Hi! My name is Michael, a digital entrepreneur and recovering workaholic.

I leased a villa in Bali a few years ago after coming to a crossroads in my life, and like many people decided I wanted to spend more time living the life I wanted, and less time working insane hours for years on end without a break.

Michael - Bali Holiday Secrets

When my family and friends would come to visit – the attraction of a luxury 3 bedroom villa in Seminyak may have been a strong drawcard 🙂 – they peppered me with questions. Was it safe to use ATMs in Bali? how do you exchange cash for Indonesian Rupiah at a money changer and what scams to watch for?

The guests staying in my villa asked me even more detailed questions. Where are the best waterfalls in Bali, and what was the best way of getting there? Which Balinese temples are most worth visiting and what is the etiquette for visiting them?

I also developed some pretty valuable local knowledge on arriving at Bali Airport and how to get from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak, how to catch a taxi and the best cafes, bars and restaurants (essential knowledge for everyone :).

So I started writing emails, and then I would cut and paste them rather than writing from scratch every time. The emails got longer and longer with each iteration, and soon they could have filled a book.

Which is what my family and friends suggested I do – write a book with all the local knowledge I had accumulated.

So I did, and you can get a copy here for less than the price of 2 cups of coffee.

Bali Holiday Secrets - Download the eBook

The most useful, up to date, practical and unaffiliated information

Thanks for this email and for your awesome website. Of all the Bali websites that I have looked at, it has the most useful, up to date, practical and unaffiliated information, which I have referred to and used many times over during and whilst planning my trips to Bali. Thank you so much.

What everyone really wants is simply written chapters that cover a topic in-depth. An unvarnished view of what it’s like to navigate Bali from someone who came here on holiday and now hosts people from all over the world — including my friends and family.

So I have put together all of the posts from the website into a book with more detail with expert advice and practical tips on how to avoid the pitfalls and maximise your enjoyment of your precious holiday in Bali.

Just never forget the most important thing – Bali is always a good idea!

Safe travels,

I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

I randomly found Michael’s website a few months before our first trip to Bali and I am so thankful I did! We literally followed his tips exactly for getting through customs, buying a SIM card and getting out cash and it was so smooth. We booked an airport transfer and 4 full days with a private driver… which I was a little nervous about at first (just to be honest), but everything worked out perfectly. Having a private driver ensured we saw all we wanted without having to deal with the tricky local taxis and it gave us peace of mind knowing who we would be with every day. I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!