Suwat Waterfall - Best Waterfalls in Bali

The travel brochures and websites you looked at makes it appear effortless, and you see yourself having the ultimate Instagram holiday. But what about all the things you don’t know. Like getting ripped off at a money changer, or which ATMs frequently chew your card while still debiting your account!

Remove the stress from holidaying in Bali by getting Bali Holiday Secrets: An Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Bali Holiday. Learn about the real price of day tours and how to get the best deal. Understand what do in a medical emergency (or just where to go if you think it’s more than a common cold).

Bali Holiday Secrets - Download the eBook
236 pages of holiday awesomeness.

Bali Holiday Secrets will give you an insiders guide to how to make your time in Bali everything you want it to be. I have seen first-hand the problems tourist’s encounter on holiday in Bali. And I have put together a guide that will make you an expert before you get here!

The most useful, up to date, practical and unaffiliated information

Thanks for this email and for your awesome website. Of all the Bali websites that I have looked at, it has the most useful, up to date, practical and unaffiliated information, which I have referred to and used many times over during and whilst planning my trips to Bali. Thank you so much.

Pre-arrival: Bali Airport, ATMs, Changing Money

Great advice!

This really has helped me plan my family's holiday so much Michael. I used to just change traveller's cheques or cash at the hotels I stayed at and I knew it was expensive but I didn't trust using money changers or ATMS. Now I know! I'm sending this to all my friends. Thank you again, it really is a wonderful resource.

Taxis, Private Drivers and advice on getting around.

Great confidence builder!

I was always too scared to get taxis until now. Been here a few times but just reading this everything makes sense. I now take a private driver for longer trips and make sure the meter is on in a bluebird taxi on shorter trips before letting him get going. And I always tip the Grab guys to make up for the dirt cheap price!

Where to go: Attractions, Beach Clubs, Temples and more

That was an awesome day!!!

Wow! We couldn't have asked for more, from the time Putu picked us up to the time we got back to the hotel it was an epic day! There is SO MUCH to see in and around Ubud...and thankfully Putu knew which were the one-ways so we didn't waste time going round and round like some other people we talked to over lunch. And thank you so much for the tips about where to have lunch and Putu is an absolute gem!! Thank you Michael, that was a day to remember...

Restaurants, Shopping, Live Music & more