Location Guide to Safe ATMs in Seminyak

A row of ATMs right in the middle of Seminyak. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Finding ATM’s in Seminyak is often difficult, as for some reason the major banks don’t have a big presence in the three most heavily touristed areas in Seminyak, which are Jalan Seminyak (the main road with shopping and the well known Bintang Supermarket), Jalan Kayu Aya (also known as Eat Street) and Petitenget (the good restaurants). Surprisingly, Google isn’t accurate regarding the location of ATMs in Bali.

However, there are plenty around, so it’s a matter of planning for an ATM stop during your day. Here’s a handy guide to the ones I know about and have used frequently enough to trust. Don’t forget to read my primer on safely using ATMs in Bali and my tips for exchanging cash at money changers in Bali.

ATMs in Seminyak Location Map


Listed from north to south, easily identify the safe to use ATMs in Seminyak with my photo guide. Bank branches show opening hours and address if you want to make a larger transaction when withdrawing cash, while the ATMs are all open 24 hours.

The limit for ATMs in Bali is usually Rp1,500,000 for ATMs that dispense Rp50,000 banknotes and Rp2,500,000 – 3,000,000 when using ATMs that dispense Rp100,000 banknotes.

Great advice, very practical

Hi Michael. Love your writing and how practical you explain everything. Especially the locations of the best ATMS in Seminyak. Really gives us the confidence to use them because we have heard many horror stories from friends who had their card skimmed.

Safe ATMs in Seminyak

There have been a number of skimming attacks on ATMs in Seminyak, but the following list has proven to be reliable with nearby security and less condensed tourist traffic than others.

BNI Bank, Kerobokan

You will not find this branch on Google Maps. Opposite the gas station just before the turn-off for Jalan Petitenget.

Note: this is a new bank branch, not the ATM located beside the gas station on the opposite side of the road.

ATM BNI Bank, Kerobokan - Bali Holiday Secrets
Opposite the petrol station near the corner of Jalan Kerobokan and Petitenget. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Kerobokan
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-3:00pm

Permata Bank, Kerobokan

Permata bank branch located on Jalan Kerobokan.

Permata Bank ATM, Kerobokan - Bali Holiday Secrets
Permata Bank branch on Jalan Kerobokan. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 62, Lk. Taman, Kerobokan
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-3:00pm

ATM in beside Pepito Market in Petitenget

A stand-alone ATM attached to Pepito Supermarket. There is 24-hour security provided by the supermarket and it’s well-lit in a handy area with parking out the front.

ATM in Jalan Petitenget - Bali Holiday Secrets
Handy location with 1 BNI ATM and 1 BCA ATM. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Petitenget No.18, Kerobokan
Open Hours: ATM open 24 hours

ATM beside Biku Restaurant

There’s a very handy Maybank ATM outside Biku (also one of my Top 5 Bali Restaurants) that dispenses Rp. 100k notes. Close to Potato Head and Woobar.

ATM at Biku - Bali Holiday Secrets
Maybank ATM in handy downtown Seminyak location. Photo credit @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Petitenget No.888, Seminyak
Open Hours: ATM open 24 hours

ATM close to Mexicola

Just down the road from Mexicola, right next to Vin+ Wine Bar is a brand new Mandiri ATM dispensing Rp 100k notes. Great downtown Seminyak location.

ATM next to Vin+ - Bali Holiday Secrets
Handy location just down the road from Mexicola. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Kayu Jati No.1, Seminyak
Open Hours: ATM open 24 hours

BNI ATM on Jalan Legian

Located on Jalan Legian, there are is a BNI ATM dispensing RP100k notes and a Mandiri Bank ATM dispensing Rp50k notes. 

ATMs on Jalan Legian - Bali Holiday Secrets
A pair of ATMs on Jalan Legian. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Mandiri Bank ATMs on Jalan Seminyak

ATMs located in the enclosed foyer of the Mandiri Bank just down from the intersection of Jalan Seminyak and Nakula. Open Monday – Friday 8am-3pm.

Mandiri Bank ATMs - Bali Holiday Secrets
Located near Jalan Seminyak and Nakula. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Raya Legian No. 494 E, Legian
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-3:00pm

Unsafe ATM’s

While these used to be considered safe to use on a regular basis, a recent spate of card-skimmers was found to have targeted these ATMs, so please avoid them. Even though they are conveniently located I urge you to only use ATMs attached to bank branches with 24-hour security.

ATMs at Sunset Point Shopping Centre

There is a row of ATMs at Sunset Point Shopping Centre in Seminyak. There is also a BNI ATM located 10m away beside the mall entrance to ACE Hardware store. These are to be avoided due to documented cases on skimming attacks.

ATMs at Sunset Point, Seminyak - Bali Holiday Secrets
A row of ATMs at Sunset Point Mall. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jl. Sunset Road No. 88-99, Kerobokan
Open Hours: Open 24 hours

ATMs at Bali Deli

2 ATMs next to the front entrance of Bali Deli in Seminyak. Avoid these as they are on the unsafe list.

ATMs at Bali Deli in Seminyak - Bali Holiday Secrets
ATMs at Bali Deli in Seminyak. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Kunti 1, Seminyak
Open Hours: Open 24 Hours

ATMs by Made’s Warung in central Seminyak

Probably the most popular and accessible row of ATMs in Seminyak, located in between Made’s Warung and Jackson Lillys these are to be avoided due to recent skimming attacks.

ATMs beside Made's Warung - Bali Holiday Secrets
A row of ATMs right in the middle of Seminyak. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jalan Raya Seminyak, Seminyak
Open Hours: ATMs open 24 hours

ATMs at Bintang Supermarket

Not only is Bintang Supermarket the main grocery shop in Seminyak but there’s a bank of ATMs located on the corner beside Jalan Seminyak. Avoid these due to recent skimming attacks.

Atms at Bintang Supermarket - Bali Holiday Secrets
ATMs located next to Bintang Supermarket on Jalan Seminyak. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak No.17, Seminyak
Open Hours: Open 24 hours

ATM in Dhyana Pura

The only serviceable ATM on Jalan Dhyana Pura, located half-way between Jalan Seminyak and Seminyak Beach. It’s diagonally opposite Bali Joe’s, the centre of gay nightlife in Bali. Only dispenses Rp 50k notes. Avoid as these are subject to harassment from the late-night crowd.

ATM in Jalan Dhyana Pura - Bali Holiday Secrets
Located diagonally opposite Bali Joe’s, the gay nightclub in Jalan Dhyana Pura. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

BRI Bank ATM, Petitenget

This used to be the only ATM at the northern end of Petitenget, but it has been replaced with a construction site. A newly established ATM is located in the convenience store next door.

BRI ATM in Petitenget - Bali Holiday Secrets
BRI ATM and bank branch in Jalan Petitenget. Photo credit: @baliholidaysecrets

Address: Jl. Raya Petitenget No. 2, Kerobokan Kelod
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-3:00pm 

Read my primer if you are looking to exchange foreign currency at a money changer in Bali and my guide to safely using ATMs in Bali when on holiday.


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  1. Was enjoying going through your site until I hit your recommendations for ‘safe’ ATMs in Seminyak. Having lived here for many years I know for a fact that the Bali Deli, Mades Warung and especially Bintang ATMs have all been hit recently with skimming devices, etc. Very very bad advice to recommend those locations which makes be believe several of the others you recommend are just as bad.

    • Hi Brian. Thanks so much for your insight and feedback. There was a case of skimmers caught in Sanur a few weeks ago. But I use the ATMs at Made’s Warung and outside Bintang Supermarket on a weekly basis — sometimes more — and have never seen any of the typical signs of skimming.

      That’s not to say this didn’t happen. I’m keen to update this post citing the source of your facts — was this reported anywhere or is it from direct personal experience? Does this mean that all the other recommendations are suspect as well? If so, which ones do you recommend? Always happy to update content based on other people’s real-world experiences.

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