Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour (12 hours)

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour

It was only a few years ago that Lempuyang Temple was relatively unknown. And then Mount Agung blew up and the volcanic eruption showed the world what a spectacular backdrop the volcano is for everyone looking for that perfect Instagram action shot.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tours are more popular than ever – and the best way to beat the crowds is to leave early and have a driver that knows how to get there quickly and get you in the queue for entry tickets as fast as possible.

I have personally vetted all the drivers I work with. They text me when they pick you up and again when you have been dropped off at the end of the day. I also email your driver’s name, profile photo, vehicle photo and phone number beforehand to ensure your safety and provide confidence.

What time do I need to be picked up?

You can choose your own departure time when making a booking below, but I recommend leaving at either 4 or 5:00 am in order to get to the temple quickly, as there will be a queue to get in.

It’s a very popular destination and the Banjar (the local village council) has implemented a ticket waitlist system. You have to get your tickets on-site, you cannot buy them beforehand.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour - Bali Holiday Secrets
Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour

While the waiting time can be an hour if arriving at 06:00 am, it can be up to 2 hours or more if arriving at 7:00 am on popular days. If you don’t want to wait too long, leave early or go in the afternoon when there are much fewer tourists.

If you would like to visit Lempuyang Temple in the afternoon I highly recommend the East Bali Day Tour.

It’s worth every penny, trust me!

I did the temple tour and had a blast! My driver Kadek was an absolute sweetheart. As I was on my own he walked me to the different entrances and made sure I got where I needed to be. As a solo traveller you might think this is a bit expensive, it's worth every penny, trust me!

How much does the Lemuyang Temple Tour cost?

You need a ticket for the shuttle bus from the car park to the base of the temple, and another for entry into the temple complex. This tour includes the price of both these tickets, and your driver will buy them for you after arrival to make things quicker and easier for you.

The tour cost depends on where you need to be picked up and how many people – you can use the booking form below to get an accurate cost depending on your location and number of passengers.

For example, for 2 people picked up from Seminyak, the cost would be AUD$177.50 including the Lempuyang Temple shuttle bus and entrance tickets and 12 hours of travel time.

What is and isn’t included?

Your private car and English-speaking driver with Toyota Avanza/Xenia or similar 6-seater air-conditioned SUV, fuel, and relevant taxes are all-inclusive.

You can change your itinerary whenever you like at no charge, just speak with your driver and make clear the itinerary and plans you want to follow. Should you go over the 12 hours allocated for the tour, don’t worry —you can simply pay the extra IDR 100k per hour or part thereof directly to the driver

Also includes tickets for the shuttle bus from Lempuyang Temple car park and temple entrance fees.

Not Included:

Entrance fees to Tirta Empul, Virgin Beach, food or beverages. The entrance fees to these tend to vary, but are relatively cheap, historically costing less than $5-10.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour Tips

The temple is in a spectacular setting, with a steep climb up several stone stairways to get to the top of the temple complex with views looking back down the valley and across to Mt Agung, the active volcano that disrupted flights in 2018.

The temple is also known as The Gates of Heaven, being the highest altitude temple in Bali. The view of looking through the gates towards Mt Agung is quite inspiring and worth the wait should the weather place nice and remain clear, which it is most mornings.

Be aware that those Instagram photos making the temple gates look like they’re floating above a lake are fake. They are made by holding a mirror underneath the camera lens, a trick the local guides have learned which can earn them some extra cash. It’s also part of the reason the queue takes as long as it does, as some people insist on taking their time getting the perfect shot before letting the next in line approach the gates for their own photos.

The three sets of steps leading up to the main gates are spectacular in their own right, ornately decorated and quite imposing.

Lempuyang Temple Steps - Bali Holiday Secrets
Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour – Temple Steps

You can get coffee and water at the bottom of the temple complex, but that’s about all, so load up on breakfast if you plan on getting there early.

Tirta Gangga Temple – The Water Palace

In my opinion, Tirta Gangga is one of the most picturesque and serene temples in Bali. The surrounding valleys are just beautiful with stunning ricefields layered across the valley floor.

Tirta Gangga - Bali Holiday Secrets
Photo credit @fancyfootework

Tirta Gangga has become quite famous for the photos of the stepping stones through the water-filled temple with loads of oversized carp swimming right to the edge of the steps. Of course, they do this because the fish food you can buy for a few Rupiahs makes them so cooperative for those wonderful photos.

Virgin Beach

Anytime I have taken my guests from Lempuyang Temple early in the morning, and without a doubt, having lunch and a few relaxing hours at Virgin Beach has always been a winner. It’s a great beach for swimming.

It’s difficult to get to and quite far from anywhere else, which makes it perfect after waiting in a queue at Lempuyang and visiting Tirta Gangga.

Virgin Beach - Bali Holiday Secrets

One of the reasons I love this beach so much is because the southern end is still a working fishing fleet, with the outrigger boats still being run out every day on the tide.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour Map

The route is dependent on your pickup location, but this shows the likely route from Seminyak. Your driver may vary the route to take advantage of his knowledge of local traffic conditions, and you can vary the itinerary at any time at no charge.

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour Map

Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour Itinerary

4:00 am – Pickup from Hotel or Villa

If you want to see the sunrise, you need to leave at 4 am.

6:00 am – Lempuyang Temple

90 km from Seminyak, around 2 hours.

10:30 am – Tirta Gangga

10 km from Lempuyang Temple, around 30 minutes.

1:00 pm – Virgin Beach

16 km from Tirta Gangga, around 40 minutes.

4:00 pm – Drop-off at Hotel or Villa

This is 69 km from Virgin Beach, around 2 hours. It’s a 185 km round trip from Seminyak.

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