Gitgit Waterfall Tour with Handarah Gate, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Floating Temple Take a private car and driver for your own personalised tour to Gitgit Waterfall.

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Beautiful. Photogenic. Gitgit Waterfall in Northern Bali is relatively easy to get to. Photo credit: @photos_by_timothy

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Going on a Gigitgit Waterfall Tour is something you will never regret. If you only get the chance for one day tour to check out a waterfall, I highly recommend this one. It’s a 160km round journey that will take you a full 12 hours if you stick to the schedule. Gitgit waterfall is the best bang-for-buck waterfall in Northern BaliAling-Aling and Sekumpul Waterfalls are also in the same area but it takes longer to get to either of them, meaning you have less time for other attractions, and they both have a mandatory local guide hire.

07:00 AM – Gitgit Waterfall Tour Pickup

Pickup starts at 7 AM from your villa or hotel. I advise having breakfast before you leave because it’s going to be a long day. You can change your itinerary on the day if you need to, but I recommend this itinerary because I’ve done it myself many times before, and it gives you the opportunity to see several of the best attractions in Northern Bali in a single day.

08:00 AM – Secret Garden Village

Stop at Secret Garden Village for a coffee and toilet break. You shouldn’t take too long here as the objective is to get to the waterfall as quickly as possible. If you find it interesting you can ask your driver to stop again on the return journey if you have enough time.

10:00 AM – Gitgit Waterfall

It’s important to get here as early as possible, because even though it is a long way, it’s becoming increasingly popular, and in the afternoons can be become crowded. The entrance fee is IDR25k at time of writing, and it isn’t mandatory to hire a local guide to show you down the path to the valley floor and the foot of the waterfall.

It’s around a 15-20 minute walk from the carpark down to the foot of the falls that isn’t too difficult (Sekumpul for contrast is much harder) and you be aiming to be leaving Gitgit Twin Waterfall by 12 PM.

Girls selling souvenirs Gitgit Waterfall - Bali Holiday Secrets
Photo credit: @julie.jbfoto

Your driver won’t go down to the foot of falls but will show you the entrance, and if you want help to hire a local guide.

13:00 PM – Lunch at Wanagiri Hidden Hills

There are very few options (if any) for lunch in the area surrounding Gigit Waterfall, so after getting back up to the carpark you will be taken back along the route you came in and taking a side detour along Danu Buyan (Lake Buyan) to Wanagiri Hidden Hills, where there are a few local warungs (Indonesian for low-end local restaurant) where you can get lunch.

Save the good restaurants for another night and use lunch as a fuel stop after visiting Gitgit and before Handarah Gates. It’s a great opportunity to experience local food before going further around the lakeside to check out some famous swings overlooking the lake.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swings - Bali Holiday Secrets
Photo credit: @liviajando

This is the perfect opportunity to take some inspiring Instagram photos of the swings overlooking the valley.

14:30 PM – Handara Gate

At the entrance to Handarah Golf Course are the famous Handarah Gates. This is a photographers dream location with the lush mountains making a stunning backdrop behind the huge stone gates that are an excellent example of Balinese architecture.

Gitgit Waterfall Tour with Handarah Gate, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Floating Temple 1
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

15:30 PM – Pura Ulan Danu Beratan, The Floating Temple

After Handara gate you will stop at The Floating Temple (Pura Ulan Danu Beratan in Balinese), one of the iconic images of Bali. You will pass by the temple on your way to Gigit Waterfall, but it’s better to stop on the way back in order to get to Gitgit as early as possible.

Even though it can be busy in the afternoon it’s recommended you stop here on the way back to maximise your experience at Gitgit Waterfall earlier in the day.

A little way past Danu Beretan is Bedugul Market, which specialises in herbs, spices and vegetables grown in the highlands around Lake Beratan. If you do decide to stop at both make sure you keep to schedule and leave by 5 PM to get back to your accommodation by 7 PM.

One of the realities of Bali traffic is it will be busy on the return journey – there is no way around this, so be patient and be thankful you have your own private driver in an air-conditioned SUV and not stuck on a tour bus full of tired passengers all wanting to stop at different places.

19:00 PM – Dropoff

Assuming you are on schedule, you should be back at your accommodations by 7 PM in the evening. Your driver will pick the best route home possible depending on the local traffic conditions, but be aware it will be a slower trip back home.

If you go over 12 hours for the day, note that an extra IDR100k per hour or part hour is payable, but you can pay this directly to your driver if needed.

Route Map

Tour Cost and Inclusions

Tour cost: IDR1.000.000. I work with a small number of trusted, local drivers that I use for trips and day tours with my friends, family and villa guests. Booking through a tour company will cost a lot more.

You are welcome to use my itinerary for free 🙂

Your Gigit Waterfall Tour includes:

  • Private 6-seater air-conditioned late model SUV.
  • Fuel, mileage and driver cost.
  • 6 people – 1 seat beside the driver, 3 in rear seats, 2 in the fold-up seats at the back of the vehicle.
  • 4 people provides optimal comfort with the rear-most seats being used for bags and day-packs.
  • 1 or 2 people are the same cost, as the vehicle charge and mileage are the same.
Airport Transfers Made Easy - Bali Holiday Secrets

What your tour does not include:

  • Food and beverages (you can ask your driver to stop anytime for refreshments) and lunch.
  • Entrance fees.

What you should bring:

  • Sunblock, walking shoes, a towel, a change of clothes in case for when you get wet.

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