Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Bali

ATMs located next to Bintang Supermarket on Jalan Seminyak. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Commonwealth Bank does have ATMs in Bali, although they are a separate, locally operated subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank in Australia. Personally, I’m not a fan of Commonwealth bank ATMs in Bali as their service record is pretty shoddy, with many machines either out of cash or faulty to the point they have a habit of swallowing cards. And nothing ruins your holiday faster than losing your ATM card on the first day!

Are there Commonwealth Bank ATMs in Bali?

Yes, there are. But they have a spotty service record, with frequent anecdotal reports on the ATMs running out of cash – a bit like a pub running out of beer.

They also have a well-deserved reputation for charging excessive fees for withdrawals, either AUD$5 or $10 per transaction, which is way more than is charged by locally owned and operated Indonesian bank ATMs. Read my guide on how to safely withdraw cash from ATMs in Bali.

Where are the Commonwealth ATMs in Bali?

Here’s a location map of the known Commonwealth bank ATMs. If you find one that isn’t on here or one that has recently closed, please leave a comment and I’ll update the map.

I also have a map of safe ATMs you can use with confidence in Seminyak.


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  1. It may be good for Indonesia but like the original post said, it is an absolute rip off for Australians using it. It uses an exchange rate at least 10% less than the market rate. That was a few years ago, once bitten twice shy, I doubt anything has changed.

  2. Commonwealth Bank Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and has been operating for almost 15 years. It operates under an Indonesian banking licence and offers its local customers savings, term deposits, current accounts, mutual funds, loans, bank guarantees and foreign exchange. It has more than 80 branches and 100 ATMs across Indonesia. It employs more than 1500 people and services the financial needs of more than 84,000 customers.

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