Fast Track Bali Airport – Skip the Immigration Queues

Please note: We have suspended Fast track service bookings due to a change in local government regulations prohibiting the provision of Fast Track services at Bali Airport for tourism. This being Indonesia, the rules can sometimes change quickly. All other Bali Airport Transfer services remain the same. And you would be well advised to be very careful booking other Fast Track services as demand is high which means scams are prevalent.

Beware other websites selling Fast Track Services through Bali Airport as they are likely not officially sanctioned and quite possibly breaking the law.

The immigration and passport control at Bali airport can be notoriously slow. My drivers have been reporting that it can take up to 2 hours for customers to clear the long immigration and customs queues.

Our Fast Track service means you won’t have to wait in line for your visa, immigration lines or customs before being personally handed over to your assigned driver.

What is the Fast Track Service?

You will be met at the gate by our Fast Track Agent, whom you will hand over your passports, vaccine certificates and arrivals card before being escorted through the arrivals hall and skip the lines to apply for the Visa on Arrival (VoA) which is what most tourists need to enter Bali.

They will then lead you through the quickest path at Immigration & Passport Control so you won’t have to wait in line and get processed quickly before picking up your baggage.

Fast Track Bali Airport Immigration Queues

They will also lead you through customs bypassing any queues before exiting customs and personally handing you over to your assigned driver. More detailed instructions are provided after booking on what documents you need to provide my team before arrival.

What documents do I need to provide for Fast Track?

After making your Airport Transfer Booking with Fast Track you will receive a detailed email explaining the process of meeting your Fast Track agent and also requesting photos of the passports and vaccination certificates for all travelling passengers.

Please note that vaccination certificates need to have a barcode on them. Certificates that do not have barcodes (which is common for travellers from the USA) will not be accepted. We’ve had US customers apply for barcoded certificates here which have been accepted by Bali Immigration.

These will be passed on to our Fast Track staff and are not stored on our website or servers.

You will need to hand your passports and original vaccination certificate to your agent on arrival, along with a completed arrivals card, which you should have completed on the plane before arrival.

Fast Track is optional – you can book an airport transfer with or without Fast Track service.

Can I book a Fast Track Service separately?

No. I only provide a Fast Track service with a Bali Airport Transfer to ensure that the experience from being met at the plane gate through to meeting your driver and arriving at your hotel or villa is end-to-end.


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    • Hi Ben, while there are some companies that provide fast track services, we are not one of them because they have proved to be too unreliable. Many unlicensed operators are touting fast track services to general travellers when they are only applicable to official business. This can cause both the unlicensed operator and traveller grief when the police do sweeps.

      However, because you can now apply for a VoA online before arrival, and if you heed my tips given when booking an airport transfer, getting through immigration is much faster than it used to be.

      I had guests the other day that arrived with carryon luggage only and from the plane landing, meeting their driver for the airport transfer and arriving at their villa in Seminyak took 63 minutes.

      Safe travels, Michael

  1. Hi Michael, I read the first note you put in this website. I would like to confirm if this means that the fast track service is not available for now.

  2. Hi Michael

    I am travelling with a friend but we are arriving on separate flights. Is there a way to book Fast Track for us both, but just one transfer together?

    Many thanks


  3. Hi Michael,

    Do we need to have a physical copy of our covid certificate (i.e. a printed out copy) as opposed a digital copy on our mobile phones?

    Appreciate your reply.




    • Hi Mark – I genuinely cannot give you a definitive answer. I’ve had guests come through with both, but I always recommend bringing a hard copy so there are no mistakes on arrival.

      Safe travels, Michael

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