COVID-19 Bali Update: Statistics on Coronavirus in Bali, Indonesia

Updated Covid-19 Cases in Bali: Infographic

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COVID-19 Bali Update: Statistics on Coronavirus in Bali, Indonesia. Facts and statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Bali, including numbers of total current cases, numbers of active cases, infected patients that have recovered, and cases that were fatal.

I’ve prepared this infographic based on data from the Bali Provincial Government. Data on Bali specifically is difficult to find and is often buried within the overall data on COVID-19 cases throughout Indonesia (which has vastly higher numbers).

I’ll update this data every few days so check back for fresh data, and it would be a huge help if you could share this through your own social networks.

And if you have any improvements of suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Total Number of COVID-19 Cases Reported in Bali.

Updated Covid-19 Cases in Bali: Infographic
Updated Covid-19 Cases in Bali: Infographic

Distribution Map of COVID-19 Cases in Bali

Distribution Map of COVID-19 cases in Bali, Indonesia
Distribution Map of COVID-19 Cases in Bali, Indonesia. Source: Bali Provincial Government.

Other news sources

  • Updated: List of Hospitals Conducting Swab Tests for Covid-19 in Bali
  • Updated: List of COVID-19 Referral Hospitals in Bali.
  • The Trade Ministry has issued a circular requiring sellers at traditional markets, retail stores and shopping malls to wear masks, face shields, and gloves while conducting their activities in the upcoming “new normal”. Buyers are required to wear masks.
  • Lion Air Group grounds all flights once again because passengers are either unable or unwilling to prepare the necessary documentation required for domestic travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • All arrivals, both domestic and international, at Bali Airport (DPS) must arrive with a negative PCR test result (rapid test is not good enough) issued within 7 days of arrival.
  • Departing passengers from DPS must have a negative PCR test issued within 7 days of departure or a Rapid Test result within 3 days of departure.
  • Swab tests and rapid tests for travellers are available from Rumah Sakit Udayana in Jimbaran. Make an appointment first by texting on WhatsApp to +62 813-3816-6474. Private hospitals are also reportedly offering the tests (check with Siloam and BIMC) but there are reports that the results are much slower to return which could cause problems with flight bookings.
  • There are no scheduled international flights from Denpasar.
  • Please note no new tourist or social visit visas are being issued for any arriving foreigners.
  • Visitors currently in Indonesia now have special emergency visas that will last until the formal State of Emergency declared by the President on April 13 is subsequently declared ended. Do not go to Immigration.

Bali COVID-19 Service Call Centre

Call centre numbers for enquiries about testing or treatment for COVID-19 in Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Community Appeal

I also co-founded the Bali Community Appeal that is raising funds to distribute rice and fresh vegetables to our local community who have been left without an income or any support.

Check it out, and please make a donation – even $5 will buy a 5kg bag of rice that goes a long way towards feeding hungry families less fortunate than ourselves.

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