Bali Holiday Secrets: The Book

The travel brochures and websites you looked at makes it appear effortless, and you see yourself having the ultimate Instagram holiday. But what about all the things you don’t know. Like getting ripped off at a money changer, or which ATMs frequently chew your card while still debiting your account!

I have seen first-hand the problems my friends, family and guests encounter on holiday in Bali. And I have put together the ultimate, practical travel book that will make you an expert before you get here!

Know how to navigate Bali Airport on arrival and which ATMs are safe to use. Avoid being scammed at money changers. Catch a taxi, book a driver or hire a scooter with confidence. And much, much more…

Remove the stress from holidaying in Bali by learning about the real price of day tours and how to get the best deal. Understand what do in a medical emergency (or just where to go if you think it’s more than a common cold).

Bali Holiday Secrets has grown in less than a year from a handful of articles on practical advice to 35,000+ visitors a month and 2,500+ newsletter subscribers.

And the biggest thing I get asked for is “can you please make it a book so I can read it on the plane!”

So I did, and here it is.
236 pages of holiday awesomeness.

Bali Holiday Secrets - Buy The Book

I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

I randomly found Michael’s website a few months before our first trip to Bali and I am so thankful I did! We literally followed his tips exactly for getting through customs, buying a SIM card and getting out cash and it was so smooth. We booked an airport transfer and 4 full days with a private driver… which I was a little nervous about at first (just to be honest), but everything worked out perfectly. Having a private driver ensured we saw all we wanted without having to deal with the tricky local taxis and it gave us peace of mind knowing who we would be with every day. I can’t recommend his services and his advice enough!

What’s Inside

18 topic-specific chapters on everything you wanted to know about making the perfect Bali holiday but didn’t know to ask!

  • 14 Expert Tips on Arrival at Denpasar Airport
  • 7 Rules for Getting from Bali Airport to Seminyak
  • 10 Rules for Withdrawing Money at ATMs in Bali
  • 7 Rules to Exchange Cash at Money Changers in Bali
  • 9 Rules for Catching a Taxi in Bali
  • 13 Expert Tips for Hiring a Private Driver in Bali
  • 9 Rules for Scooter Rental in Bali
  • 6 Best Shopping Malls in Bali
  • 7 Best Supermarkets in Seminyak
  • The Best Live Music in Bali
  • Insider’s Guide to Seminyak Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
  • Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bali
  • The Best Tourist Attractions in Bali
  • The Ultimate Guide to the 23 Best Waterfalls in Bali
  • 14 Best Temples in Bali
  • Bali Temple Etiquette Guide
  • Nyepi – Bali Day of Silence
  • Expert Tips for Getting Medical Care at Bali Hospitals

Your book made all the difference

Michael, your book made all the difference. We just got home from a truly wonderful holiday and I have to say you have written the most practical travel book I've ever read. A friend of mine put me on to your website and I bought the book when you announced it and it paid for itself in the first hour! Your airport arrival tips are gold mate! Keep up the great work!!!

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The perfect start to our holiday!!

We were so thankful we planned ahead and booked your driver. Immigration took ages and we were hot and sweaty and the kids were getting tired when we got through, so it was such a welcome relief that we saw Putu exactly where you instructed us to meet him. So many taxi drivers yelling for our attention!!! If we didn't have your advice arriving would have been a disaster. Thank you so much Michael. You're the best!!!

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