Hi! My name is Michael, a digital entrepreneur and recovering workaholic.

I leased a villa in Bali a few years ago after coming to a crossroads in my life, and like many people decided I wanted to spend more time living the life I wanted, and less time working insane hours for years on end without a break.

Michael - Bali Holiday Secrets

When my family and friends would come to visit (the attraction of a luxury 3 bedroom villa in Seminyak may have been a strong drawcard) they peppered me with questions. Was it safe to use ATMs in Bali? How do you exchange cash for Indonesian Rupiah at a money changer and what scams to watch for?

So I started by copying and pasting the emails to friends and family, then because I am lazy, I made a website and posted the content to make it easier to just send a link.

Then guests staying in my holiday villas asked even more detailed questions. Where are the best waterfalls in Bali, and what was the best way of getting there? Which Balinese temples are most worth visiting and what is the etiquette for visiting them?

Seasoned travellers started asking for tips about arriving at Bali Airport, how to get from Denpasar Airport to Seminyak and what scams to look for when hiring a taxi in Bali and tips for renting a scooter.

Read the reviews and remember… Bali is always a good idea.

Safe travels, Michael

I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

I randomly found Michael’s website a few months before our first trip to Bali and I am so thankful I did! We literally followed his tips exactly for getting through customs, buying a SIM card and getting out cash and it was so smooth. We booked an airport transfer and 4 full days with a private driver… which I was a little nervous about at first (just to be honest), but everything worked out perfectly. Having a private driver ensured we saw all we wanted without having to deal with the tricky local taxis and it gave us peace of mind knowing who we would be with every day. I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

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  1. Hi Michael,

    We are coming to Bali (all 7 of us) in August and we’re looking at a couple of your transport products.

    One of them is the 10 hour van tour of the Ubud area. Am I right in thinking once booked we could liaise with you/the driver to agree on a suitable itinerary? It’d be waterfalls and paddy fields but we’d like to have a degree of choice?

    The other one is a transfer from Denpasar airport to our villa in Ubud and it works out at around 65 GBP. Can I ask if it would be possible to do a detour to Tanah Lot temple on the way to Ubud?

    Finally, we’ll need a lift from Ubud to Sanur for the Lembongan ferry, how much would that be?

    if so, how much would that be?

    Thanks, man.

    • Hi Alex,

      Yes, I think you nailed it. Essentially, it’s booking a private minivan and driver for 10 hours, and you can create your own itinerary, and / or ask your driver for suggestions. The choice is all yours.
      For this, you’ll be booking a Bali Minivan Rental.

      Regarding the transfer from Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport to Ubud with a little sightseeing in Tanah Lot temple, you can consider a Bali Airport Transfer with Day Tour.

      For transfer from Ubud to Sanur, you can simply book a Hotel Transfer to South Bali.

      Hope all this helps! All the links are included above. Keep in mind that minivans are in high demand most of the year in Bali.

      Safe travels,

  2. Hi Michael, we are a party of 12 staying in nusa dua and would like to do a day trip to Ubad, do you have a mini van available for day trips and if so do you have availability for sunday?

  3. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to book a driver through you for a few days. I’m just wondering if it’s possible to do ATV, Monkey Forest and Bird Park in one day?

  4. Hi MIchael, can we book a transfer for 5 people (plus bags) from Padang Bair ferry to our hotel in Sanur? the ferry transfers are limited to 4 pax, and i can’t figure out another option. thanks so much, Kate

  5. Hi. Looking do book either one can for 9 people or two cars for 4 and 5 people respectively. For 7 days with pickup at airport and drive including north Bali. How can we get in touch?

  6. Hi Michael, I’ve had a quick look around your site and love it! We will be definitely booking our hotel transfer/s througj you…
    We are staying in 3 locations in late June/early July and there is 5 of us
    2 x adults
    2 x 18 yr old (who think they’re adults)
    1 x 13 yr old
    With the 5 people your site will make it easier for airport transfers with a mini van..l

    But I’m wondering if I can use your drivers for ALL of our transfers?
    We are going Airport to Seminyak
    Then Seminyak – Uluwatu
    Then Uluwatu to Nusa Lembongan (this is the one I’m concerned about)
    Finally Nusa Lembongan to Sanur (or wherever the ferry drops us) – day trip or something and then airport for a 1am flight!!

    Can you assist me? If I can organise this all through yourself, this would make my life less stressful!

  7. Hi Michael
    I’m trying to make a booking with you for Friday 9th but struggling to make a payment. All fields are complete but the blue “proceed to booking “ button turns grey and goes nowhere.

  8. Hi Michael
    we are staying 21 ppl in Ubud end of April, can you please recommend the best rated hotels in Ubud or near it?
    also, nice co working spaces/office we could rent for a half day/full day?
    Also, what would be the rate to hire a large bus or mini vans for a few days for 21ppl?
    Thank you!

  9. hi, we were wondering if you could suggest one of your day tours based on the items below we have identified as some we would be keen to go see,
    Ubud, Ubud Palace and water temple
    Monkey forrest
    Rice Terrace fields
    Agung Rai Art museum
    Coffe plantation
    Goa Gajah

    we will have a 2,5 year old along aswell that wuold need a car seat

  10. Hi Micheal, we are planning to visit Bali for 16 days. This will be early September 2024. May we ask you if you can suggest an itinerary including car and driver. We would like also to add neighbouring islands and diving.
    Thanks in advance

  11. Hello Michael
    My husband and I are arriving via cruise ship in March. Can you driver pick us up at the cruise port along with our luggage while we tour and then drop us off at the airport later in the day?

      • Another quick question:, Do attractions accept credit cards or is local currency the best option?
        Thanks for the help!

        • You can simply use the booking for at the bottom of the page provided, and you’ll be able to use your preferred secured card payment method.

          Safe travels,

          • Hello again Michael
            Trying to finalize plans before booking a Private Car and Driver for the day.
            Via what means do we keep in contact with the driver?
            Thanks for your assistance.

          • Hi Elizabeth,

            After you’re assigned your driver, you’ll receive his number which you may contact via WhatsApp.

            Safe travels,

          • Hello Michael
            Have been trying to book a private car on your site today, several times.
            All booking fields are complete but I can not get to the secure payment screen.
            The “Proceed to the secure payment site” button changes color but nothing happens

            Please advise on any issues with site and next steps
            Thank you

          • Hi Elizabeth,

            I could process the booking for you manually. With this a Stripe invoice will be sent to you through which you can pay online.
            Alternatively, you could try booking via a different device or browser.

            Please let me know which you would prefer.

            Safe travels,

  12. Hi,

    I have a custom itinerary and hoping to get a quote. How can I reach you? Do you have an email or whatssapp number?

  13. Hi Michael, thanks for all the amazing info on your site! I am going to be in Bali with a friend from Feb 7 through 11. We will be disembarking from our cruise on the 7th and staying in Ubud till 11th. My question is about transfer from ship to hotel. We disembark in the morning and likely won’t be able to check in to hotel in Ubud until later. Would it make sense to hire a car from you for cruise terminal pickup, then go see some sights while waiting for check -in? Would it be safe to have all our luggage in the car all day while we visit sights? If so do you recommend we concentrate on specific sights in south Bali while we are in that area (prior to going up to Ubud)?

    Lastly, for the other 3 days we’ll likely want a car but I’m not sure yet – how much notice will you need?

    • Hi Julia,

      Of course! Good plan. your luggage will be safe in the car. The driver can also wait with the car while you explore the destinations.
      You can either explore the South or even around the Ubud area before your check-in.

      For the other 3 days, you can simply book a day in advance.
      See you soon!

      Safe travels,

  14. Hi Michael, we are in Bali January 27-Feb 1. We are quite sure of our day trips yet, but know when we will need rides from airport and from Uluwatu to Ubud. Can we book a private driver the day before or do we need to have a week itinerary established? What about day of driver, can we just contact one of your drivers during the week via WhatsApp or do we need to use your online booking platform each time? Thank you!

    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, you can simply book the driver the day before your trip. Preferably via the online form as we schedule and coordinate with drivers.

      Safe travels,

  15. Hi Michael, we arrive in Bali from Perth 14th Jan at 10.35am and family arrive from the UK via Singapore at 11.50am. What is our best option whilst we wait for them? Should we go out to the arrivals hall and up to departures and get something to drink or is there somewhere in arrivals we can wait? I believe there is a lift up to departures but I’m not sure where it is and we’d need to come back to the arrivals area as we plan to organise a driver. That’s another sticking point, what time to give them. I guess we’re best off adding an hour perhaps to our family’s scheduled arrival time..Would appreciate your advice, thank you.

    • Hi Jodie,

      Out at arrivals there are a few resting places and restaurants where you can stop and wait for your family to arrive. There’s also a food court / shopping area with chairs a short 50m walk from arrivals.

      Safe travels,

  16. Hey Michael,

    I will be in Bali over Christmas and would love the opportunity to give back in some way. Are there any charities or orphanages you could recommend working with on the day?

    Thank you

  17. Hi Michael

    Great website! Happy I found it.

    My flight arrives in Bali tomorrow, 17 Dec, early at 9 35 am. I’m planning to do an ATV tour with my parents while we do the long wait before the hotel check in time.

    Michael, I contacted one ATV tour provider but they are unavailable tomorrow for a holiday. Just curious, is it a public holiday in Bali tomorrow?

    Could you recommend me an ATV tour (with hotel transfers) that is available tomorrow? I am interested in the one that will go through tunnels and waterfalls.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Thank you,

  18. Hi Michael,
    I will be travelling to Bali with my wife and son, and planning to stay there for 5 days between 18-22 Dec, 2023. Let me know what is the weather now like in December 2023.Also, landing on 18th Morning so how to utilize the day after a long trip from Dubai. Please advise. I have a booked a hotel in Ubud for our stay. Hope its easy to travel back to hotel after visiting places. Our plan is to cover Ubud 19 and 20 (Temple, Rice Terrace, Waterfalls and other attractions), 21st One day for South east island of bali, 22nd for North and East Side of Bali. Please advise the itinerary for us. Also, planning to book the private car with driver throughout our stay in Bali. Awaiting for your response.

    • Hi Jagadeesh,

      The weather is currently great. The humid phase has just passed so now we’re experiencing some sporadic rainfalls. Not enough to ruin the plans though.

      For your Ubud tour days, consider my Ubud Day Tour. There are 3 different itineraries to choose from. You can also mix and match.
      For the East, you can consider my East Bali Day Tour.
      With these you’ll be able to experiencing multiple temples, waterfalls, and other beautiful Bali landmarks.
      For another day, I’d recommend exploring Uluwatu with the Uluwatu Day Tour.

      Alternatively, you can simply Book a Private Car & Driver, select the general area you’d like to explore, and use my website’s tours as inspiration for your itinerary.
      This way you can move around as you please!

      Hope you’re all excited for Bali!

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael,

        Thanks for providing the information in detail.
        Do u have any North tour options as well covering waterfalls (Tibumana, Tukad), Handarah Gates, Ulu Danu Beratan Floating Temple etc..,

        What about Nusa Penida Island Trip Option for a Day tour? Do u arrange as well?

        Our son is celebrating his birthday on 21st Dec. So, any good options to spend the day around little touring and end with relaxed space in kids friendly bar/clubs.

        How many days before i need to book the tour options? What is the mode of payment?

        • Hi Jagadeesh,

          The Kintamani Day Tour is a great choice for the North. Keep in mind you don’t always have to abide by the itinerary. You can also ask your driver to visit your preferred locations during your day.

          I do also have a Nusa Penida Day Tour.

          For your son’s 21st, I would suggest getting a private car and driver for later in the day afternoon – evening and visiting some of the beach clubs and some clubs later on in the evening.

          I would suggest booking a 2 days ahead of tours at the latest. My website uses Stripe as the payment gateway.

          Safe travels,

  19. Hi Michael,

    We are travelling to Bali from 13th of Jan to 19th Jan. 5 adults and 1 child. 3 adults are senior citizens and child is special needs. I am interested in hiring a driver for all 6 days along with airport pick up. Also, wanted to check with you what tours would you recommend. We wanted to do the following:
    One day Ubud tour
    Bali Marine and Safari Park
    Water sports if any that are safe with a toddler
    Anything else you recommend.

    Also I would like your suggestions on hotels preferably with a kitchenette.

    Please let me know. Thanks. Regards.

  20. We are a group of 8, with villa accommdation already in Seminyak. How much will be a van and english speaking driver, to pick up us Nov 29 from Bali airport and proceed to a city/ubod tour.

  21. Hi Michael,

    Hoping to get some advice, as we want to do/visit all the main attractions and would love to book everything through you – figured you’d be the best to advise logistically. Our itinerary is below:

    Jan 5-8 Ulu Cliffhouse
    Jan 8-12 Bisma 8 Ubud
    Jan 12-15 The W Seminyak

    I’m thinking Ulu and Seminyak, we’d do the private driver for the day as we’re hoping to visit markets and dayclubs. As for Ubud, we were thinking of doing the tours (which tours would you recommend that would cover mostly all the sights and in what order?!)

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi JW,

      Looks like a great itinerary.

      Regarding Ubud, I would recommend the Ubud Highlights Day Tour (Itinerary 3), but of course you can consider the other options.
      You’re not bound by the itinerary, you’re free to pick and choose and plan out with your assigned driver.

      Safe travels,

  22. Hello Michael,
    I am current planning my Bali Trip for next March 2024. We will flying in on March 1 and flying out of Bali on March 10. I am need a Hotel to Airport transfer for Saturday, March 10 for a 4pm flight. Please advise.
    KC Nunn

  23. Hi Michael,

    We are interested in your Ubud Day Tour with private car and driver, Itinerary #3, and understand that entrance fees are not included. Do we purchase the tickets at the gate? Please advise the best way possible.

    Pilar Yuson

  24. Hi Michael,
    I am from Malaysia will be visiting Bali on 27th Sept 2023. ( 2 person). at 8.30am from JARKARTA.
    Planing to take Day tour from Airport.
    From airport to Tirta empul Temple – Kitamani Volcano – Batur Hos Spring – Besakin Temple and back to
    Grand Istana Rama, kuta.
    Pls let me know, how much will i have to pay.

    • Hi Gunasegaran,

      I would suggest booking the Kintamani Day Tour, as most of your destinations will be within the area and pricing. You can always alter the itinerary.
      Simply fill out the details on the form provided to see the cost.
      You can enter Bali Airport as your pick-up location.

      Safe travels,

  25. Hi Michael,

    We are currently staying in Nusa Dua with our three children. Could you recommend somewhere to go snorkelling please? The children’s ages are 11,10 and 8. We have seen a trip to Nusa Penida but your recommendation states that children should be over 15.


    • Hi Alex,

      I apologise for the late response as your comment got buried. According to my knowledge, currently the local laws do not allow children under 15 years of age for snorkelling.

      Safe travels,

  26. Hi Michael,
    First congratulations on your fantastic, helpful website.
    I have visited Bali and Lombok a few times over the years, but now I am 69 years old and I want to share the experience there with my Son and Grandson, my wife will be accompanying me also. I did notice that on one of your blogs (is that the correct term? Apologies if it is not) you had mentioned about covid, which is over now but you would email if there was any changes, my question if to where will you email? Do I need to sign up to anything to receive the email?

  27. Hi Michael
    We are staying in Ubud and wanting to organise a driver to Ubud mart market, Tegallalanf Rice Terrace and Mason Elephanst Sanctuary. Are all of these locations considered south Bali? Would also like to include wifi in the vehicle.

  28. Hi,

    We need a van or a car that can carry 3 long boards (9 feet) from Kuta to Padangbai.
    We are 3 pax and 3 long boards.

    How much will it cost us?


  29. Hi Michael. I am looking to book airport transfers in September to and from my hotel which is the Double Six at Seminyak,could you please advise what would be our pick up time from our hotel to the airport would be, our flight time departs at 19.20 on Malayia airways.

    • Hi Steve,

      I would suggest entering your pickup time about an hour after arrival (Bali time).
      Upon booking, you may enter your flight details which your driver will use to be there on time.
      When you’re ready, feel free to book a Bali Airport Transfer here.

      Safe travels,

      • Thanks for the quick reply Michael, for the return journey from the hotel to the airport should I allow an hour travel time for that journey.

  30. Hi Michael, its been 20yrs since my last Bali experience. I’m keen to make this trip a memorable one for the family. Do you have a “preferred” first timers itinerary for a family that includes 2 kids 9 & 11? We will be there for 10 days where will be in a Canggu Villa for 6 days then Hyatt Regency for 4. Some guidance would be helpful.

    • Hi Paul,

      20 years is too long to be away from Bali!

      I would suggest taking at look at my Adventure Tours. It has tons of fun things to do with the kids in Bali’s unforgettable nature – such as ATV tours, White Water Rafting, and Snorkelling. Your kids will have a blast and you will experience a different Bali that you might not have experienced 20 years ago.

      Looking forward to your trip.

      Safe travels,

  31. Hello Michael.
    Peter is my name. I am coming to Bali for the 1st time arriving10th August 10.30pm.
    My question is about the online declaration form
    Can this be printed off before coming.?
    I am 70 years old and find doing things on phone difficult.
    I am scared that my sim won’t work at airport.
    Thank you

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes it’s possible to be printed. Please ensure you have the QR code on the printed document as this is the most vital detail. I do recommend you also get some help on out how to save it on your mobile phone (just in case of any issues with the physical paper)

      On arrival at the airport, I advise you look out for the Fast Track Queues for Elderly and Young Children

      Hope you’re excited for your first trip to Bali!

      Safe travels,

  32. Hi Michael, thanks for all this very helpful information. I was wondering if it would be best to book our first night at the airport hotel as our flight from Sydney arrives at 11.30pm. By the time we get through customs etc it will be very late. We have 3 nights booked at a villa in Seminyak, booked the day after our arrival. Thanks, Jackie

    • Hi Jackie, I guess you have to stay somewhere your first night before you check-in to your hotel the day after your arrival, but there aren’t any hotels at the airport. Plenty in Legian and Seminyak though.

      Safe travels, Michael

  33. Hi Michael, May I check with u: if we need airport transfer and day tour on the day of arrival at 950 am arrival time, the 10 hours of day tour will end at what time? Thks.

  34. Kia ora Michael,

    I have a custom itin set for the 14th – 16th July, Question, Booking a private driver and car – is the driver able to accomodate to our itinerary as the booking form only shows “South Bali Tour” – We will be in Ubud, for those 3 days, but wish to view stuff outside ubud as well.

    Nga Mihi,

    • Hi Patrick, you can choose wherever you want to go when you book a private car and driver – if it says South Bali its because that’s the area you have paid for, essential Ubud and surrounds and south. If you want to head north to other attractions like Gitgit Waterfall or Danu Beratan you need to book a North Bali Tour.

      Safe travels, Michael

  35. Hi Michael.
    I have booked a driver and 13 seat vehicle for a day on Monday July 31. Our pickup being Gunung Paradis, in the Munduk area. I was wondering if I can move this booking to Friday 4 August please and for 7 people.
    Reasons for this
    I realise that the driver will drive up and back from the south to run the tour.
    We need to drop 3 of my family members off at the airport for 9.30am and the driver can take the remaining 4 of us on a tour of some of the sights in the southern area. I’d like to see the Bali bombing memorial and Tanah lot.
    The driver can drop 2 of us off at the airport in the afternoon and the final couple at West Selemadeg.
    I’m hoping that the driver won’t have a long drive home at the end of the day.
    I’m happy for the costs to remain the same.

    Kind Regards
    Sandra Booth

    • Sure can. I’ll reply to the booking email you will have received rather than these public message boards so we can confirm changes directly.

      Safe travels, Michael

  36. Hello Michael

    I’d love to take my family on the Nusa Pedia day trip but see it says age 15 +. Is there an option for kids under that age? My kids are 14 and 11, and are capable swimmers and walkers.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Catherine,

      Unfortunately, Michael is away receiving medical treatment so cannot answer your questions.
      15 is the legally required age limit imposed on tour operators by the authorities.

      Safe travels.

      Best Regards, Nasyah
      Assistant to Michael – Bali Holiday Secrets

  37. Hello Mr. Micheal,

    2 days back my International debit card black strip peeled off while using ATM, since then i couldnt able to use it via ATM to withdraw money. However since it chip based card for the past 2 days am using it in swiping machines to buy necessary needs, do you know any place where I can swipe my card and get cash in Bali? Thanks

    • Hi Mohamed, ask inside a bank branch, as they use chip based local cards they may be able to accept whatever card you have. Don’t forget to take your passport.

      Safe travels, Michael

  38. Hi Michael, Can you confirm if there is an age restriction for the ATV and White Water rafting tour. I have two kids aged 12 and 13?

    • Hi Adam,
      Minimal age for both activities are 7 years old.
      For ATV, 12 & 13 are permitted to ride their own ATV or if you prefer can also ride tandem with parents.

      Kind Regards,

  39. I have send you a request weeks ago regarding our almost 3 weeks holiday in Bali but not a single word back ?

  40. We are going to Bali in a week and will need transport from one accommodation to another. Most of our accommodation is about 2hrs away from the other. We also will have a few places we will be visiting. Can you tell me what my best option is and a rough cost.

  41. Hi Michael,
    I stumbled upon your very informative website while searching for a private driver and car to take our family of 4 for a one day Ubud day trip from Payangan. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of info on Bali! This is our first trip to Bali (very excited!) We have an itinerary of approximately 5 places to visit (Sacred Monkey Forest, a swim at Tegenungan Waterfalls, Tegalalang Rice Tce, Bali Pulina Coffee Plantation, Ubud Traditional Art Market, self walking tour of Ubud town plus some shopping in between. We also want to have lunch at a particular restaurant at Banjar Pande. Are these all achievable within 1 day? As this is a customised tour, how do I book the private car & driver from the website? Thank you in advance for your reply!

  42. Hello, my name is Hezekiah andersen and currently I am looking for a website to promote our beach club that is located in Bali, named Atlas Beach Fest. Could we possibly get the rate card for placement an artikel on Bali holiday secrets? thankyou

  43. Hi Michael,
    I guess you did not get me. I meant, could you help me find a driver and a cab for an itinerary that I have made for my family? As it involves many places to visit, I wanted to know how to go about booking a cab for these places.
    Please let me know if there is another way I can contact you as I am not comfortable posting my itinerary over here in the comment page. I hope you understand

    • Hi Shruti, I got you fine. You can reply to the actual email – as opposed to replying to my comment on the website – with your itinerary and I can help you book what’s appropriate.

      Safe travels, Michael

  44. Hello,
    I will be travelling with my family to Bali from June4th- June 10th. I would like to discuss my itinerary so that we can curate a route for the driver and cab. Please let me know how I can contact you in order to curate a proper route. Please drop me a mail at shrutiwasnik3399@gmail.com, so that I can tell you the areas we would like to visit.

    • Hi Shruti, I can help give you inspiration by showing you all my day tours and I recommend you book as many of these as you like. You can also get an airport transfer and hire a private car and driver for as many days as you like. I don’t provide a custom itinerary service for free for everyone. It would take me all day to reply to everyone’s emails asking for itinerary advice. You can reply to this message with your questions and I will help as best I can with the limited time I have.

      Safe travels, Michael

  45. Hi, how much would it cost to arrange for a pickup from the airport to Tanah Gajah resort in Ubud? We are looking to fly into Bali in next week. Two adults and no surfboards. Thanks.

  46. Hi

    We would like to hire a driver with a car from June 2nd to June 10th to make the tour of Bali. We are 2 persons and We would like to go around the island, from ubud to lovina, ahmed and padangbai
    Could you please help us?
    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Claire, sure thing. You can hire a private car and driver here, and choose the North Bali option and number of days you need the hire for. If staying on the north of the island overnight, choose the Overnight option for the driver, and he can drive and be your guide right around Bali.

      Safe travels, Michael

  47. Hi Michael,

    I am very glad to find your website. So much information and great advices. We are a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 child aged 15, 12, 9). We will be travelling to Bali from 30 June to 6 July. The only thing we have booked so far is 3 nights accommodation in UBud, and 3 nights accommodation in Kuta. For the duration of our time in Bali, could you please advise us of itinerary and help make arrangements for a private driver (both for airport pickup and daily activities). Many thanks. Trang Nguyen

  48. Hi Michael,

    I will be heading to bali. Total 5 pax and expecting 5 luggage. We will be staying at the apurva keimpinski by nusa dua.

    I would like to book a mini van via your booking form. But I would also like to include a tour since I’m around the South of bali before heading to our hotel. Is that possible and do you have some itenary to recommend for a half day tour ?


  49. Hello Michael
    We are considering a Bali stopover on our return from Australia. Is the following itinerary achievable as a day tour with private driver please?

    Your advice would be appreciated.

    Sanur beach
    Saraswati Temple
    Ubud Palace
    Ubud Art Market (2hrs for shopping)
    Tegenungan Waterfall
    Tanah Lot
    Sanur Beach

  50. Hi!

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    Please let me know how it works.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  51. Hi Michael,

    We’re a group of six friends coming to Bali for two weeks in June. We’re looking to book several services with you – 3-4 airport transfers (we’re arriving on different flights on the same day), 3 transfers between hotels in various locations, probably some days with a car with driver. Should we just book each service separately via your website, or would it be easier to send you them all in one go?

    Thanks, Gary

  52. Hi Michael,

    I am interesting in the Nusa Penida West + Snorkelling Tour. Is your company running this tour or do you contract it out to another tour agency?



    • Hi TW, just like my driver network, we have a network of providers for tours like Nusa Penida, ATVs and white water rafting. I don’t have relationships with other agencies.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael,

        Do you offer white water rafting? I don’t see it among the options in the Day Tours drop down



        • Sorry my bad. Somehow my Chrome browser didn’t show the last few options in the Day Tours drop down. I can see it now after I reduced the browser’s zoom settings.



  53. Hi Michael,
    This is Rajiv Bhatia from Jakarta. I am travelling to Bali from 22nd – 30th April, with my family coming from India.
    We have plan to stay in Uluwatu & Ubud from 22nd to 26th with day tours, leave for Nusa Penida on 27th Morning and back to Kuta on 29th Morning and finally leaving on 30th Morning for airport. Please suggest if car (four passengers) and with english speaking driver can be arranged for whole trip, if yes please let me know the total cost on my mail id given below. Also please confirm if i can make online payment in IDR, through my account in BCA.

  54. Due to a late arrival at the airport, my party will be staying at a nearby hotel for one night.
    Considering booking a private car and driver to take us to our rental villa (Kuta Selatan) the following morning and would like to include shopping for food and supplies.
    Would this be feasible??

  55. Hi we are visiting in May and would be looking at two day trips one from Tanya Lot (so do not need to include the temples there) the second from Ubad (not including any sites there) can you suggest something please)
    Best regards Brian

  56. We are travelling from Australia to Bali but are UK citizens, we have picked up mixed messages regarding visa requirements our question is do we still require a visa or has this requirement now been dropped.

  57. Is it worth hiring a driver to cafe hop in Kintamani area? Looking at a few cafes like Montana del cafe, Okuta , Paperhills etc

    Any advice would be appreciated

  58. Hello!!

    I was just curious when your bookings for airport and private car transfers will be open for 2024. Planning a trip for 4 and already have plane tickets and villas, so just wanted to make sure we can get to where we are going to.

    Your site is absolutely wonderful by the way. Thank you so much for the effort you have put into it.


    • Hi Caresse, I only take bookings 10 months in advance, so put a reminder in your calendar. And thank you for the kind words, it really is very much appreciated.

      Safe travels, Michael

  59. Hello,
    Now that it is possible for Australians and other international travellers to purchase visas online prior to arrival, have the queues at immigration become shorter?
    I also note that you say in your recent post re tips for getting through the airport quickly that fast track is only for people with business in Bali? I was told to get fast track services at Denpasar airport by a girlfriend and given a contact who provides these services and who she has previously used but is this no longer possible?
    Thank you for your time – I am travelling from Sydney next weekend…

    • Hi Jane, because many people are applying online for the VOA the queues at the airport for applying for the VOA have by definition decreased significantly. But the same number of people must still be processed through immigration. It depends entirely on how many other aircraft arrive at the same time or just prior than yours.

      I have no idea about the services your friend recommends, so I can’t possibly comment.

      Safe travels, Michael

  60. Hello,
    My husband and I and our 6 month old baby are visiting Bali next week, and would like to spend one day travelling to the sights outside of Ubud. We would need a baby car seat – is that something you can provide?
    We would like to see the following; Tirta Gangga, Lempuyang Temple, Tukad Cepung and Tegallalang rice fields. I see you offer this as a sunrise tour but, as you can imagine, we’d rather leave a little later than 4am with a baby!
    Many thanks, Abby

    • Hi Abby, not sure how you are going to get a baby down through the river bed to Tukad Cepung. My advice is to hire a private car and driver including a child seat selecting the East Bali option and advise your driver where you would like to go on the day. You can choose any pickup time you like. This doesn’t include tickets to Lempuyang Temple like the sunrise tour does, but you can buy them yourself at the temple.

      Safe travels, Michael

  61. Hi Michael,

    We may be trying to pack too much into one day, bur I was wondering if you think this is feasible. We wanted to do the Ubud day tour (Itinerary 1: Ubud + Temples + Rice Terraces). How long is this tour usually?

    We are staying in Ubud and could do an early start (7am) but we wanted to finish at Alas Harum / Cretya and also trying to fit in a jewellery making class after Alas Harum that lasts 3h, the place closes at 9pm. Do you think this is feasible?

    • Hi Guillermo, you could fit this in if you start your jewellery class around 4-5 pm so your driver will pick you up to return home around 7-8 pm. For anything over 10 hrs you can pay the driver 100k per hour or part thereof directly on the day as explained in the booking details and confirmations.

      Safe travels, Michael

  62. Hi Michael
    We are 4 people, and need to rent a car with driver
    We were in Bali 5 time exploring the island by scooter. But this time want organize for a dive group our own trip.
    begining the
    22.8 2023 from Padang Bay – continue to Goa Raja, besakih and Amed (1 day)
    23.8.2023 No transport because we will dive in Amed
    24.8.2023 In the afternoon drive from Tulamben to Sekumpul
    25.8.2023 No transport because trekking
    26.8.2023 Drive from Sekumpul to Munduk stoping in Pura Dani temple
    27.82023 In the afernoon Drive from Munduk to Pemuteran
    28.8.2023 Drive from Pemuteran to Canggu

  63. Hi Michael. On the day we leave Bali, we fly out at 10:50 PM. Have to check out of lodging by noon. Would it be reasonable to hire car & driver for the day & have them drop us at airport around 8 PM ?
    Thank you.
    Jim & Kathy

  64. Hi Michael,
    My husband and I will arrive from Sydney late on 2 March. We’ll stay that night at an airport hotel and will need to transfer to our hotel in Ubud the next day. The check-in there is only at 2pm. So I was wondering whether it would be doable to add in some sightseeing beforehand, eg visiting Tanah Lot. Does this sound like a good idea or is it too ambitious? And would I then need to book the driver for a full day?
    Not sure if I’m putting this question in the right forum. My apologies if I got this wrong.
    Thank you so much.

  65. Hey, great site you have here! I am a solo traveler looking to book a trip to Nusa Penida–are there public tours I can join? I don’t need to pay for a private tour–especially if it will save me some $$. Thanks!

    • Hi Aaron – that’s a really interesting question, and one I get asked a lot. I would love to provide tours for singles and couples who want to join in with others to make for a shared experience. My problem is that booking shared tours is incredibly difficult. How do I “allow” people to book a group tour when I would only do it when enough other people wanted to also join?

      I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and trying to solve the logistics around getting like-minded travellers together. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

      Safe travels, Michael

  66. Hello, I had a question about the “airport transfer plus day tour booking” option. We are a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids) and we will be staying near Ubud area arriving mid 230pm on Saturday. For the price quoted, it did not say how long we would have the driver for? Any suggestions on where to visit on the first day of arrival?

    • Hi Diana – follow-up to your questions, where to go on your first day? It all depends on your destination, but I would keep the itinerary light to make sure you are always headed towards your accommodation, and not go sightseeing in the opposite direction.

      Never underestimate the power of Bali traffic to chew up time, so find ask your driver is my advice, take a relaxed pace and make sure you enjoy the rise as opposed to trying to “tick off” a bunch of attractions.

      Reply with your destination and I may be able to narrow down a couple of great spots along the way.

      Safe travels, Michael

  67. You have a very useful website, Michael. Really helps a lot!! Can I ask the list of your DJ’s? I am planning to host my 30th birthday party in Ubud and I am looking for professional DJ. I’d appreciate if you can give me some contacts. I wish you more luck!!

  68. Good morning. We will be traveling to Bali from Sydney in April. This is our 3rd time so am wondering if it is possible to just do a half day tour to one of the waterfalls. And also a half day tour to Nusa Pineda. We will be staying in Seminyak. Also do you have any recommendations for a half day cooking class. My husband will also be hiring a scooter. Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Helen, you cannot do a half-day tour to Nusa Penida. And it all depends on where your pick-up location is and how far away the waterfall is you want to visit. Half day private car and driver is usually for short shopping excursions and transfers, not sightseeing, as most everyone underestimates how long it takes to get from one place to another.

      Safe travels, Michael

  69. Michael,

    I would like your advice and costs (not sure if you can do discount for multiple day trips, just asking) for organizing multiple day trips as per information below. My wife (who has never been to Bali as she is from Kazakhstan) and I will be in Bali on the following dates:

    Arrive Feb 15th afternoon and will go to Padma resort Legian
    15th to 20th at Padma Legian
    21 – was thinking 20/21 2D1N – Nusa Penida
    Transfer to Ubud
    21 – 23 – Padma resort Ubud.
    23 – fly to OZ.

    Day trips my wife would like are:
    Instagram trip
    Quad bikes
    Ubud – swings

    Look forward to your ideas and reply.



    • Hi Grant, we don’t do discounts for multiple tours. The drivers are already working for relatively low amounts. Here are my recommendations:

      15 – Airport Transfer, including return.
      16 – Gitgit Waterfall Tour
      17 – Instagram Tour
      18 – Quad Bike and White Water Rafting (I’m making a tour with both in one day)
      18 – Kintamani Tour or Mt Batur Sunrise Trek
      20 – Nusa Penida Trip (stay on the island, return next day)
      21 – Transfer to Ubud
      22 – Ubud Highlights
      23 – Return transfer to airport

      Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

      • Michael,

        Thank you for your time and all information. The trips we would like to book are:

        16 – Gitgit Waterfall and Tanah Lot Temple
        17 – Instagram Tour
        18 – Quad Bike and White Water Rafting (I’m making a tour with both in one day)

        20 – Nusa Penida Trip (stay on the island, return next day)
        21 – Transfer to Ubud
        22 – Ubud Highlights
        23 – Return transfer to airport

        Please let me know the full costs and if you would like me to transfer a % or what your preference is.
        Also – Please note that a third person will also attend on 17 and 18.

        Best Regards


        • Hi Grant, we only take bookings online so you can make the bookings directly yourself. This removes massive amounts of administration, incorrect details and mistakes, and you get immediate confirmation. The costs are dependent on how many people and where your pickup point is. The booking forms are quite clear.

          Except the combined quad bike and rafting tour, which I’m still making.

          Safe travels, Michael

          • Thanks Michael,

            Awesome site, awesome responses, great service love your work mate. My wife is Kazakh so she will be over the moon as its her first trip to Bali.

            Quick question – What do I select for the two day Nusa Penida trip? and for the transfer (initial pick up in Legian for NP but drop off when return is Ubud).

          • Hi Grant, thanks for the kind words. That’s a good question – I think I’ll need to make something different as that booking form is only good for a day trip. Go ahead and book the rest while I work on this over the next day or so.

            Safe travels, Michael

  70. Hi,

    U was looking to book a car and driver through you for 14 days in April/may. The quoted price is coming out at $1367.5, is this correct? Because after reading all of the intro about expected costs and even higher costs booking via my hotel this still comes out way more expensive than even what you say a hotel will over charge me? You said a hotel could be upwards of 800k/day but your quote is 1.5mil/day?

    I’m a little confused but would also love your site.


    • Hi Steven, I see your confusion but also a mistake in your math. First of all, I hadn’t updated the post about hiring a private driver since prices went up due to the dramatic increase in the price of fuel.

      However, hiring a private car and driver from me will currently cost AUD $1367 for 14 days, which at today’s exchange rate works out to be around IDR 1.050k per day, which is correct.

      Safe travels, Michael

  71. Hi Michael

    Just booked a car for today and wondered if I can have a whats app contact please to confirm details as it’s for this afternoon?


  72. Hi Michael

    I’ve just booked and paid for a car for today and wondered if you have a what’s app number please to get the details of the driver?


  73. Hello,

    thank you so much for all the information you have shared on your site. I was wondering if there is the option to reverse the Seminyak to Ubud transfer and do the transfer from Ubud to Seminyak instead?

    Thank you for your help.

  74. Hi Michael,
    I’m really glad we came across your site. Thank you for putting all the information together, it is really helpful for the trip planning.
    We have one question regarding the airport transfer. We are arriving to Bali on December 31st and need to book transfer from the airport to Dash Hotel Seminyak. Booking.com quoted 16.61 CAD for 3 people and through your booking engine it is quoted at 45 CAD.
    The day tour prices that you have on your website are very reasonable and we are planning to book few of them so I’m not sure if I’m missing something on the airport transfer.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Valery, we are not the cheapest airport transfers because I believe in paying our local network of drivers a decent rate. I also provide an extra layer of service and security by emailing tips on how to get through the airport along with photos of your driver and vehicle so there is zero chance of being scammed.

      By all means, book wherever you feel most comfortable.

      Safe travels, Michael

  75. Hi, trying to book the ride from the airport to where I’m staying in Kuta for tomorrow, flight arrives at 17:30. It keeps saying that the time is invalid. Is it possible to book? Tod

  76. Hello, I am interested in your sunrise Batur sunrise hike, including tour of the rice fields. Since it ends at 1pm, I was wondering whether we could explore the waterfalls after, as an add on? If so, could you please advised how much that would be?
    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

  77. Hi Michael,

    We are interested in the “4 Best Waterfalls Near Seminyak Tour” for the 9th of January 2023. However, we still have some questions prior to booking, but could not find any contact details or possibility to ask questions before booking. Could you get in contact with us please? We are excited about the waterfall tour, looks amazing!

    Best regards!

  78. Hi Michael, I’m looking to do a Firefly tour in a Taro Village. There’s a dinner involved also. I don’t see it on here, but it makes me wonder if it’s worth even doing. I really just want to see some fireflies in a field.

  79. We are in Seminyak and are hoping to book a driver for our own itinerary this what we would like to do .there are 3 of us -reasonably fit middle aged woman
    We would like to do 3 of the waterfalls – on the waterfalls near Seminyak tour – we just thought we would skip Kanto Lampo.
    Is there a chance that we can fit in a stop at ubud for some shopping at the end of the day if this means changing the order of the waterfalls then we are fine with that .
    Would this work time wise into a day tour .
    Also we are keen to do sunrise Mt batur hike with your company just looking at weather forecast to see what day has the least amount of rain before we book how many days in advance is required to book.
    Is there any other method in ways of contact as in what’s app

    • Hi Tracy, yes you can change the itinerary of the Waterfalls near Seminyak Tour and do some shopping in Ubud. In fact, you can change the itinerary of any of my day tours, just speak to your driver on the day about your requirements and feel free to lean on their local knowledge.

      You will need to book the Mt Batur Sunrise Trek with 2 days’ notice.

      And I also responded to your messages on Facebook and here, so not sure why we would need another method of communication.

      Safe travels, Michael

  80. Hi Michael, am wanting to book a one-way trip from Kuta to Ubud to my accommodation for 4 people. Is it best to book the “half day Ubud” tour for this?


  81. Hi Michael – We will be in Bali Saturday, Feb 4 – Thursday, Feb 9, 2023, as part of our honeymoon, staying in Seminyak. I was in Bali in 2017 for 5 days, also in Seminyak. It was a girls trip, so we just did spa treatments every day, pool time, shopping, beach and restaurants. So, no sightseeing. Would like to do some this trip, but we also want beach, spa and shopping time too. So, maybe hire a car for two of the 4 days???? So, with only two days for more remote travel, what do you recommend? Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary? Elephant ride? Rainforests and waterfalls? A temple or two? With only two days, I know our options are limited. Love your car hire tips! When I was in India we did the same as you are recommending; hired a private car and driver for two weeks and he took us everywhere. He was amazing! So your advice is spot on because taxis and other private drivers may not be the best option. Also, I have the WhatsApp, but the new iPhone 14 does not utilize a SIM card anymore. Do you know how that will work with the app now? I can try to google the answer too. Or get an international plan for a month. Do you have a direct email for communications, or is this the only forum in which to communicate with you – other than completing your form to retain a driver and car?

  82. Hey Michael,

    Nice to meet you and thank you for your useful information when I was new to Bali. Very useful! Currently applying for the KITAS (pending, only 1 week to go) and will be working as a DJ in Bali. I read your article; “How to Book a DJ for your Private Party in Bali” and I was wondering if you could promote me and my website within your list of Party Managers and DJ’s, or in a direct link on your page. Please contact me about the policy details. (See my contact details on the website)


  83. Hi Michael, we’re planning a trip to Bali from 4-7 Nov. Just wondering if we car seats are needed for private hires or taxis if we have a 9mo infant who will be travelling with us? Thanks.

  84. Hi
    Will be in Seminyak from 20th November to 26th
    Would like to hire a private car/ driver for a full day

    No idea where to go but want to make most of sightseeing and attractions

    Any ideas on it itinerary and cost please

    Just myself and husband


  85. We are family of 8 , 2 persons over 60 , four adults and 2 kids , do you have a transport option for us in one vehicle – like a mini bus – long van etc ?

  86. Hi,
    Last minute: looking for a half a day driver but with pick up from Sekumpul this Friday, October 15th.
    Would it be possible?

  87. We want to use your car service for both airport pick up and driving around for the week. Would we have the same driver for both pick up and car service?

  88. Hi Michael, Any chance of a last minute half day driver booking for today Thursday 15 Sept? Just to go to a couple of cultural sites. I am staying next to airport and fly tonight.

  89. Hello Michael, a lot of good info on your website ! Only one problem, I will be visiting Bali mid October for a 5 day holiday break with my family and we are all of age (parents 70+, me 50++) and not to smart, and need a guide that can hold us by the hands and help us to get most hassle free break and show us the island. Can you recommend somebody that can guide us from arrival to departure, your help is highly appreciated,

  90. Fabulous website and I would recommend his services – makes it so much easier to plan for a two week holiday adventure for a group of 16

    All trips for the whole group booked via this and the booking process so easy to use

  91. Hi Michael,

    Fabulous website! Lots of very useful information for newbies to Bali.

    My daughter and myself will be landing early September for 14 nights and have accommodation booked in Seminyak.

    I am interested in the fast track through the airport as well as private driver for many outings.

    Have ideas already of what we want to see and do and hoping your team can help us achieve what we want whilst we are there.

    Also would like private driver for some local day trips.

    Can we liaise via email about this.



  92. Can you help me find the best official Visa Agents in Bali. It’s for a more complex type of Visa that requires an agent.
    BTW I love your site. Thanks for your help. Kim

    • Hi Kim, yes I can. I will email her details directly to you. She is without doubt the best visa agent in Indonesia, let alone Bali.

      Safe travels, Michael

  93. Hello Michael,
    I have a confirmed group of 12- 14 pax from 15th January to 29th January 2023.
    I need a minivan with a driver for these group for several days in Bali.
    If you can send me your contact details I’ll write the daily group plan.
    As soon as we agreed all the prices for the whole period we can pay by credit card or by wire transfer.

  94. Hi, I am Ayush and I am planning to visit Bali with my mother in the month of November from India. How can I contact you? Looking for a car for about 4 days to explore Bali.

  95. Hi Michael

    I am planning to visit Bali on 15th Aug’22. Will stay for 5 days. Can you suggest SUVs for 5 people.

  96. Hi Michael,

    I’m currently staying in Bali with my mum. The hotel we’re staying at organised a driver to collect us from the airport and take us on a shopping trip. We really like the driver and would like to engage with him directly….exactly because of the reasons you highlight that the hotel likely takes most of the money. The driver gave us his card and we’re moving to a new hotel tomorrow (we planned to spend a few days in two different locations).

    Is it ok for us to contact the driver directly and hire him for our activities moving forward?

    From what he’s told us he isn’t employed directly by the hotel.

    Thank you

  97. Dear Michael,
    we would like to contact you to find out availability and prices for a private driver for a day tour tomorrow from seminiyak to Ulu Watu and a transfer to Ubud including some stops on the way on Tuesday.

    • Hi Birte – you can book a private car and driver for your tour tomorrow. On Tuesday you can also book a private car and driver, and simply arrange to be dropped off at Ubud instead of returning to Uluwatu.

      Let me know if you need further help.

      Safe travels, Michael

  98. Hi Michael,

    My family are headed to Bali for 9 days from 1 August. I was wondering if your snorkeling tour is likely to be available by then, or if not, whether you can recommend a snorkeling tour that ideally includes Manta Bay. We have 3 kids aged 9, 7 and 7 (yep, twins 🙂

  99. Hi, I will be staying in North Bali (Jl. Wanagiri – Munduk No 11, Wanagiri, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali, 81161) for a few nights in early August before heading to Ubud and was hoping to find a driver. On the booking page, Wanagiri isn’t listed under the pickup area so I wanted to check to see if it’s possible to book a driver with you to begin and end in that area, or ask if you happen to have any recommendations for drivers if you don’t service from Wanagiri. I’m most interested in these sites: Ulun Danu Temple, Sekumpul waterfall, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Angseri Hot Springs, Batukaru Coffee Estate & Retreat for a tour of the plantation, Candikuning market, Wanagiri Hidden Hill, and Munduk Molding Coffee Plantation if they allow tours. I’m open to suggestions and would be okay adjusting some of these plans or adding on something more unusual things like a vanilla plantation or any local suggestions. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I found your site and appreciate the resources you’re providing!

    • Hi Jenna – thanks for getting in touch. Yes, we do service pickups from Wanagiri and I’ve added it to the list on the private car and driver booking form. All of the attractions you mentioned are in the local area, so choose the North Bali option. My drivers will be able to provide insight as to other attractions and you can adjust your itinerary on the day to suit.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Awesome, thank you so much! I’m just waiting on confirmation of my accommodation and then I’ll complete the form. I appreciate you updating to add Wanagiri area, and am excited to book a private car and driver soon. Take care!

  100. Hi!

    Thank you for this amazing website!

    We are coming as a family (2 kids 7 & 4) and are looking for a nanny for a few days/ evenings.

    We will be staying in Sanur for a 6 days and Ubud for 5.

    Do you have any advice/recommendations?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Julian – let me say how refreshing it is for someone to offer such a compliment before asking a question! So thank you, and you’re welcome.

      And while I can offer many behind-the-scenes concierge services, nanny services are not one of them. If you are staying at a large-scale hotel they will undoubtedly provide nanny services when asked. If staying elsewhere, like a private villa for example, then they may or may not.

      At my villa I do, but that’s because I have worked with her for many years and built a level of trust that cannot be easily replicated.

      It’s also your kids, so I would never presume to recommend anyone without knowing and personally vetting them.

      Personally, I believe Balinese to be incredibly trustworthy and exceptionally family-oriented, so finding a local nanny service would be best be found by asking your accommodation provider. There will be many services, but I do not know of any, so cannot make a solid recommendation.

      I wish you luck – from experience, albeit it was a long time ago, hiring a babysitter is a big decision that only you can make.

      Hope you and your family have a wonderful Bali holiday.

      Safe travels, Michael

  101. Hi Michael,
    My wife and I are coming over for a holiday from 4-11 Aug 22, and will be looking to get the hotel transfers to/from our hotel ‘The Haven’ in Seminyak. We are also looking at organizing a car and driver for 3 days during the trip and are happy to take your recommendations for best places for our first visit to Bali and shopping for those copy items and souvenirs.
    Can you please let me know the best way to complete the forms for this.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks Shane & Michelle

  102. Hi Michael

    Thanks for your response (blimey, it must be the middle of the night there!) and your reassurance. I will indeed talk it over with my daughter and we can decide on trip ideas together before booking anything. I take it then that you are ok with a mere two travellers rattling around in the back of a six seater and that we don’t have to feed the driver (!)

    I didn’t mean to message anonymously, I don’t think your site likes the format of my email address. The given fields aren’t labelled and in frustration, I just stuck my email address in every single one!

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Victoria – yes it is the middle of the night. I had a large group of guests arriving at an airport (rock stars like to feel special), so I responded while waiting.

      I’m conscious of your timing, so I have emailed directly.

      Safe travels, Michael

  103. Hello Michael

    Coming to Bali later this week (based in [redacted] for a fortnight) with my daughter. She booked the flights and hotel (we are there for a wedding), but she hasn’t had the time to do planning for day trips and the like.

    I’ve started research this weekend and it looks like booking a private car and driver from time to time is going to be the best option if we want to make the most of our visit. I’ve never travelled this far and without my husband, I’m a little nervous being two lone females.

    Also, as it’s just the two of us, booking a car for six seems a bit extravagant. Are we ok to do this? Do we need to pay for the driver’s food on the day as well?

    The choice of sights is a little overwhelming, can I book a day or two in advance once we’re there and we have a chance to look at your available tours together?

    I had initially thought about using the Kura-Kura shuttle bus, but I can’t seem to get to the bottom of whether it is running or not. Are there other alternatives we can use?

    Thanks for your help. I’m so glad I found your website, It has some really useful information.

    All the best, Victoria

    • Hi there – thanks for getting in touch.

      There is nothing wrong with being nervous. Making travel decisions can be stressful. I suggest you talk with your daughter and decide what you both want to do together before booking anything. And only then, hire a private car and driver, or go on tours that you are comfortable with.

      I have no experience with the shuttle service mentioned, so will not make comment. I also emailed you separately and look forward to your response as to how I can help further.

      You made this comment with an anonymous email address, so I’m guessing you are comfortable with this reply.

      Safe travels, Michael

  104. Hi Michael, we are coming to Bali on Boxing Day for a week as a group of 6 adults. We are staying in Sanur in 2 villas and are keen to see as much of Bali as possible. We are keen on hiring a driver for at least 4 days to see Ubud and the surroundings, mount Batur, temples and waterfalls. Is the price per day $110-130 for the whole group or pp? Most of our group are keen on walking, hiking, cycling, rafting, snorkelling and zipwiring.
    I am also keen to look at a day trip to swim with mantas off Nusa Penida, is that something you could arrange? Thanks Helen

    • Hi Helen – Thanks for getting in touch.

      You need to book these separately, so here are my recommendations to see as much as possible over 4 days:

      1. Ubud day tour

      Choose the Tanah Lot itinerary to max out your day. You can get a short hike in around the rice terraces at Tegalalang.

      2. Mt Batur Sunrise Trek

      3. Aling-aling Waterfall Adventure

      Drop Tanah Lot from this and I’ll find a zip lining adventure for you.

      4. White water rafting

      I’m also putting together a package to do rafting and either ATV or biking on the same day.

      5. A Nusa Penida snorkelling adventure tour is being put together. We’re just finalising arrangements with ferries and snorkelling companies now that Bali is reopened for tourism.

      Hope this helps.

      Safe travels, Michael

  105. Hi I am keen to chat to you about Aling Aling Tour for 6 in Jan 2023. Could you please contact me to discuss further. Thank you

  106. Hi Michael

    Could I get in touch with you about travelling with a group of 7, one of whom is a disabled boy aged 4.

  107. Hi Michael
    I am visiting Bali in two weeks by myself and would like a private tour guide, happy to jump on a scooter with them instead of a car too! Do you offer this?

  108. Hi Michael!

    My husband and I are traveling to Bali from July 15-22nd and are looking to hire a private driver for the entire trip. We have a rough itinerary that we’d like to follow (4 days in Ubud and 4 in Seminayak) and were hoping to book your services. Would you be able to email me so I can send you what we are thinking and get your thoughts if it’ll work?

  109. Morning

    We are a group of 16 Deaf people, coming to Bali from 11-25 September 2022, staying in Kuta.

    Obviously while we are there we would like to visit the key places but difficult to know which places we should visit and whether we can do 2 or 3 attractions in the same area in one day – are you able to offer advice as to what our itinerary should look like please – so we have some idea ( will also be looking to book private taxis etc to help us get around – so if you can let us know what attractions we should plan for and where it would help us a lot

    Many thanks in advance


  110. Hi Michael,
    I would like to get in touch about arranging a larger group for various tours and airport transfers to Tabanan. There might be a few different requirements.

  111. Hi Michael,
    I need a driver to pick me up at my hotel in Ubud about 7:00pm, drive me to DPS airport to pick up a friend arriving at 9:05pm, then drive us both back to Ubud that evening. Wasn’t sure how to book this on your system, though. Could you let me know if you could do this and the price?
    Thank you,

  112. Hi Michael,
    we are a family of 6 travelling to Bali for two weeks arriving July 20th. I would like a driver for the whole duration and help with the planning. I want some of the already proposed tours but some other custom tours with things we have in mind.
    we will be staying two days in Seminyak and the rest in Ubud. How can I book the custom tours since I don’t know exactly how many hours they will take? Also, we will have 5 large suitcases that will travel with us for two of those days. Will there be room in the suv?

    • Hi Stéphanie. Thanks for getting in touch. My advice would be to book a private car and driver for the whole duration of your trip, making sure to select the slightly larger SUV option. That way you can go on any of the tour itineraries whenever you want, with the convenience of always having a driver and the flexibility to change plans whenever you like.

      Should you take day tours to North Bali, to Gitgit waterfall for example, you can simply pay the driver the extra IDR200k required on the day.

      And when you change hotels, transferring your 5 large suitcases, between my driver and I, we can arrange a 2nd car to help with the transfer from Seminyak to Ubud and then from Ubud to the airport.

      It’s a solid plan. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  113. Hello Michael
    Would you recommend a fasttrack to help go through customs? My son is arriving next week and I would like to help him out and get that for him if you think helpful. I was also looking at airport transfer is it advisable to book ahead?

    • Hi Lisa — unfortunately since Bali airport reopened for international travel I haven’t been able to connect with any fast-track services. That doesn’t mean they are not operating, they could be, but I’m not aware of any.

      You may want to read how to get through Bali airport, and yes, booking an airport transfer ahead of time is highly recommended.

      Safe travels (for your son:), Michael

  114. Hi,
    I am visiting Bali with my family of 4, and would like to do sight seeing in Bali, I was not sure if it would be good get a private car and driver and manage all the sightseeing ourselves in Bali, or it would be better to take package tours where the tickets and itinerary would be managed by the travel company.

    • Hi J – that’s a tough one to answer without knowing how long you are travelling here, with kids or adult children, what kind of activities you wish to engage in or where you are staying. However I highly recommend hiring your own private car and driver – my drivers are exceptionally knowledgable and can help build an itinerary for you on the fly, leaving you with the most flexibility.

      Safe travels, Michael

  115. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for sharing all your travel tips! I was trying to book a transport from the airport (DPS) to Seminyak but the site is not responsive ( it keeps spinning and never gives me a confirmation or error message ). Can you help? Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I. Apologise for the inconvenience. There was indeed a javascript error caused by a recent update, but that has been resolved and I just made a booking myself to test and everything works fine.

      If you try again and have any difficulty please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      I also sent a follow-up email directly.

      Safe travels, Michael

  116. Dear Michael,

    we are staying in Jl. Gunung Agung, Baturiti, Tabanan.
    I couldn’t find this as a pick up place.

    We would love to book a day-tour with you.

    Is this possible from where we are staying?
    Please reply by email, I couldn’t find your mail-adress.

    Thank you for your reply, Michael!


  117. Hi Michael, I love your website. So helpful! A question about your book: If I order this do I get a hard copy (physical copy?) posted to me (I’m in NZ). Or is the $AU 19.90 a digital only download price?

    Also, do you have any updated info on the Covid 19 (and any mandatory testing) situation in Bali? We’ve a trip booked for July.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Claire. Thanks for the feedback!

      The book is digital-only, all hardcovers are long sold out. If you sign up for the newsletter you will get a welcome email with the latest in the covid requirements.

      Safe travels – Michael

  118. Hi Michael

    I am trying to book a driver for 2 days but the site wont let me – its saying that my card is failing

    can you help?

  119. Hi Michael,
    We will need a transfer from Canggu to Candidasa on June 7th, & transfer to the airport from Candidasa on June 14th, if all goes to plan!
    Can you help with this?
    Cheers, Brian & Lyn

  120. Hello Michael
    Not sure if my message of 5 mins ago got through to you .
    Trying to book airport transfer to Canggu but no options on your dropdowns for Vietjet or Vietnam Airlines .
    Thank you

  121. Thanks so much for your informative site, such a great resource! I’ve booked our airport transfer through your site, and I hope this generates a small contribution to funding the site.

    • Hi Jenny. You are too kind! Of the 668 comments people have left on this website, you have left by far the nicest 🙂

      Your encouragement really means a lot. Terima kasih banyak ?

      Selamat jalan, Michael

  122. Hello! I hope you are doing well! I have a question. We booked a hotel in Seminyak for 4 nights and we will need a driver from Seminyak to Muduk (North Bali). If we purchase the 10 hour private driver, would this include the drive from hotel (Seminyak) to hotel (Muduk) + with whatever hours are left we can visit the area such as waterfalls? We booked hotels at very far locations from one another.

    Would this always include the drive to our next hotel + the extra hours to visit around? Thanks so much

    • Hi Claudia. You can use the South Bali to North Bali transfer service. Munduk is definitely in North Bali, so it’s longer than a 10-hour South Bali Tour. And yes, you can definitely use the time to go sightseeing and visit different attractions along the way.

      You may want to take get some inspiration from my custom itineraries for day tours.

      Just remember that a tour to North Bali includes 12 hours driving, but you need to leave your driver 2 hours to return home if being dropped off up North.

      Safe travels, Michael

  123. Hi Michael,

    I have a couple of questions for you

    1) Do you offer airport transfers from hotel/villa to the airport? Your site and the form to book an airport transfer only seems to reference transfers from the airport to hotel/villa.

    2) If we want to book a private driver for multiple days if we like the driver are we able to ensure we have the same drive for all of the days? Conversely, if we do not like a driver can we have a different drive for the following days?

    Thanks so much for your help and for the detailed guides!

    • Hi Jason. Yes, we provide a transfer to the airport. It’s also linked to from the airport transfer page.

      We generally assign the same driver for multi-day bookings, and while we have never had a request to change the driver, I would be happy to do so should the need arise. All you need do is reply to me from the itinerary confirmation you will receive after booking.

      Safe travels, Michael

  124. Hi Michael

    I’ve been drooling over your different tour suggestions and just have a quick question before booking 🙂

    Would it be a feasible itinerary to make the following stops in a day, when the starting point is Canggu?
    1. Lempuyang temple (Gates of heaven)
    2. Tirta Ganga temple
    3. Ulun Danu Beretan
    4. Tanah Lot

    Thanks for a some great guides to Bali!

    • Hi Louise,
      I wouldn’t recommend that itinerary to anyone, to be honest. You are literally looking at 4 points of the compass and circumnavigating most of Bali.

      Looking at your aspirations, and assuming you wat an epic temple tour, I’d recommend (if you only have one day) Danu Beretan, Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi, Goa Gajah, Tanah Lot back to Canggu.

      You can see the route map here. It’s a big day, but far more achievable than trying to get from Lempuyang to Danu Beretan and Tanah Lot on the same day.

      If you want, I’ll even make a customised tour page so you can book it through me. Or you can simply book a private car and driver with the East Bali option and advise your driver of your itinerary by return email after receiving the confirmation. What date are you looking at?

      Safe travels,

      • Thanks for the prompt response?

        You make a good point. I have at least a day more to go exploring at a later stage, was thinking, as you rightly surmised, to start my exploring of with a boatload of temples ?

        Your suggestion sounds perfect, I’d like to book it through you, on this coming Saturday 18th if possible?

  125. Hello Michael. Is there a discount for hiring a driver for multiple days? We would be thinking of 5-10 days. There are two of us and the dates would be between March 14th and March 23rd.

  126. I’m travelling to Bali on 3rd Jan with seniors (group of 4). My mother is 80 year old. Checking to see what are the places recommended for sight seeing. Staying at Seminyak: 3-6 Jan; Staying at Ubud: 6-9. Appreciate ur response over email.

  127. Hi Michael – Great website and resources! I’m interested in booking a car/driver through you for a family trip to Bali in Feb 2020. Would like to review some more details and get your suggestions via email first.

  128. I randomly found Michael’s website a few months before our first trip to Bali and I am so thankful I did! We literally followed his tips exactly for getting through customs, buying a SIM card and getting out cash and it was so smooth. We booked an airport transfer and 4 full days with a private driver… which I was a little nervous about at first (just to be honest), but everything worked out perfectly. Having a private driver ensured we saw all we wanted without having to deal with the tricky local taxis and it gave us peace of mind knowing who we would be with every day. I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

    • Thank you so much Aimee.

      It was a pleasure providing you with both travel advice and a car and driver (the drivers are stoked from your feedback). And thanks for letting me know by email that arriving at Bali Airport was made much easier because of my insider tips.

      It’s because of the feedback from people like you that I keep writing this website. We very much hope to see you in Bali again someday.

      Terimah kasih banyak!

      Safe travels Aimee,

  129. Hi. I’m interested in taking the aping along waterfall tour. I prefer to pay by cash instead of via your website. How do I book for the tour and pay by cash? I could pay in full.

    • Hi Hussain,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We only take confirmed booking paid with a credit card beforehand – but you can book the Aling-Aling Waterfall Tour with just a deposit, and the rest paid by cash on the day.

      This helps to avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations which is unfair to our drivers. Hope this helps.

      Safe travels,

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