Gili Trawangan: All you need to know [2024]

Gili Trawangan is part of a group of tiny islands located just off the coast of Lombok. The islands are known for their crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and vast, preserved marine life – a sight straight out of a wallpaper. If you’re visiting Bali for a few weeks, you definitely need to experience what Gili has to offer.

Referred to as ‘The Gilis’ or simply ‘Gili,’ the islands are a popular destination for many Bali visitors. This is primarily due to its close proximity to Bali. The Gilis typically refer to the main 3 islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. There are also several smaller islands which include Gili Kedis, Gili Sudak, and Gili Nanggu.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan, also referred to as ‘Gili T,’ is the largest and most popular of the Gili Islands. It sees somewhere between 3000 and 5000 daily visitors from Bali alone, totaling to over 1 million a year – many of whom visit primarily for its combination of laidback surroundings, marine life, and nightlife.

Gili Trawangan Island

It’s safe to say that Gili T is known as the ‘party island’ out of the 3 islands. With a wide a range of bars, live music venues, and small scale nightclubs, you’ll definitely have a few late nights here while partying with people from all over the world. However, if you’re not into parties, don’t let this deter you.

Gili Trawangan also has a great selection of resorts and retreats for those that prefer to have a more relaxed trip for families and couples. On the western coast of Gili T, you’ll find numerous resorts that offer a 3 to 5 star experience. The vibe here is much more calm than Gili T’s eastern coast and perhaps a great choice for families and couples on a romantic getaway.

All 3 of the Gili Islands are void of motorized vehicles – no cars and no scooters. Imagine enjoying a memorable vacation with no air pollution, no loud vehicles, and no traffic! This is partially what makes the Gilis so unique.

Gili Meno & Gili Air

Gili Meno is the smallest of the 3 Gili Islands, with a small lake in the middle. It’s known to be the more romantic choice out of the 3 islands, being the most tranquil and quietest – perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Gili Meno is also a crowd favourite for scuba divers.

Gili Air is the furthest away from Bali, and the closest to Lombok’s coast. It’s the chill / laidback sibling of Gili Trawangan. To some Gili visitors, Gili Air is their favourite. To others, they absolutely hate it.

Both of these Islands are only a 10 to 15 minutes boat ride away from Gili Trawangan. You can go Island hopping for the day, or stay overnight in Gili Meno or Gili Air.

How to get to Gili Trawangan from Bali

Traveling from Bali to any of the Gili Islands must be done via Fast Boat or Ferry. These can be taken from any of Bali’s ports, with the most popular being Padang Bai Harbour. This is one of the main harbours that gives you access to the fast boat to the Gili Islands. You can book a Transfer to Gili Islands with Fast Boat, which includes return fast boat tickets with an open return date.

At the Padang Bai Harbour, your ticketing company will provide you with your return ticket (usually a blue slip) and your boarding pass (a lanyard with a number) after paying. You’ll be told which boat to look out for and what time you should be waiting at the port. If you arrive extra early and need to wait, there is a small cafe just 50 meters from the port called Little Bay Bakery & Eatery where you can grab some bites and a coffee.

Fast Boat to Gili Trawangan at Padang Bai Harbour in Bali
Lining up to board the fast boat at Padang Bai in Bali

You’ll also be asked to pay a harbour fee of 10,000 IDR ($1.00 AUD), and you’ll receive a small white receipt as proof of payment. You will be asked to present this receipt upon entering the dock area. Some Gili visitors mentioned that sometimes you’ll be asked to pay this fee again when getting off at the Gili Ferry Terminal, but I haven’t experienced this myself. Keep an extra 10,000 IDR in your pocket just in case.

Keep in mind, you will have to do some lining up at the port. This is because sometimes there will be 2 or more ferries / fast boats boarding passengers at once, and the Padang Bai Ferry Terminal isn’t known for its organizational skills. I highly recommend wearing some sunscreen as this boarding time can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, some of which will be spent out in the sun.

If you have extra or large sized luggages, there will be a separate storage compartment on the fast boat. You can choose to take your luggage with you to your seat, but I don’t recommend it. It can get pretty cramped in there.

Inside the Fast Boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan
Inside the SemayaOne Fast Cruise boat to Gili Trawangan

Most fast boat’s don’t have a seating plan, so if you want to freely claim your seat, you’ll have to be the first to line up at the port. Take your seat and enjoy the ride.

Pro tip: Dress light and bring plenty of bottled water with you. Some of the fast boats won’t have air conditioning and you don’t want to end up dehydrated – I’m speaking from personal experience. Some fast boats will have someone selling the essential liquids – Aqua and Bintang – in case you need to buy last minute.

If your fast boat doesn’t have AirCon, the windows will be open and as the fast boat gets going, you can enjoy the ocean breeze. Prepare a movie or some music and some headphones, or even take a nap. The fast boat from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan can last anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

From Padang Bai Harbour, your fast boat will take you to either Gili Trawangan Ferry Terminal, Gili Meno Harbour, or Gili Air Harbour. Most Gili visitors will stop off at Gili T, then take the small public boat to Gili Meno or Gili Air if they feel the urge to visit the other Gilis from Gili Trawangan for a little island hopping day trip.

When is best to visit Gili Trawangan?

The Gili Islands are great to visit all year round. Although there are high seasons and low seasons, you’ll likely enjoy the islands regardless. As a matter of fact, prices are much cheaper during low seasons.

Dry season usually lasts from May until September so if you aren’t a fan of a little bit of rain, this might be the best time to visit. If you’re planning on Snorkeling or Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno, dry season is generally recommended – although most ocean lovers will visit regardless of the time of year.

Gili’s wet season is from April until October and you’ll experience a much smaller crowd. Ramadan month is also much more quiet compared to peak season.

Fast Boats to from Bali to Gili Trawangan

Fast Boat rides to the Gili Islands are usually done with a 800 – 1500 HP engine boat. These travel at a maximum speed of 35 knots or 65 km/h. They carry anywhere between 80 to 200 passengers – depending on the ferry company and fast boat.

Fast Boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan
Source: SemayaOne Fast Cruise (@semayaone)

There are quite a few ferry companies offering trip from Padang Bai in Bali to Gili Trawangan. Here is the list of fast boat service providers below that leave from Padang Bai:

  • SemayaOne Fast Cruise
  • Bali Eka Jaya Fast Boat
  • Blue Water Express
  • Golden Queen Fast Boat
  • Gili Gili Fast Boat
  • Marlin Fast Boat

The ferry / fast boat ride from Padang Bai takes approximately 2 hours to get to Gili Trawangan. If you’re headed directly to Gili Meno or Gili Air, just add another 10 – 15 minutes for each island.

Staying in Gili Trawangan

Though the Gili’s are tiny islands, they do have more than enough accommodations. Hotels, resorts, villas, guesthouses, and hostels are all available for you to choose from. So whether you’re a solo traveler or a family of 5, Gili will have a broad selection of accommodations for you.

Most of the resorts and upscale 4-star accommodations will be located on the western coast of Gili Trawangan. This is the more quiet side of the island and is purely for serenity and relaxation. There aren’t many bars or loud parties here, and an exceptional view of the sunset.

Hotel Ombak Sunset in Gili Trawangan
Source: Hotel Ombak Sunset (@ombaksunset)

Here is a list of some of the 4-star & 5-star hotels and resorts on Gili T’s west coast:

  • Aston Sunset Beach Resort
  • FRii Resort Gili Trawangan
  • Mala Garden Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Ombak Sunset
  • Hotel Lumi Gili Trawangan
  • Jambuluwuk Oceano Gili Trawangan Resort (North coast)
  • Pearl Sunset Resort
  • Scallywags Resort Gili Trawangan (East coast)

For the mid-range budgets, there’s plenty of 3-star villas and hotels sprinkled all over Gili Trawangan:

  • Villa Nero
  • Island Beach Bungalow
  • Danima Resort
  • La Bella – Hotel Villa & Spa
  • Little Coco Gili Trawangan Hotel & Villas
  • The Lakshmi Villas
  • Coconut Garden Resort

For the lower budget options – perhaps for younger travelers or backpackers, you’ll find many reputable hostels to choose from:

  • Deep House Bungalows
  • Mad Monkey Gili Trawangan
  • Little Boheme Mini
  • La Boheme
  • Broken Compass Hostel & Bar

There’s over 300+ accommodations available on Gili Trawangan. The lists above are only to mention a few with good ratings.

Eating in Gili Trawangan

It’s an almost minimalist island, but there are no lack of food options in Gili T. You’ll be able to eat a wide range of food, from local Lombok cuisines to Western food, and pretty much anything in between. Here are some of my recommendations below:

Eating at Jali Kitchen at Jali Resort in Gili Trawangan
Lunch at Jali Kitchen: Ayam Penyet, Beef Rendang, Water Spinach, Sweet Naan, and Shrimp Crackers

Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try some local food for dinner, check out the Trawangan Night Market. It’s a small food market that starts opening around 7:00 pm and has about 15 different food vendors selling more or less the same menu. If you like seafood, the Gili Trawangan Night Market has a good selection of fish, shrimp, octopus, and squid. These are usually sold at 25,000 – 30,000 IDR per skewer ($2.50 to $3.00 AUD).

Transportation in Gili Trawangan

As I mentioned earlier, there are no motorized vehicles on all 3 of the Gili Islands. All cars, bikes, and scooters are prohibited by local authorities. The main method of getting around is with bicycles, or you can try the good old-fashioned way – by foot.

If you choose to walk around, you can actually circle the entirety of Gili Trawangan’s coast by foot in a couple hours. On a bicycle, maybe within 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Renting Bicycles in Gili Trawangan

Bicycle rental prices in Gili Trawangan are 50,000 IDR ($5.00 AUD) on average, and can go up to 75,000 AUD ($7.50 AUD) in the high season. This is the most popular choice for transportation on the Gili Islands.

There are many bicycle rental shops around town, and most hotels, resorts, and villas will also have bicycles available for you to rent. Bicycle rentals usually involve a cash payment upfront, but no security deposit is required.

Renting a Bicycle in Gili Trawangan
Hint: This photo was taken on Gili Trawangan’s southwest coast – beautiful spot.

The bicycles in Gili Trawangan are quite light weight and can be easy to grasp if you’re not used to them. Most will come with a storage basket in the front and a combination lock in the back. I do suggest locking your bike every time you park just in case someone takes off with your bike by mistake – almost all the bicycles in the Gili Islands are from the same manufacturer, with the only difference being the colors.

This is by far one of my favourite things about the Gilis. Riding a bike, no matter how old you are, can make you feel like a kid again. Especially since there’s no traffic in Gili, you can ride around endlessly while the cool island breeze blows through your hair. Gili T is also mostly flat ground – so don’t worry too much about burning out your legs.

Electric / E-bike rental in Gili Trawangan

Although motorized vehicles are prohibited on all 3 of the Gili Islands, in the recent years I’ve seen a significant growth in popularity of electric scooters or e-bikes in Gili T. These are about half the size of your regular petrol scooter and can be extremely quiet. E-bike / electric scooter rental in Gili Trawangan can be anywhere from 250,000 IDR ($25.00 AUD) to 350,000 IDR ($35.00 AUD).

Horse-drawn carriages in Gili Trawangan

You can also opt for commuting in style with a horse-drawn carriage called a ‘Cidomo,’ (pronounced Chi-Doh-Moh). These local Ferraris can fit up to 4 passengers in the carriage.

A Cidomo fare depends on where you’d like to go from your current location. However, all Cidomo prices are about the same across all drivers, so there won’t be any need to negotiate or haggle prices. Some tour companies also offer Cidomo tour packages to tour around Gili T.

Horse and carriage in Gili Trawangan
View from the 2nd floor of Coco Cafe by the Gili Trawangan Harbour

Note: There’s quite a bit of uproar online regarding the mistreatment of horses in the Gili Islands and many are advocating for the boycott of the Cidomo. Although I haven’t witnessed any of this myself, and many of the long-term residents deny this claim, I suggest you make the judgement for yourself while you’re in Gili.

What to do in Gili Trawangan?

Nightlife & Parties in Gili Trawangan

There is no shortage of parties in the Gili Islands, with the most popular for nightlife being Gili – referred to by some as the ‘Ibiza of Indonesia.’ A bulk of the popular bars, nightclubs, and live music venues will be concentrated on the eastern coast of Gili Trawangan, right around the harbour.

For you party animals, the most popular nightlife spots in Gili Trawangan are:

  • Sama-Sama Reggae Bar – a reputable bar and nightclub known for its live music and tasty drinks. You’ll definitely have a hard time finding seats here as it gets quite packed – especially on weekends!
  • The Jungle Bar – an outdoor bar right beside the street. Dance on the tables while the DJ spins the latest popular music.
  • Tequila Sunrise Beachbar – dance barefoot in the sand at this dimly-lit beachside bar with a DJ.
  • The Irish Bar Gili – also known as Tir na nÓg, an Irish sports pub and restaurant with both live music and DJs.
  • Lava Bar – great for late night dance. They also have their famous Sunday Karaoke nights
  • Ombak Bar – Enjoy House / Techno DJ performances or play beer pong
Gili Trawangan Island Pub Crawl
Source: Gili T Island Pub Crawl

You and your family / friends can choose to go on a Gili T Island Pub Crawl. The most renowned Pub Crawl starts at The Irish Bar Gili (Tir na nÓg) around 7:00 pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The Pub Crawl takes around to various bars and clubs in Gili Trawangan to enjoy live music, dancing, and beer pong. The current package pricing is 250,000 IDR ($25.00 AUD) for the ladies, and 350,000 IDR ($35.00 AUD) for the lads. This includes free drinks and many discounted additional drinks.

Snorkelling in Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno are globally famous for the snorkelling experience. Picture this: crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, relatively shallow waters, and a wide range of snorkelling spots to choose from – an experience straight out of the Discovery Channel.

Snorkeling in Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno underwater statues
Underwater statues, called ‘The Nest’ in Gili Meno

If you haven’t tried snorkelling yet, Gili T is the perfect place to give it a shot. Most snorkelling tour operators in Gili Trawangan offer snorkelling trips for rookie snorkelers – all of which include the necessary snorkelling gear and a guide. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you’ll be given a life jacket.

Here’a short list of snorkelling tour providers in Gili Trawangan:

You’ll generally have 2 types of snorkelling trips; shared and private. Shared tours (meaning you’ll be sharing the boat with others) cost around 150,000 IDR ($15.00 AUD) per person for a 3 – 5 hour snorkelling tour.

The cost for private snorkelling tours can range depending on the size of your group. A private group of 4 can cost around 1,000,000 IDR ($100.00 AUD) for a 3 hour trip and includes a boat – some of which have the glass bottom window!

Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan

Gili T is known to be a popular destination for scuba divers, primarily because of the range of Diving Courses available on the island, and the beautiful marine world in the surrounding waters. Dive into breahtaking adventures as you swim with the turtles and exotic fishes – think Finding Nemo!

Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan
Source: Trawangan Dive Centre

The island’s waters are suitable for both beginner divers and advanced technical divers. The world of scuba diving is quite alien to me but I’ve listed some of Gili Trawangan’s most reputable scuba diving centres below.

Most of the scuba diving centres in Gili Trawangan will include equipment in their courses and trips. However, there are also scuba diving equipment rental shops if you need to rent for your solo adventures.

Island Hopping the Gili Islands

Traveling in between each of the Gili Islands is relatively simple. Since all 3 islands are close to each other, you can get to the nearest island within 10 – 15 minutes. You can visit both Gili Meno and Gili Air for the day and be back by afternoon, or you can simply choose to stay overnight. You can even visit Lombok!

Public boat operate from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every 45 minutes to 1 hour. The times in between boats may vary during low season as there are less passengers to carry. Ticket prices range from 30,000 IDR to 60,000 IDR ($3.00 – $6.00 AUD) per way. There are a few public boat ticket offices around the port area and shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Horse Riding in Gili Trawangan

There are a few stables around Gili Trawangan where you can ride horses around the island. Stud Horseback Riding Adventures is known to be the most reputable stable. Their horses inspected by International Vets and Ferrier teams several times throughout the year ensure the horses are healthy and their environment are in suitable condition.

Horse riding in Gili Trawangan at Stud Horse Riding & Horse Rescue
Source: Stud Horse Riding & Horse Rescue

Horse riding prices start at 300,000 IDR ($30.00 AUD) for a 30-minute beach ride, and go up to 800,000 IDR ($80.00 AUD) for a ride around Gili Trawangan. All necessary equipment and gear are included and the horse riding experience is suitable for all ages.

Other horse riding tour operators and stables in Gili Trawangan include Balikana Stable and Horse Riding and Gama Stables. There is also Horses of Gili which is a rescue. They do not offer horse riding but is a charitable organization run by volunteers who rescue take care of the horses on the Gili Islands.

Surfing in Gili Trawangan

If you’re looking to surf, Gili Trawangan is your best bet, though most of the island’s waters are void of surf. Therefore, it’s not the most popular choice among experienced surfers, in comparison to Lombok or Bali.

But if you do find yourself itching to catch some waves, I suggest heading to the Southern coast of Gili T known as Playgrounds. It’s a reef break that can be enjoyed by both righties and lefties. You’ll also find a few surf schools along this part of the coast if you’re looking to learn surfing while in Gili Trawangan. Since it isn’t known to have big swells, it may be a good place to pick up surfing!

Shopping in Gili Trawangan

I must admit, there isn’t much shopping to do in Gili T. There are a handful of small stores and boutiques that sell clothes (mostly tropical fashion), and a few stalls near the harbour that sell hand-made souvenirs. There’s also quite a few shops and stalls that sell pearl jewelry – whether they’re real or fake, that’s up to you to judge – proceed with skepticism.

For snorkelling and scuba diving, most dive centres will have equipment available for rent. You can also rent GoPro cameras for around 50,000 IDR ($5.00 AUD) per day.

If you’d like to get your shopping done while in Bali before you head out, read my Best Shopping Malls in Bali.

Need to Know

Is Gili Trawangan Safe?

Although Gili Trawangan has a relatively low police presence, it is still quite safe – along with the rest of the Gili Islands. With the protection of the local security, the crime rate is known to be close to zero (the most common crime is bicycle theft).

If you’re a female solo traveller, I suggest making some friends just to be on the safe side. Trust me you won’t have a hard time doing so. Many of the solo travellers I’ve met stated that they felt safe in Gili T. For the night owls and party animals, it’s recommended to stay on the east and south coasts of the island as the west and north are dimly lit due to being less densely populated.

It’s also worth mentioning that strangers on the street will try to sell you certain things – a very common occurrence in any area of the world where tourism is predominant in its economy. A simple “no” should be sufficient.

Gili Trawangan for Families & Kids

Although Gili T is known for its scuba diving and parties, there’s still a side of Gili Trawangan that offers a wonderful vacation for families and children.

As I mentioned above, the western and northern coasts of Gili Trawangan are the more relaxed / quiet sides. This is where most of the resorts are located. Your family and your little ones can enjoy empty beaches, clear waters, and an overall more relaxed vibe.

The waves are also calm should the kids feel like enjoying the blue waters. The kids will also love snorkelling in the Gilis – many snorkelling tour operators offer courses for children.

For families with babies, most of Gili Trawangan’s coastal streets on the east and south are paved and have sidewalks, so you’ll have no problem with your stroller. Some bicycle rental shops also offer the option of adding on the baby carriage at the back.

If you do need to go out with the other adults or enjoy some alone time , there is a babysitting service offered by Gili Bumblebee Montessori for kids 2.5 to 9 years old.

ATMS & Money Changers in Gili Trawangan

I would recommend withdrawing or exchanging your cash from Bali before you head off to the Gili Islands. If you need some guidance regarding ATMs in Bali, I suggest reading my 10 Rules for Withdrawing Money at ATMs in Bali. If you already have foreign cash on hand but need to exchange to Indonesian Rupiah (I suggest doing so), then read my 7 Rules to Exchanging Cash at Money Changers in Bali.

ATMs in Gili Trawangannear Hotel Vila Ombak
ATMs near Hotel Vila Ombak

If you do need last minute access to an ATM, there are a few sprinkled around Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. These ATMs are from major Indonesian banks such as Mandiri, BRI, or CIMB Niaga. There is also a BCA ATM located inside of the Coco Mart express located beside Naty’s Grill.

If you need to exchange your foreign currency, there are some money changers around town. As long as you don’t expect any favourable exchange rates, most of the money changers in Gili are quite safe.

Emergency Services & Medical Centres in Gili T

In case of emergencies, you won’t need to stress too much about the availability of clinics. Even though Gili Trawangan is a tiny island, you’ll have plenty of medical centres and clinics if anything happens (knock on wood). Many of these are open 24-hours.

Medical services include physical examinations, diagnoses and treatments, medical evacuations, and vaccinations. Many medical centres also have doctors on call for home visits.

Here is a list of medical centres and emergency services in Gili Trawangan:

  • Trawangan Medical Services (TMS) – (+62) 878-5894-1440
  • Pandawa Medical Island – (+62) 878-8870-0119
  • Warna Medical Center – (+62) 878-6206-0247
  • Blue Island Medical Clinic – (+62) 819-9970-5701
  • Medical Island & Pharmacy – (+62) 877-7730-3330
  • New Givara Medical Service – (+62) 811-3901-1444
  • Good Heart Medical Center – (+62) 877-5757-7999

Other services & amenities in Gili T

If you’re planning on staying longer than a few days in Gili Trawangan, Gili T has enough amenities that can make you feel at home. You’ll find a few gyms, several barbershops, and tons of tattoo parlours.

For the fitness addicts, there is Total Body Fit in front of the Tropica Gili Hotel near the Harbour. There is also GiliFit Indonesia a short walk away. Daily gym passes are around 70,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR ($7.00 – $10.00 AUD) per session. If you feel like working out on the beach while catching a tan, there’s the Gili Jungle Gym on the western coast.

Tattoo studios are also quite abundant in Gili Trawangan. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can get a traditional bamboo tattoo. For the rookies, I suggest reading my 19 Expert Tips for Safely Getting a Tattoo in Bali – same rules apply in Gili Trawangan.

There’s also a sufficient amount of 24-hour marts and small shops if you need last minute bottled water, fruits, snacks, and other small items.

Here are a few additional need-to-know points about Gili Trawangan:

  • The residents of Gili Trawangan are mostly originally from Lombok.
  • Due to tourism, most staff and residents on Gili Trawangan speak English and are very friendly.
  • Being part of Lombok, most residents on all 3 Gili Islands are Muslim.
  • The islands’ economy took a huge hit in 2018 due to an earthquake, and again during lockdown. It’s seems to have sprung back to life!
  • Prices are slightly higher than Bali due to everything being brought to the island via small boats.
  • You’ll meet visitors from all over the world.
  • The word ‘Gili’ simply means ‘Island’ in Lombok’s local Sasak language.

What to bring to Gili Trawangan?

Since there aren’t any cars or scooters on any of the 3 Gili Islands, you should pack light. Most visitors only stay in Gili for a few nights, so a few pieces of clothes along with your essentials should be enough.

Pack a few outfits and some sunscreen and you’re all set. White shoes are probably not the best idea if you plan on keeping them clean. Though the island’s main roads are well built, it can be sandy, and some of the inner roads are unpaved so if it rains these smaller roads will be muddy.

I do advise bringing along an umbrella in case it rains, and a waterproof cover / rain cover for your electronics. If you’re visiting during the Gili’s rainy season, I highly urge you to buy some mosquito spray / repellent.

In summary, your Gili Trawangan trip essentials should include:

  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Cash
  • Sunblock / Sunscreen (reef-safe if you’ll be in the ocean)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Slippers / slides / flip-fops

How to Return to Bali from Gili Trawangan

Since you already have return tickets, all you’ll need to do is check-in with the fast boat provider that you booked with. Most of their offices and kiosks are footsteps away from the Gili Trawangan Harbour.

Your boat will likely leave between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm. I recommend visiting the fast boat company kiosk around 10:00 pm to check in. Present your blue slip ticket and in return you’ll be provided with the boarding pass lanyard.

Here’s where it might get a little bit confusing to some. You’ll need to pay taxes / harbour fee before boarding your fast boat. As you enter the port, after about 20 metres, you’ll see a small building to the left. Line up at the counter to pay the fee. You’ll be asked how many passengers you’re traveling with. The fee is 20,000 IDR ($2.00 AUD) per passenger. After paying, you’ll receive a similar white slip to the one you received in Bali for each passenger, and you’re now good to go.

Gili Trawangan Ferry Terminal Harbour
The building above is where you’ll need to pay your harbour fee (the bottom one), the pier to the left is where your fast boat will likely be boarding.

Again, if you want the freedom of choosing your seat, you’ll have to be in front of the line. If you don’t care, then you can go grab a coffee and wait for your fast boat announcement. There’s a cute cafe right opposite the port called Coco Cafe & Ice Cream (beside the Trawangan Night Market) where you can wait and grab a bite while you wait. You can also hear the harbour announcements from there.

The return trip from Gili Trawangan to Bali takes a bit longer – around 2.5 hours. This is because it makes short stops at Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Bangsal Port in Lombok before heading off to Bali. Don’t let this discourage you, these stops are just 10-15 minutes each.

Upon return to Padang Bai in Bali, if you booked my Transfer to Gili Islands with Fast Boat (with return) your driver will be waiting for you at the port. If you haven’t booked a driver, there will be plenty of eager drivers circling you the moment you step foot on land.

In case you need a return-only transfer from Gili Trawangan to Padang Bai in Bali, and you already have your fast boat return ticket, you can simply book the Transfer from Padang Bai Ferry Terminal.

Book a trip to Gili Trawangan

You can now book a trip to the Gili Islands with my Transfer to Gili Islands with Fast Boat. This booking includes a transfer from your hotel or villa in Bali, with an private car and English-speaking driver, directly to Padang Bai fast boat ferry terminal. It also includes return tickets for the Fast Boat from Padang Bai. Your return date on the fast boat ticket can be open – meaning you can simply check in to your fast boat whenever you’re ready to leave.

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