Bali Minivan Rental – Awesome 12-Seat Toyota Minivan and Driver Take your Bali tour game to the next level with a 12-seat Toyota Hiace Minivan plus driver.

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We get it. You came to Bali and brought your crew, all 11 of them. And now it’s time for a trip to see the monkeys in Ubud and the famous Bali waterfalls. The whole damn tribe. What are you going to do, hire 3 different private cars, each with their own driver? No. You’re going to hire a 12-seat minivan and impress everyone with your new-found organisational skills.

Bali Minivan Rental

Getting a crew around Bali can be challenging. Big families, wedding parties, girls trips…there are always reasons for wanting to travel all together and experience the amazing ricefields, temples, waterfalls and beach clubs as a group.

The answer my friend is to hire yourself a 12-seat minivan with a driver. Or more specifically, a Toyota Hiace that can seat 12 people for a day tour, 9 people with day packs or carry-on luggage, or 7 people with checked luggage and suitcases.

Which means it’s also a great way of getting a bunch of people to or from the airport in one hit.

I have a small group of trusted, knowledgable English-speaking drivers that I use for driving my friends, family and guests around Bali, and they have a Toyota Hiace Minivan with your name on it.

Bali Minivan Rental Cost

We can provide you with a Toyota Hiace Minivan for IDR1.5.000.000 per day, complete with fuel, tax and insurance, English speaking driver with 10 hours drive time from pickup to dropoff. Extra hours are cheap, just IDR200k per hour or part-hour.

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