank you again for this article (and all your others). They are so helpful!


  37. Hi, thanks for the useful article! Do you know if you can transit through Bali internationally? Finding mixed answers. I have a flight to Bali and five hours later from Bali to Vietnam. Hoping that leaves enough time to clear arrivals and go back in to departures if you can’t transit….Thanks

    • Hi Caroline – I’ve never transited through Bali Airport, so that’s an interesting question. I’ve checked the official Bali Airport instructions for transit at Bali Airport and the abbreviated instructions translated from Bahasa are:

      1. Upon arrival at the arrivals terminal, follow the “arrival” instructions to the transit and transfer counter to self-report and check flight documents according to your airline.

      2. Transit and transfer passengers do not need to go out to take care of customs (Custom, Immigration & Quarantine).

      3. After the security check, you can go directly to the departure waiting room on the 3rd (third) floor by using the elevator to wait for the boarding time.

      This doesn’t seem that authoritative, as quarantine and visa regulations will still apply, and there appear to be conflicting reports o the visa if your transit is less than 24 hours and you are not leaving the terminal.

      Just make sure you have your documents in order and get assistance after arrival o the location of the transit desk.

      Safe travels, Michael

  38. Hi!
    I’m senior and handicap, in a wheelchair. Will I be led to fast track queue for elderly?
    Do I need to book PAID fast track service?

    Thank you.

    • Hi HGS – From what I understand after having a relative travel here in a wheelchair, is that you contact your airline and they will provide assistance embarking and disembarking from the gate on and off the aircraft. I am unsure as to what service your particular airline provides, but if you contact them they will tell you if they will provide assistance to the correct immigration queue.

      The rules for Fast Track are quite strict and only apply to travellers on official business.

      Hope this helps, Michael

  39. Hi Michael, great summary!
    Just a quick question about the queue for elderly and children under 5, we are a family with two kids, aged 4 and 7, are we allowed to go through this queue or do both kids need to be under 5? Thanks

    • Hi Michael – sorry, that’s a bit too detailed for me to know the answer. Try the queue and find out, they’ll be pretty quick to tell you if it’s not ok.

      Safe travels, Michael

  40. hi I am stuck on the PeduliLingungi app and the NIK/Country Code + Passport
    i have tried AUSPASSPORT number and other combinations but no luck
    any idea thanks ?

    • Hi David, as per my post on visa for entry into Bali, VOA price is IDR500.000 per person, including children, and payable upon arrival in Bali by MasterCard, Visa or Indonesian Rupiah cash. If using other currency it may be charged at the prevailing daily rate of exchange.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Oh sorry Michael, I think I missed that. Great website by the way, many thanks! We are going to Bali in 2 weeks and I check your website almost daily for updates.

  41. Hi!
    If you already have a C312 visa, can I bypass the VOA queue and get to immigration direct? I have heard that you have to dare to pass a barrier tape.

    • Hi Krister – thanks for the question, but I’m not qualified to answer that. Advice on passing barrier tapes at the airport is way past my pay grade.

      Safe travels, Michael

  42. Great tips!

    Do you know if the Telkomsol kiosk is open 24hrs?
    I’m arriving after 10pm and by the time I get through customs worry it will be closed.


  43. Hi Michael,

    Handy advice, is this update as I know things change fast.

    My daughter is travelling by herself to Bali and was wondering if the fast track service for arrivals which there seem to be many of are legit, if they are can you recommend one?

    Thanks a lot


  44. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for all these tips!
    Is there a luggage storage/locker service at the Denpasar airport, please? If so, what are the prices?
    I would like to let my luggage in a safe place while I visit Gili islands.

    Many thanks for considering my request.


    • Hi Evy – not that I’m aware of, although things may have changed recently. I have heard good reports about Bali Store Luggage previously, but not since Bali reopened for tourism. Get in touch with them directly (and tell me how it went).

      Safe travels, Michael

  45. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for all these wonderful tips. We will be flying to Bali and then transiting to Lombok using Wings Air Domestic flight in Mid July. We will arrive in Bali international Airport at 950am (if no delay) and then next closest available domestic flight to Lombok is 1210pm. Do you think 2hr20min is sufficient for this transit? (Clear immigration, take our check-in baggage and then head over to the domestic airport). Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Jeff – I’m hesitant to provide advice as I haven’t come through arrivals since Bali reopened for tourism. The vaccination requirements have also been changing which means your experience coming through Bali Airport could be very different from someone else’s. It’s mostly going to depend on how many other flights are landing around the same time as you, and how long the immigration queue is when you get there, as that has usually been where the biggest bottleneck is.

      Hope you get through quickly and catch your connection!
      Safe travels, Michael

  46. Thank you for these awesome travel tips! I will be flying from the US – Sydney – Bali in July. Would anyone happen to know if the negative PCR test within 48 hours of landing is still mandatory? My travel partner and I are both fully vaccinated.

  47. The money changers at the airport seem to be operating a cartel . All the changers were offering 17.000 Rupiah to 1GBP . Had I used my debit or credit card to withdraw from an ATM I would have received 18.3 Rupiah to 1GBP . Even with FX fees from my own bank , I would have been 5 percent better off had I used my debit or credit card to withdraw from an ATM . Check your exchange rates before you arrive on the Visa and MasterCard websites.

  48. Hi
    Just wondering is the immigration form that you recommend completing while waiting for luggage the same as the one you recommend to do online before travel or are they 2 different things?

    • Hi Iain. Yes, they are the same form. The online customs declaration replaces the blue paper BC2.2 Customs Declaration that can be found in the arrivals hall before immigration.

      Safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Karla. Nothing that I’m aware of, but I haven’t been through Bali Airport for a few weeks now. If you come across such a thing please post back here and I’ll update the post.

      safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Karla,
      I just flew this in this week. After you get off the plane, just before you get to immigration they have tables with these health forms you need to fill out and hand off to someone before you can proceed to immigration. I can’t remember everything they ask but it’s basically just all the usual personal details, and at the bottom it asked if you were healthy or not. I can’t remember if it asked if you’d been to a coronavirus country sorry. But have your pen, passport number, accommodation details etc ready so you can fill in the form asap and get to the dreaded immigration line is quickly as possible!!

  49. Hi Michael,
    Oh I wish I had found your article before we landed, then we could have been prepared for the awful queue! We waited 2 hours to clear immigration, and due to terrible organisation, the queue next to us moved an hour faster than ours !!

    We’re flying out of Bali on Friday on a 12.45pm flight, do you have any tips for us? We have checked baggage unfortunately!!

  50. Hi Michael,
    I’ll be visiting Bali in October this year for the first time. I fully intend to use your airport transfer plus car and driver services. But first I’d like a little recommendation about what places will be the most accessible for my husband; he’s able to walk, but not too far and he’s a little wobbly these days thanks to illness. Where would you recommend? I’ve got 6 nights and don’t want to spend all my time by the pool (although I’ll be doing that too)

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Sally. When you ask for accessible recommendations for your husband, did you mean for attractions, beaches, cafes, restaurants, tours…? What specifically would you like recommendations for?

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael,
        Tours mainly. I can always get him to a restaurant without any issues lol
        I’ve already booked my airport transfer and one day out with a driver through your site, but I was thinking of more accessible waterfalls and temples. Also, would it be worth having a day to Uluwatu/ Jimbaran/ Garuda Wisnu?
        Your site has already helped me plan so much & I’m now stalking you on Facebook too!
        Thanks again

        • Hi Sally. Off the top of my head, a great tour would be the Ubud highlights – the Monkey Forest and Royal Palace are quite accessible, and you can see the Tegalalang Rice Terraces from the roadside.

          The waterfalls, not so much. Tegenungan and Tibumana are probably the easiest to access, but both still require walking and stairs. Some of the more accessible temples are Tirta Empul, Tirta Gangga, Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, but again there is always some walking involved.

          Have a great holiday! Safe travels, Michael

  51. Hi, thanks for all the tips. 2 questions… I read recently that you don’t need an Immigration form any more (coming from Australia with an outbound flight ticket). Also, if you do the electronic customs declaration do you need to do that on your phone or is it sent to your phone? Thank you

    • Hi Megan. My understanding is that the bar code is emailed, so assuming you have email on your phone that’s how it can be retreived. Please note that I am yet to do this myself (I will be next week) so I don’t have first-hand knowledge. I’d appreciate an update if you are goinng through sooner than me though.

      And I am not aware of any waivers for Australians completing a customs declaration (the same as the immigration form).

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi, just to let you know, I am two days out from my travel and tried to complete the online form (it allowed the date from the drop down list). It will not proceed past the personal information page. No idea why, have tried re-entering the information in different formats to no avail. FYI.

        • Hi Megan, thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been getting conflicting reports about the success and failure of people completing their customs declaration online. When I get some definitive answers or can get through myself I’ll post more data.

          Safe travels, Michael

          • Post Script … tried it on my IPAD and it worked no problems. You don’t get an e-mail, you simply get a bar code (the square ones), which you can save to your phone/IPAD etc. So, now for the next test, going through Customs on Saturday. Thanks again for your help.

  52. I heard that there’s no longer a fast track line; however, you mentioned there is one if we’re traveling with young children and/or elderly over 60? I just want to check if the fast track you’ve mentioned is still valid?

    • Hi Tracy,

      Pro tip: download the MyTelkomsel app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to manage your data usage and top it up on the go, or buy a top-up voucher at pretty much any convenience store.

      That should put you right. But remember, that’s only for Telkomsel SIMs.

      Safe travels,

  53. Pure stupidity.. i just lost 100k because of you, exchange rate at the airport is bad, why people like you write crap on the net???

    • Hi Hura,
      Seems you’re unhappy with the 2-3 point difference between a money changer at the airport and the best rate from those I recommend in seminyak and elsewhere (which is clearly described in the post).

      You also failed to mention what rate you exchanged money, which bank you used, in which currency, and how you managed to lose 100k.

      Without any details your comment is more troll-like than constructive.

      Safe travels,

  54. Michael

    Really have enjoyed your travel tips. Heading to Bali in December. Last time in Bali was 40 years ago so pretty sure it will be a bit different.

    I am coming for a few days before home to Oz. On the way back I am transiting through Bali airport on way to Europe.

    Are there any travel tips if you are flying in on Qantas and then out on Qatar 4 hours later. I don’t think Qantas will check my bags through. Do I have to go all the way through customs and then back to departures and check-in again?

    Would appreciate any guidance. Is there any fast track for business class arrivals?


    • Hi Neil,
      If you have booked your flights separately you will have to go through immigration, collect your luggage and then head upstairs to departures to check in and go back through immigration.

      Unless you booked all the way with a single airline and the 2nd leg is code share, which you didn’t mention, then you are checked all the way through and simply transit at Bali Airport without clearing customs and immigration.

      There isn’t expedited processing on arrival for business class. But there is a fast-track service that can be booked to speed the arrival process. Let me follow that up and get back to you.

      Safe travels

      • Thanks Michael. 2 separate tickets. So that’s why I have left 4 hours between legs. I fly in at 8pm and out at 12.30 am. What is the peak time for arrivals?

        Also going to book your driver tours fo 2 of my days in Bali.

        • Hi Neil,
          I saw your bookings come through and confirmations were sent.

          Peak times at the airport are dependent on the day of the week and which season. There’s a useful arrival lookup app here that let’s you filter by date and time.

          Safe travels,

          • Michael

            That link was very helpful as it shows quite a few planes around the arrival times but mostly domestic.

  55. Hi Michael,

    There are several apps of Telekom, can you tell us which of them are you advicing to dowload to track usage?

    Thanks in advance.

    Gerardo J.

  56. hey there, im coming to Bali next week and im wondering can i bring my supplements with me? they are Blackmoores brand.. like vitamin B and thing like. so im wondering do we have to bring it in the bottle can we just repack it and put in our medicine organizer?

    • Hi Syaqina,
      Just to be clear, I am not an expert of the legalities of customs law for Indonesia (or anywhere else), but as far as I am aware personal supplements and vitamins aren’t a problem. I travel with my own vitamins all the time but am often stopped by customs to check the bottles. My advice would be to bring only what you need in small, unopened bottles so there is no misunderstanding of their contents. Repacking vitamins or any other pills is asking for trouble.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels,

  57. Hi Michael!

    I am traveling in Bali November 17-23!

    How far in advance should I book a driver? I was looking into your driver actually but the page didn’t have many details

    • Hi Khristian,
      Better to book as far ahead as possible. My apologies for not writing a longer post. What further information do you suggest I add to it?

      Safe travels,

  58. Hi Michael
    Great tips.
    We are landing at DPS next Saturday. Can you please tell me, where I can get immigration arrival form?

    • Hi Gregor,
      Most airlines hand out immigration forms during the flight. Which is a good thing, because the arrivals hall often runs out of forms and you can’t get through immigration without one.

      Update: I just came back from Vietnam and the airline didn’t provide any immigration forms. The desks that usually hold the immigration forms before the immigration checkpoints were empty, so they let me through without one (which is unusual). However, the desks closest to the customs exit had some.

      What I recommend is getting one quick before you go to pick up your luggage (which can take a while, up to an hour) so you have plenty of time to fill it in. And always carry a pen. There is never any provided.

      Safe travels,

  59. Hi I’m so pleased I have come across you . We are coming to bali in march 2020 and looking for a driver for some trips. We are in bali for 10 days , 3 nights ubud 1 night lovina and 4 days nusa with the last night at the nature resure. Please can you advise best for travel some days we would like a driver all day for attractions and one day we need transportation from ubud to lovina ( stopping at a few places of our interest ) the next day we are doing a dolphin tour first thing then will need transportation back down to the south stopping at a few other places . Please what would you reccomend. Many thanks

    • Hi Tracey,
      How about I put together an itinerary and email you. It’s not until March, so we have plenty of time.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Simone,
      I’m still investigating these. I’ve tried a couple of services and they are very hit and miss, so I’m not willing to recommend one until I can source a reliable service provider. There are a number of services advertising on the web which you can search for – but until I vet one thoroughly I can’t recommend any.

      Let me know how you go with your experience should you find one.

      Safe travels,

  60. We are coming to Bali next week. Shall I get info about how much golden Jewellery can I wear as I have planned to buy golden jewellery at Singapore of 50g for myself. I want to know if there any custom rules at airport of limitation of golden jewellery. my tour is at Singapore first then at Bali. So pls let me know about this.

    • Hi Ranju,
      I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the personal importation of gold into Indonesia. Your best bet is to find the relevant Indonesian government department and contact them directly.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Shiela,
      I would say tips for s solo woman traveller to Bali include:
      – Make sure you book a driver for airport transfers to your hotel to minimise the friction of landing and avoid the taxi touts, especially on your first trip.
      – Don’t wander the back streets and alleys by yourself at night.
      – Seminyak and Ubud are probably the best options as far as locations go to get grounded and make for a low-friction holiday.
      – Be careful catching taxis at night – try to only get Bluebird taxis.
      – Try to see as many attractions as possible. There’s more to Bali than just beaches and cafes (although it’s pretty excellent for those as well).

      If anyone else has some tips for solo women travellers please leave a comment in reply. Would probably make a great article.

      Safe travels,

  61. I and my wife with one more elderly couple , are coming fist time to Bali. We are booked at. Karma. Kandhara. Bali.
    How far is this from the airport?
    Do you advise for us to request the Karma resort to send pick up.?
    Other wise how much will Taxi cost approximately. ?
    Are there any provision/ convenience stores close to this karma Kandara ,since the resort is equipped with a kitchen and we elderly people may not be able to eat all meals outside and may cook small meal in our Villa. For this we may need to purchase few vegetables, etc etc.
    Bhupinder Singh Lamba

    • Hi Bhupinder,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. You can see how far it is on Google Maps.

      I don’t know if that resort will pick you up or not, but if not you can book an airport transfer here.

      As for shopping, you are better off speaking with the resort. I’m not familiar with all the shops in that area.

      Safe travels,

  62. I have a question about exit date- as our plane leaves at 12:30 am, or 00:30. Will they count the plane departure date, or can we check in early to get our stamp beforehand, so the day before will count? I was relieved to see that we could stall, as our plane gets in at 23:20, and would like to be stamped 40 minutes later to get a full day.

    Thank you for your actual information giving! All the relevant stuff!

    • Hi Charolettei,
      Thanks for getting in touch. To be perfectly honest, I’m unsure if Day One starts at the time your plane lands or the time of the immigration stamp. Same for departure. I’ve always counted my plane landing and takeoff times as being inclusive.

      I would recommend you do the same unless you can get confirmation is starts and ends on your immigration stamp. I can see the logic of your argument but have never tried pushing it that far!

      Good luck, and safe travels,

  63. Re the Immigrasi counters for elderly, disabled, parents with infants…for some unknown reason, these have been relocated to the far RIGHT as you approach the counters. I’ve lived in Bali since 2007, I’m in my late 60’s, my wife is Indonesian and is well informed, but this change appears not to have publicised at all. As far as I am aware, the change became effective in June this year…and I got caught out heading to counters on the left.

  64. Gday,

    I would be travelling to bali in june 2020 for 7 nights with my family of 4. I would prefer 2 bedroom accomodation for our stay in seminyak. Can you guide us to plan our trip?


  65. Hi! We are hoping to catch the last boat over to Nusa for our trip in a couple weeks. We land at 3 pm on a Wednesday and the last boat from Sanur is 5 pm, think we can make it?
    Ps- 2 of us traveling, no kids but one checked bag.

    • Hi Alysha,

      Doubtful. If you land at 3 pm, you will be very lucky to clear immigration and collect your luggage within an hour.

      You have two hurdles – the queue for immigration, which will completely depend on the number of flights arriving at the same time on the day you arrive – and the infamously slow baggage handlers. With checked luggage, you can get lucky and retrieve it in 20 minutes, or wait up to an hour.

      It’s 15km from Ngurah Rai Airport to Sanur. That’s 30 minutes on a good day. Maybe more than 45 minutes if traffic is heavy, which it will be at the time you are travelling.

      I give you a 20% chance of making it. Good luck, and please let me know how you went. I applaud your ambition 🙂


  66. Hi! thank you so much for the useful article! Do you happen to know how they determine the day your visa starts? I will arrive on Bali at 23.40 on a Friday, so am hoping to pass through immigration very early Saturday morning. Do you think they will register me on the Friday or on the Saturday?

    • Hi Anna,
      If you land at 23:40 on 31 July and you pass through immigration at 00:01 on 1 July, then 1 July is your first day.

      You aren’t likely to make it through in 20 minutes of landing. It will only take 5 minutes to get to immigration from your gate, but the queue is notoriously long and slow at that time of night.

      Also, remember your last day is inclusive – so if you arrive on 1 August and depart on 30 August that’s 30 days. Some people don’t quite get that and start counting from the day after they arrive as “1”.

      Safe travels,

      • Thanks! That’s perfect 😀 I had heard about the first day being the one you arrive on, so thankfully I had that in the back of my mind for booking my flight out. Just wasn’t entirely sure about the first day 😉

  67. Have never been to Bali what sort of insurance do we need before we get to Bali and which is the best place to stay close to airport or close to attractions

    • Hi Sharlene,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I advise everyone who travels to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before their trip, usually obtained by the travel agency you used to book flights, or the airline or online travel aggregator if you booked the flights yourself.

      As far as options to stay – there are literally thousands of hotels and villas within an hour of Bali airport. It depends on your budget, what dates you are travelling, how many people, what standard of accommodation you are looking for, whether you prefer a hotel or villa or if you need amenities like a pool… and many other variables that only you will know.

      Having said, that, and knowing nothing else about your travel plans, Villa Koru is a luxury 3-bedroom private pool villa in Seminyak.

      Otherwise, I recommend Airbnb and Agoda to help you find what you are looking for.


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