Bali Airport Transfer plus Day Tour Booking

Bali Airport - Arriving at Denpasar Airport

If you want to book a transfer from Bali Airport to your hotel or villa and keep the driver for the day, this is for you. This is especially useful if you are arriving early and cannot check-in for a few hours or want to go sightseeing instead of heading straight to your destination.

If you want to be picked up from the airport and go directly to your destination you can book a Bali Airport Transfer with Private Car & Driver.

Your driver meets you on arrival

Be met on arrival by one of my knowledgeable, English-speaking drivers and receive comprehensive, detailed instructions on navigating the airport and making contact with your personal driver straight after booking.

I have personally vetted all the drivers I work with. They text me when they arrive at the airport when they collect you after arrival, and again when you have been dropped off. I also email you his name, profile photo, vehicle photo and phone number to ensure your safety and comfort.

10/10 would recommend

The professionalism of the staff and ease of booking through Bali Holiday Secrets made the start of our holiday simple and stress free. The detailed information provided by email alongside clear communication resulted in a seem-less airport pick up (despite me mixing up the date!). Really impressed with the drivers. 10/10 would recommend.

Can I choose where to go and places to visit?

Absolutely. The whole point of hiring a private car and driver is to wherever you want.

You can plan your schedule directly with the driver when you meet or look through my posts on itineraries for day toursattractionstemplesbeach clubs and waterfalls beforehand. You can choose from some popular routes which my drivers are very knowledgeable, or you can choose to follow your own tour itinerary. We’re OK with whatever you decide and you can change your itinerary as the day progresses for no extra charge.

Will my driver wait for me outside the attractions?

Yes, of course. Your driver will drop you off, and where possible park close by and escort you to buy entry tickets or help arrange a local guide if appropriate. For really busy attractions he may have to drop you off at the entrance, then go and park further afield.

Before you are ready to leave you can text him ahead of time (say 10 -15 minutes) and he can come to pick you up at a prearranged spot. There is no extra charge for waiting as long as you like, so take your time and relax.

This is really helpful when visiting attractions that take a while or hanging out for a few hours at a beach club.

How long do I have my driver?

Just like hiring a private car and driver for the day, you have your driver for 10 hours from your arrival time. This is a pretty good deal when you consider that you will be met by your assigned driver even if your flight is late.

But it’s only fair that if your flight is 3 hours late, and your driver has been waiting all that time, that the clock starts from the booked arrival time.


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I’m a technology entrepreneur and traveller and began Bali Holiday Secrets as a guide for friends and family who came to visit after I moved to Bali, and has grown to 80,000+ visitors a month.


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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to make a custom airport pick up and tour? We have our family arriving from different part of the world and need one airport pick up 3-4 hours before the next. We thought we could do a small tour while we waited for the second party to arrive.

    I cant arrange this via the above booking menu.



    • Hi Cassian, yes you can do that with the above booking form. Choose your final destination for your initial airport transfer booking, go on tour for a few hours, go back to the airport to pick up more of your family, and then head to your destination. Just tell your driver when you arrive what the plan is and you will be fine.

      Safe travels, Michael

  2. Hello,

    Great website! I’m just wondering if it’s safe to leave the luggage in the car while we are on the day tour or is it best to drop off the luggage first if we’ve being picked up at the airport?

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