Bali Covid Vaccination Requirements (2023)

The Indonesian Government have updated their Immigration laws pertaining to Covid vaccination requirements and proof of vaccination for both international and domestic travellers. You no longer need to provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter Indonesia or travel domestically

Proof of Vaccination is no longer required

The latest government announcement issued June 9th states that showing a certificate of the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer required. Previously, it was mandatory for both foreigners and domestic travellers to present a certificate showing their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. With the latest circular, this requirement is no longer necessary.

Do I need to be vaccinated to enter Bali?

Based on the government’s latest circular, the answer is no – you do not need to be vaccinated.

Domestic Travel in Indonesia

Indonesian citizens are no longer required to have a booster to exit and enter Indonesia.

Do I have to download the SATUSEHAT application?

No, the application is no longer required.

Don’t forget you will also need to check what kind of visa is required for entry into Bali and take the hassle out of arriving at Bali airport by booking an airport transfer with a private car and driver to be met on arrival.


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  1. I read the post, it says you no longer need the vaccination to get into Bali but it didn’t say anything about the social visa . However on the visa website for Bali NZ it says you do so I’m quite confused

    • Hi Lacjee, my post quite clearly states you don’t need proof of vaccination to get into Bali. This post doesn’t say anything about a social visa because it’s about vaccination requirements. I have a separate post on visa requirements that you might find helpful.

      Safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Lajcee, did you read the post? I think you will find the answer quite clearly written just above where you posted this comment.

      Safe travels, Michael

  2. WHO dropped it internationally – vaccines and measures are no longer necessary anywhere. Why is Bali still requesting something that the rest of the world has dropped? Any news from anyone tht has gone there in June 2023?

  3. I’m hearing rumours that Indonesia had dropped the vaccine requirement for entry into the country. I can’t find anything official. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

  4. hi I’ve been double vaccinated, however, my covid vaccine passport has expired, will I still be able to enter the Bali?
    note I’m referring to my covid vaccine passport ( proof I had the two covid shots ) not my actual passport

  5. Why all the confusion here. No Jab No Entry plain and simple! No way around vaccine requirements. A certificate of recovery will still require 1 vaccine to enter. Just get the damn vaccine if you plan on visiting Indonesia.

    If you have a serious medical condition and you get a “Medical Exemption” from your doctor that explains the specific medical condition that prevents you from receiving a vaccine and it’s translated in English you may enter the country without any vaccines.

    The fact remains that Indonesia requires all everybody to be “Fully Vaccinated” and have proper vaccine documentation to enter. This is the law as of June 2023 like it or not.

    • I think you are misunderstanding confusion for concern.

      The concern is the majority of the vaccinations are untested long term, there is considerable evidence they are causing health issues & many have chosen as is their right to avoid them! Thus those wanting to travel to Indonesia without being coerced into a medical procedure find themselves having to making a choice. Be coerced or avoid Indonesia.

      Without all the information, or clear information, one cant make an informed decision, right?

    • I’m traveling to Bali July 5, 2023. I’m questioning if I need a third booster before my departure. My Vaccination Card shows the initial Pfizer vaccine (2 doses) in March 2021 with a booster 11/2021 and a booster 6/16/22. Does that fulfill the requirement or do I need another booster? Thank you

      • Deb your all set only 2 jabs are needed for Pfizer to enter. Boosters are not required for expats. Post your experience at the airport after you arrive.

  6. COVID-19 recovery – as of 11 July 2022
    If you have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 a maximum of 30 days before departure and you have been declared inactive in transmitting COVID-19, an exception is made from the obligation to show a fully COVID-19 vaccination card/certificate and a minimum of one dose is required.

  7. Hi, As a foreign national (Australian) visiting Indonesia, would I be correct to say that only the primary doses (one or two, depending vaccine) are required to travel to Bali, Indonesia, and be able to visit places within Bali?
    You don’t need boosters unless Indonesian citizens?

  8. Hi, we are coming home from Europe at the end of July our flight will be from Athens – Bali – Perth. Does anyone know if we can transit through ok unvaccinated? Thanks

  9. Hi,
    Can anyone confirm if you do test positive on arrival is quarantining still a thing? My husband is day 5 and we leave in 3 days, so he will be day 8 on arrival. He is asymptomatic but I do wonder about his temperature. Is there a possibly he may have to stay elsewhere?

  10. Hi everyone, I just want to be extrasure.. I’m entering Bali next week with 2 doses.. do I need the test 24h prior the arrival or require any sort of quarantine?? I’m very confused. Thank you

  11. Hello!

    I will travel to Bali on 10 June. I am not vaccinated, i don’t have COVID recovery certificate, I also don’t have medical exemption letter. Is there any way to enter with a PCR test?


    • I’m in similar situation as well, I’m very keen to know about your outcome. Please kindly post about the current situation when you reached there! Very much appreciated!

      • I talked at the embassy and they told me PCR is not available anymore. You either go to vaccine yourself and wait 14 days to obtain the green certificate (QR code PDF) or you obtain a medical exemtion letter. I will try to obtain a medical letter, as I also suffer from a illness.

        • I have no intention to get the vaccine, so similar to you, I’ll try to get exemption letter here in Australia. I’m very curious over in Bali, do they still check? I’ve heard differing stories from people who recently been there!

          • My Indonessian embassy here in Romania told me that I need one of the above (as they are mandatory). Also, for the exemtion letter, it needs to be translated from romanian to english, so I belive it will be checked somehow.

            I’ve heard stories and stories, but lately, they checked the Green Certificate (proof of vaccine), for Romanian travelers. With medical exemption I really don’t know, it’s not usual and I didn’t hear anyone that entered in Bali with this.

            But as I said, embassy told me exctly this: “The most important thing is that the document should mention the medical reason why you are not allowed to receive the vaccine.”

      • Same here Rob, my wife has had 2x jabs but me and my 2x daughters (19 and 22) have no jabs. We travel to Vietnam on 07 July and leave for Bali on 12 July and are just a bit concerned if we get checked!! Does anyone know if everyone gets checked at the airport and if so will they still let us through without the jab??

    • Hi Paul, I hope you are able to make your entry. Can you please give an update on your experience after arrival.

      Best Wishes!

    • You will be denied and won’t be allowed to leave the airport. Unless you are willing to get vaccinated and stay at a Government Approved Hotel at your own costs.

    • Hi Paul

      I almost died from vaccine injury a few years ago and I was advised against taking the Covid-19 by my doctors in 2021. I was issued a exmption letter and I will present it to the officials in Indonesia when I go ther in August.

      I noticed that mine has an offical stamp by the hospital and my doctor explained the nature of my allergy and injury in detail. He also catagotically stated that he does not recommend that I take the vaccine using in a sentence including his full names in bold and also he included his contact details. Perhaps they will check for this? Something for your to consider.

      All the best for your trip, please tell us how it goes.

  12. Hi Michael. Thank you for your article.

    There seems to be confusion with the verbage for “not fully vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”. In my experience, this has meant two completely different things in many other countires I’ve visited lately.

    I have read the article a few times and I cannot find clear/unambiguous information particularly for unvaccinated (no doses at all) visitors and unfortunately, I’m for forced to interpret – my apologies. For Indonesia, it seems “not fully vaccinated” means at least 1 dose. Does this mean that people who have 0 doses (unvaccinated) are still banned or do these two concepts in the same category?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Unfortunately yes (confirmed by Berlin embassy). M waiting as well for the vaccination requirements to be lifted. Seems Indonesia is one of the last countries in the world which is still requiring to be vaccinated for entry.

  13. Good afternoon. My two children aged 14 and 15 who are not COVID vaccinated will be traveling unaccompanied to Bali this July to visit their father who is working there. UK government website states that they need to be fully COVID vaccinated. Above comments suggest they don’t. KLM airlines state that they do. I am totally confused. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can get written confirmation either way that I can provide as proof if needed? Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Alison, all the information I have from Indonesian Immigration is in the post above, which clearly states that international travellers aged 0 – 17 do not require to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

      Safe travels, Michael

  14. Michael, I’m sorry for the question but I would really love clarification before I fly to Bali.

    Unvaccinated, from UK
    Got COVID on 19th March 2023, recovered all fine
    Got flights to Denpasar 18th June 2023.

    If I sort a Recovery Certificate, will I be able to enter the country all fine? Or will I have to quarantine for 5 days?

    UK Govt website just reads this:

    If you have had Covid-19 and recovered within 30 days prior to departure, you are exempt from the requirement to show proof of vaccination and negative RT-PCR prior to departure. However, you will be required to take a RT-PCR test upon arrival and show the recovery certificate from a hospital in your country of origin.

    Really appreciate your help.


      • Michael I’m really grateful for you answering, thank you – it also says on your post

        “ COVID-19 recovery – as of 11 July 2022
        If you have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 a maximum of 30 days before departure and you have been declared inactive in transmitting COVID-19, an exception is made from the obligation to show a fully COVID-19 vaccination card/certificate and a minimum of one dose is required. “

        Does this mean that if I got COVID now, & recovered before I left (as my flight is in 24 days) I would be able to go?

        Again, really appreciate your replies.

  15. If travelling from New Zealand to Bali and unvaccinated adult (personal Choice) is it possible to enter Bali and show a current negative Covid test on arrival, and also testing while staying there will be no problem.
    This is for a holiday not long term stay in Bali.

  16. My son and I are travelling to Bali in July. I have had 2 vaccinations approx 2 years ago. As there doesn’t appear to be a time limit for vaccinations I’m assuming I can enter Bali and also visit the Gili islands without further vaccination or PCR? My son is 16 and unvaccinated. He doesn’t want the vaccine. I understand from your post that he can enter Bali without a vaccine as I am classed as fully vaccinated but I’m a bit unclear as to whether he can travel to the Gili islands. Please could you clarify this for me?
    Many thanks

  17. Hi my wife and children who are 8 and 7 years old will be traveling to Indonesia, Jakarta to Semerang and than to Lombok. We each have had 2 dosages of the Covid-19 vaccine around 2 years ago, would this be considered enough or does the vaccine need to be redone this year?
    I also heard some airlines in Indonesia are asking for 3 dosage?

    Thank you

  18. Hi,
    Thank you for the post and all the useful replies. I would also have a question. We are traveling to Bali next week, and one of us has only 2 vaccinations. It is clear that she can enter Bali, but are there any restrictions in Bali currently for people without the booster shot? Can you go the restaurants, beach clubs with only 2 vaccines? Do they check your vaccine status at each place? Do you have to wear mask with 2 vaccines? Can you travel to Nusa Penida from Bali with 2 vaccines?
    Thank you very much in advance,

  19. I got my Canadian Doctor to provide me with a medical exemption letter. Is there someone I can reach out to confirm that this letter should be acceptable? I do not want to buy my tickets, and fly there, only to find out I may be missing something

    • Hi tomislav, from all the anecdotes I’ve heard from my airport transfer customers you should be fine with that. However I must say I am not a government official and cannot speak for Indonesian Immigration. You can always check with them for a definitive answer.

      Safe travels, Michael

  20. It’s about time you drop this nonsense vaccination rubbish now and not discriminate vaccinated people spread this virus to .

  21. Hi I can not receive covid19 vaccines.i am planning to visit Bali 26th may.even if I have a medical certificate do I have to be quarantine for 5 days?. We only staying on a resort for 6 days anyway
    Short holiday.if that’s the case it’s not worth visiting.pls give me info asap.thsnks.


  22. Hello, is a Covid vaccination required for transit stop in Bali? I would like to fly to Australia and need to just change the flight in Bali, I won´t leave the airport.

  23. Hi, thanks for you article. But what about people who have had covid before and are vaccinated once? Do they need another dose?

    • Amy, the information about the COVID recovery certificate, for anyone who has had one shot and had covid. Just trying to find out if the certificate can be issued by the GP. Maybe ask your GP, I’m going to contact mine. Can even contact the Indonesian Embassy in your state.

  24. Hi,
    I had the single dose J&J vaccine in Sept 2021. No booster since. Does that satisfy the requirements to travel to and around Bali? My apologies if that is answered in the post already. I read it several times, but didn’t see that clarification.

    Thank you!

      • Hi Michael and Cindy, from the information it says that if you have only had 1 dose you need to provide a COVID recovery certificate. Michael can you explain who can provide a COVID recovery cerfificate, a doctor??

        • Sorry, not including the J&J vaccine as that is only 1 shot required. I meant for the 2 doses of other vaccines.

        • Hi Tan, I’m afraid I’m unqualified to answer that question, as there are so many countries in the world with different organisations providing adequate documentation.

          Safe travels, Michael

  25. Hi Michael,

    After reading the whole thread of conversations do you think this is why covid was so easily spread?
    and see you in Bali soon ????????‍♂️

  26. Hi,
    Can you tell me if the vaccinations are required to be uploaded online? Or are we required to bring the vaccination card to the airport? Thank you!

  27. Hi! I only have 2 doses of covid vaccination without a booster. Is it possible to travel in Indonesia by ferry? I understand that for domestic air travel you need to have 3 shots? I’m planning to travel to Gili islands or Nusa Penida. I would like to travel to Komodo, but I understand this is not possible if I haven’t received a booster shot.

    • Hi Katri, you should be fine with that. The leaving point to Gili and Nusa Penida is from Bali and there aren’t customs checks to those islands from Bali.

      Safe ravels, Michael

  28. Hello
    I will travel to Bali in June 2023. I was last time vaccinated in december 2021 with my third dose!
    So I will not need a PCR test or vaccination again, right?

  29. Michael, your time and patience with some of the NPCs you seem to have attracted is commendable and I salute you sir. May you be blessed with all the goats you desire, may the monkeys leave you in peace and may you have regular movements even through the worst Bali-belly episodes that the Island of the Gods may throw at you. Yours in kindness,

    • Hi Alex, thanks for the kind words. Not sure why people don’t just read the post instead of asking the same questions repeatedly, but I always try to answer every comment politely.

      Safe travels, Michael

  30. Hi, do you know if the standard CDC vaccination card from the US is acceptable proof of vaccination? My state does not provide a place for me to get a QR code format certificate.
    Thank you,

  31. If you have the single does Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) COVID vaccine you are able to enter Bali. Just wanted to clear that up sine there seems to be confusion. That vaccine is considered a single does, but is considered a double dose thus not needing two shots.

  32. Does anyone know where people should have undergo 5 days quarantine if travelling to Bali and haven’t been vaccinated? Can’t find recent information ????????‍♀️. Thanks fir information in advance

  33. Hi there, If I am able to get a medical example from my doctors in Canada would I still have to quartine for 5 days upon arrival in Bali?

  34. Hi Michael
    There are four of us coming in August we are all fully vaccinated do we still have to get vaccinated again?

  35. Hi,

    My child has asthma and coughs more in the evening. we have gone to the gp to confirm asthma and have a negative pcr test. No temperature or other symptoms. Will the neg pcr test be enough or will bali officials also want to do a pcr test. How long does it take to get back a pcr result on arrival in Bali?

    Thank you

    • Hi Nell, I can’t speak on behalf of Indonesian health officials, especially regarding the treatment of children. Please check with the Indonesian Embasy before your departure.

      Safe travels, Michael

  36. Hi
    We are flying to Bali end of April my son has had 1 vaccines but it still only 17 years old until the week after we return back to Australia.
    Have I read the above correctly that my son doesn’t need to show proof of vaccination under 18 years old ????
    Thank you

  37. My boss plans to celebrate his birthday in Bali but one of his colleagues doesn’t have a vaccine yet. It’s not about his condition but he really doesn’t want to get vaccinated. Can she still enter Bali?

    • just get your doctor to print out a doc stating ,,due to vax side affect this person (name) cannot receive injection . (make sure its on official doctors clinic paperwork,address etc.) dated and signed.

      • Hi, did you also attach the exemption letter from your doctor? Do you think it will be ok if I get it from my GP who works in private medical center instead of Government Hospital? Would there be a problem, you reckon?

        • Hi Sella, the regulations state it must be from a government hospital. I can’t second-guess how stringent Indonesian immigration authorities are going to be on that point.

          Safe travels, Michael

  38. I have a PROOF OF RECOVERY CERTIFICATE but 0 vaccines. Can I enter Indonesia? Or do I need the first vaccine? Seems a bit ambiguous. thanks.

    • Hi Bryan, All the information I have is posted above, including the validity of a proof of recovery certificate for entry. But Indonesian immigration is the final arbiter of this, not me.

      Safe travels, Michael

  39. We are travelling to Bali June 2023 from UK and I am having trouble locating peduli lindungi site as detailed above for international travelers going to Bali. I am also not finding this app in the App Store – hope you can advise.

    Many thanks

      • If i have had 1 moderna shot in 2021 .. then 1 nova vax in 2023 .. is that classed as double jabbed ? I hsve rang both embassys and they have said 2 doses is all thats required but dont want to be turned away .. has anyone entered bali with 2 diffrent jabs ?

        • Hi Jacob, I can’t think of a greater authority than receiving confirmation from both embassies. I don’t have the personal details of all the tourists entering Bali so couldn’t possibly tell you if anyone has entered with 2 different vaccines 🙂

          Safe travels, Michael

      • I was lead to believe if travelling from Australia an international immunisation certificate from Medicare was sufficient. The app is ridiculous to use unless you are fluent in Indonesian even when you change the language to English. We are coming in May 2023 and I’m just wanting to get all my ducks in a row per se prior to travelling. Any advice would be appreciated.

        • Hi Kim, sounds like your documents are in order. I don;t think the app is the highest priority, but I cannot give definitive advice on your example as I cannpt speak for the Indonesian immigration authpruities.

          Safe travels, Michael

  40. Hi. I’m travelling in to Bali end June 2023 for 10 days and was vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Do I need to have a booster before I fly out – 14 days prior, am I understanding the requirements correctly?
    Thank you

    • Hi Bridgette, the regulations state that 2 or 3 vaccinations are required, so my reading is you don’t need a booster if you already have 2 shots.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hello Michael,

        Do you know iff its possible to just get pcr test prior to the flight to Bali. Would that be enough to enter the island?

        • Hi Abbas, not sure if you read the post – “the Indonesian government requires that all foreign travellers entering Indonesia must have received a COVID-19 vaccine”.

          Safe travels, Michael

        • again as previous questions..just get doc cert,,pcr will be given at bali,if no doc cert , you will quarantine for 5 days if no doc. otherwise they will stick a needle in your arm.

    • Hi Oksana. Considering you can still catch and transmit covid after receiving the vaccine I would say they had expired before admission. That being said you should increase you chance of entry by receiving a beautiful booster and there will be no confusion. Happy travels.

  41. Hello,
    Am from New Zealand and have a family reunion in Bali July 2023.
    Seems I’m one of the few who are unvaccinated. Am I able to still travel there please? Granted I quarantine as per travel requirements

    • Hi Shaniqua, I am unsure about that. I think you will need to contact your airline or the Indonesian Embassy in your country for the exact requirements.

      Safe travels, Michael

  42. I´m planning to travel to Bali in August and stay there for a few days until I want to take a domestic flight to Flores to start a boat tour around the Komodo Islands.

    Is it possible to do this domestic flight without my booster vaccination? I only had the first and second shot of vaccination.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Nils, all the information I have is posted above, which does indicate a booster is required for domestic travel. Contact your airline of the Indonesian Government directly to confirm details.

      Safe travels, Michael

  43. Hi, I am vaccinated but my children who are 10 and 16 are not.
    I can see as they are under 18 were are allowed to travel there however are we able to get transport within the country to go to our destination? I’m confused about your domestic travel requirements

    • Hi Alison, I guess it depends on where else in Indonesia you are travelling and what kind of transport you are talking about.

      Safe travels, Michael

  44. Hello all .I am an expat living in Bali.. I have a Kitas as I am married to an Indonesian national. I am wanting to travel from Bali to Java for my wife’s family to meet our new born son but I am really really struggling to find anywhere that I can get the booster. I have had the first 2 vaccinations but the hospital I got them no longer offers the booster. Does anyone know anywhere still offering the booster to non locals (with Kitas)?

  45. Hi ,I have all 3 vaccinations which includes the beautiful booster.
    Apart from Myocarditis, blood clots and shingles I’m as healthy as a young bull .
    Will I have any problems getting into Bali please kind sir??

  46. Thanks for this info. I still have a hard time understanding why vaccinated people are allowed in but unvaccinated can’t show a proof of negative test. Anyone can get COVID whether vaccinated or not. A vaccinated person could be traveling and entering Bali while having COVID. But I digress.

    I also have heard from a retreat in Bali that in early January news was out that COVID vaccine requirements were not required to enter Bali. They are waiting for official links (but as I can see, nothing is out officially yet). Is there any insight regarding what was mentioned to people a few months ago? Or do you anticipate any further lifts for unvaccinated coming soon? Thanks!

    • Hi Heidi, I don’t post rumours or anecdotal hearsay in case it turns out to be wrong. When the official position is changed I’ll update the post, but that’s up to the Indonesian government.

      Safe travels, Michael

  47. Hi there,

    I am travelling to Bali in May 2023 for 2 weeks. I am fully vaccinated, double dose Pfizer, but i was fully vaccinated in October 2020. Do I need a booster shot to get into Bali or will I be allowed to enter being fully vaccinated although it was some time ago? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Calvin, I can only answer with my interpretation of the information above that I have posted from government sources, and that is you are eligible to travel to Bali with 2 x vaccination shots.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi micheal I had to update the PeduliLindungi app and it’s now called SATUSEHAT, this app doesn’t translate into English.

        • Hi Dan, I’m don’t have any knowledge about the technical implementation for that app, so I can’t help. You would have to get in touch with the app team.

          Safe travels, Michael

        • The Satusehat app now offers English language if you press the small softbutton in the upper right corner in one of the start screens.

  48. Hi my 37 yo son has not had the covid vaccination but he has had covid last year, would he be allowed to enter Bali.
    Thank you

  49. Hello, we are traveling from Thailand to Indonesia. We will land on Denpasar. We have 1 x Johnson&Johnson vaccination, that is enough for this flight. But, we would like to fly with Batik air from Komodo airport (LBJ)to Denpasar (DPS) back. Is the 1 x Johnson&Johnson vaccination enough for this domestic flight?

    • Hi Niek, all the information that I have from government sources is published in this post. You would be advised to contact the Indonesian Government or your airline for a definitive answer.

      Safe travels, Michael

  50. What about a child age 13 travelling from uk? Do they need to ne vaccinated or not. Parents are fully vaccinated.

    • Hi Martin, sorry I can’t answer that one. You will need to check the government websites or your airline for that specifc piece of information.

      Safe travels, Michael

  51. Hi Michael,

    I am traveling from India. It doesn’t say anything about a booster (3rd) dose for international travel to the country. However it mentions it for domestic travel. Does that mean, I don’t need the booster to enter Bali?

  52. i made a mistake and enter Janssen as the vaccine instead of Johnson and Johnson will i be able to get into Bali with a Red code on the app.

  53. I’ll be flying through Bali and take a flight there to Australia, do I need to be vaccinated to enter Bali airport?


    • Hi Sam – if you have to clear immigration for entry into Bali, then a definitive yes. If you have a transit flight perhaps your airline can help you with the correct answer. Government regulations change, and your airline is a much better source of authoritative answers than I could ever be.

      Safe travels, Michael

  54. Great info!

    There is something that I am not able to find and I hope you or someone knows an answer to: for USA citizens to show COVID vaccination proof, is the standard CDC vaccination card sufficient? I have also uploaded that to the Peduli app, but wondering what the airport staff will look for.

    Asking because this website ( mentions:
    “Vaccination proof can be presented as physical copy of EU or WHO Vaccination proof (fully vaccinated)”
    And I am not sure if the CDC card is recognized by WHO.

  55. Hi,
    I thought Bali was not requiring the PCR test anymore if you are fully vaccinated. Your article states you do still need the PCR test, is that correct and updated?

      • Hi we will be travelling in month of June we have been vaccinated in 2022. So if we take a RTPCR tests before coming will that be okay rather than vaccinated again

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