How to Book a DJ for your Private Party in Bali

One of the best things about holidaying in Bali is letting loose and having a good time with a much lower budget than you can back home. And nothing says party in Bali like booking your own Private DJ to create an extraordinary night you and your friends will remember forever.

Why Book A Private DJ in Bali?

Whether you’re hosting a corporate party, wedding, birthday party, or any private gathering, a professional private DJ can drastically improve the atmosphere of your party, creating a memorable experience that will leave your guests talking about your party until the next. 

It is a given fact that your hands will already be overloaded with several tasks to make sure your party goes smoothly and the last thing you should be sweating about is your music and playlists. This burden will be lifted from your shoulders when you hire a professional DJ, as he/she will command the tone and mood of the evening, while you can focus on enjoying your night with your family and friends. 

When it comes to hiring a private DJ in Bali, the task itself might be more laborious than you expect. Bali is full of DJs of all experience levels from all over the world; from European underground DJs who specialize in Techno and House Music, to Indonesian DJs who carry first-hand experience with the local music scene. Your safest and best investment is to hire a private DJ who is versatile and can adapt to whatever crowd you throw at him/her. Should your guests be full of corporate magnates, or graduating students, or a mixture of both, a professional private DJ will know exactly what to play and when to play it.

How much should I expect to pay?

Most hosts will pinch on their music entertainment budget because of the assumption that they will be digging too deep into their pockets. But perhaps it is not as costly as you may think. According to a survey done by Modern Bride Magazine, entertainment accounts for approximately 5% of your overall budget while being 7x as likely to be remembered.

That’s right; not your ring, not the party décor, not even the mouth-watering catering, it’s the entertainment.  At the average wedding reception, DJs are responsible for about 80% of the success of the party. Therefore, a DJ is not a cost, but an investment. 

There are a few factors that determine the DJs fee:

  • Length of DJ set
  • Number of guests to entertain
  • Type of party
  • Equipment

With this information, the DJ can provide you with an accurate quote, because a private event at a nightclub in Seminyak is not the same as a wedding reception at a luxury beach villa in Canggu. DJs in Bali can range from $200 to $1000+ per set, depending on your event and how long you would like them to play for.

If you do not rent your own sound equipment, the DJ will have to bring their own, resulting in a perceived higher fee. Either way you will need to cover the cost of audio equipment. 

Why You Need to Book Early

Booking your private DJ way ahead gives you several advantages. The first being that you will be able to reserve an experienced DJ worth having at your party, who will most likely have a tight schedule due to being in demand.

Booking early will also lower the DJ’s fee as they are not sacrificing any other gigs or clashing schedules to play at your party. This way they will reserve that date just for you and your guests. The DJ will also be able to start preparations much sooner, such as preparing their playlists, accommodating to your requests, and reserving the necessary equipment.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Private DJ for your Party

To get a more accurate sense of the suitability of the DJ for your event, browse and listen to their published material online. Check out their website, published setlists and videos.  Most professional DJs will have either SoundCloud, Mixcloud, or Youtube channels with their mixes and DJ sets. This gives you a taste of what kind of music and energy they can bring to your party. Whether you prefer EDM, hip-hop, soulful, or just Top-40 music, ask them to provide links for you to refer to. 

Make sure they have a website. A professional DJ should have a professional website that showcases who they are and what they do. Browsing their website will make your decision-making process much easier and faster. Their website can showcase their personality and style of performance, along with their other work such as music releases, upcoming events (should you be interested in checking them out first), photoshoots, and videos. This will give you an overall image of the talent you will be hiring for your party.

What Genre Best Suits Your Audience

This is really important. A private DJ will work closely with you to get an idea of what kind of genre you and your guests would prefer.

For example, if your crowd is a majority of younger millennials, then we recommend opting for a more modern selection of music including Top-40, Afrobeat, Hip-hop/Rnb or Reggaeton, whereas an older crowd may prefer their night with throwbacks of Classic Disco, Rock’n’Roll, and maybe even some old-school dance hits.

A nightclub type environment may set the mood for more electronic-based genres such as EDM, Tech House, Future House, or Electro. If you cannot anticipate the demographic of your guests, the rest is up to the DJ. Remember, an experienced DJ can adapt to any crowd and environment.

Hiring a private DJ will put your mind at ease knowing that he/she will be able to read the mood of the attendees and play the right songs and the right time. Discuss your genre preferences with your DJ upon hiring to give time for playlist preparations and emergency “secondary” setlists in case the crowd is not enjoying the determined music.

Private Parties at Your Villa

To treat yourself with the best Bali holiday, a private villa is one of the best ways to spoil yourself on this island. Of course there are other options for accommodation like extravagant hotels and resorts, but nothing beats kicking back like royalty in the pool in your own private paradise, with the freedom to do anything you please and any time of the day.

Whether it’s a simple daytime BBQ with some friends, or celebrating the good life at night, hiring a private DJ will upgrade the entire experience. Paired with a steady flow of food and drinks, you can rest assured that your party is in your control and everyone is safe within your walls.

Wedding Receptions

Bali has become one of the top locations for destination weddings and many couples worldwide dream about tying the knot with a paradisiacal ‘Bali Wedding.’ The warm tropical winds blowing as the sun sets on the horizon, while you stand face to face with the love of your life – it’s no wonder Bali has become a popular choice for both ceremonies and receptions

Getting married is a huge milestone to many people so it’s worth making it a big deal. This is a day to bring everyone together to celebrate your official commitment to your special someone. Just imagine all your closest friends and families in one location having the time of their lives, all because of you. Those moments are everlasting – so the emphasis on hiring a professional private DJ cannot be overstated enough.

To expand on the study done by Modern Bride Magazine, they found that almost all of brides surveyed would have increased their budget for entertainment – this includes DJs. During wedding planning, most brides say their main priority was the dress and attire. After the reception, 78% of brides said that entertainment should have been their #1 priority. And to top all of this off, 81% of guests say the band or DJ is the thing they remember the most.

Marital Anniversaries

We all seem to forget that anniversaries are equally as significant as the wedding. This is an opportunity to not only look back at the good ol’ times, but relive them. Remind your special someone and your loved ones that your spark isn’t over and the marriage is worth continuously celebrating. The inclusion of your own private DJ can bring your anniversary parties to life.

Birthday Parties

It is a known fact that we aren’t getting any younger. With each year that passes in our lives, we gather more experiences and friends. Some will stay with you and some, unfortunately, may not be with you next year. Each birthday is worth celebrating, to acknowledge the year that passed and to mark the start of another round of your journey. A private DJ, whether at a venue of your choosing, or at your own Villa, will create that perfect vibe for yourself and all your guests to party. Remember, it’s your night! – so make sure you have a list of all the songs you want to hear and give your DJ a few weeks ahead.

Company Retreats

Employees are the backbone of your company, and showing your team that you care can drastically improve team chemistry and employee retention rates. Not to mention productivity rates and overall morale will be through the roof! Company retreats are known to be bland, half-assed attempts at treating your employees to some days away. Surprise them with some drinks, delicious catering, and a private DJ to bring them all together.

Company Anniversaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20% of new businesses and startups fall flat within their first year of operating. Surviving the economy is not an easy journey and another year of business is worth celebrating. Mark the day with a private DJ at a venue or private villa of your choice and rejoice with your employees as you head off on another successful year in business. 

Graduation Parties

Finally completing your uphill climb through school, whether high school or post-secondary studies, is a huge breath of relief. You and your classmates might all veer off in totally different paths in life and celebrating your graduation in style is worth the effort for this rite of passage.

This night deserves to be an epic one, Surround yourself with your friends and dance the night away with your own private DJ to end this leg of the journey with a bang.

Charitable Events / Fundraisers

Who says you can’t have some fun while raising funds for a good cause? Having your own private DJ at your charity / fundraising event can improve the overall atmosphere and boost the energy of your attendees and donors. And statistically, the better mood everyone’s in, the more willing they will be to give.

You and I both know that when we are feeling entertained with an open bar and great entertainment the wallet can get a little loose. Therefore, hiring a private DJ may be your gateway into your donor’s hearts (and pockets).

Nightclub Events

This might be the most obvious to some, especially if you’re already a part of the nightlife industry. If you are tasked to host an event at a nightclub or bar, it is recommended to hire a private DJ of your choice to keep everything under your own management. Some nightclubs already employ resident DJs who may not suit the concept or style of your event.

Your hired DJ will work closely with you to ensure your night goes as planned while you can focus on other priorities like concept,marketing, and guest relations. You and your DJ/s will be on the same page on the big night and they will be already prepared for their performance and have backups plans in store just in case your guests aren’t enjoying the planned agenda.

Launch Parties

Cutting the ribbon of your new shop? Unveiling a new line of products? Releasing a new app maybe? Hosting a launch party is a great way to tell your customers, “We’re finally here!” and also an effective way to tell your competition, “We’re coming for you!” You and your team have worked countless sleepless nights on your product or project, and to finally see an idea come to life – that’s worth celebrating!
Throw your launch party and let the world know what you have in store. A private DJ can double as entertainment AND a marketing strategy during your launch party. Not only will a DJ attract potential clients / customers, but also make your company/product more likely to be remembered, leading to the most effective form of marketing; Word-of-mouth. 

Book Directly

Some experienced DJs can be signed to talent agencies and managements, which can make your communication a bit disconnected. Book your DJ directly. This will not only potentially lower your cost, but will also allow you to coordinate directly with the DJ to ensure you are all on the same page for your event or party. You will be able to easily provide each other necessary information without having a middle man. Building a relationship directly with your DJ can lead to smoother and faster deals in the future, saving yourself time and energy to organize everything else.

The entertainment industry in Bali is saturated with DJs of all experience levels, but good private DJs come a dime a dozen. Don’t fall for just anyone who claims to be a DJ. If you follow the guidelines above, you’ll unquestionably set yourself up for a successful party / event with an amazing private DJ that will leave you and your guests reminiscing until your next party.


I have a running list of DJ’s that I have used for both my own events and my clients.

After years of working with fickle artists that may or may not turn up, I have a shortlist of dependable, creatively brilliant professionals.

Nothing, but nothing beats getting what you pay for, so if you want a DJ for a discount rate, there are plenty to choose from. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Far too many DJs just come with pre-planned sets and stick to them regardless of the setting, audience reaction or client requirements. They run on autopilot with predictably poor results for you and your guests.

If you want a solid performance from someone who can connect with the client (that’s you) and your guests let me know.


  • Does the DJ have their own website, as opposed to jut a few thousand Instagram followers?
  • Do you book through a personal manager (which is a good thing) or through an agency (not so good)?
  • The initial communication should be focussed on time, budget and audience. Chit-chat and lack of professional focus are indications you are dealing with a hobbyist, not a seasoned pro.
  • Timeline is critical — if you want a DJ for this weekend’s party at your private villa, you get what you pay for — if you want a spectacular performance to suit your event, plan ahead.

Put entertainment at the top of your planing list, not as an afterthought.

And if you’re looking for live music while on holiday in Bali then make sure you read the best live music in Bali.

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