Book a Private Car and Driver in Bali (2024 Pricing)

Safely and securely book a private car and driver for your Bali holiday. Whether it’s for going shopping, getting around the beach clubs or venturing out on a day tour, a private car and driver just makes life so much easier and takes away the hassle of haggling with the taxi mafia.

When I started Bali Holiday Secrets I had so many inquiries asking to book the same drivers that I use for my family, friends, and villa guests that I made a secure, online booking system that takes away the risk, stress and hassle of finding your own reliable, trustworthy, English-speaking private car and driver.

After Bali reopened for tourism in April 2022, I reconnected with my driver network and we’re already averaging 2-3 private car and driver bookings a day.

I have personally vetted all the drivers I work with. They text me when they pick you up and again when you have been dropped off at the end of the day. I also email your driver’s name, profile photo, vehicle photo and phone number beforehand to ensure your safety and provide confidence.

How much does a private car and driver cost?

That depends on how many passengers and where you want to go. But for example, a private car and driver for 1 person for the day to anywhere in South Bali will cost AUD$92.50.

That includes your own dedicated car and driver for 10 hours from start to finish. It’s ok if you go over time, you can simply pay the extra IDR100k (about AUD$10) per hour directly to the driver.

Another example is for 6 passenger being picked up from Seminyak and touring the beautiful waterfalls in North Bali, like Gitgit and Aling-Aling, which costs AUD$130.00 for all 6 people for the entire day.

You can use the booking form below to work out the cost for your particular requirements, including multi-day bookings and coverage all over Bali, including the beautiful areas of North Bali.

My rates are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

We could not have asked for a better experience! Our driver, Wayan, was so friendly, welcoming and eager to ensure that we enjoyed our trip as much as possible. He took great care of us and made it so easy to get from one place to the next. He also provided great suggestions of places to visit. He helped us get photos and was great to communicate and coordinate plans with. He had a great energy and was super nice! He helped make our trip extra smooth and fun! Plus, The booking process is super easy and straightforward, so organizing transport was stress free! I would definitely use this service again and recommend Wayan 10/10!!

Where can we go?

You can go anywhere you like in Bali. Trips to the North and North-East of Bali take longer and use more fuel than just touring locally and therefore cost slightly more.

However, if you choose a South Bali tour and change your mind and want to go to attractions further away, you can simply pay the extra IDR 100k per hour directly to your driver on the day. This gives you as much flexibility as possible.

If you want to know more about where you can go, check out my primer on the basic geography of Bali to get a feel for what best suits your travel plans.

What is and isn’t included?

The private car and driver rate include being picked up from your hotel or villa by an English-speaking, trustworthy and knowledgable driver with an immaculately maintained 6-seater air-conditioned SUV. Fuel, applicable taxes and 10 hours of allocated time from pick up to drop off are all included.

The seating configuration is 1 in the front passenger seat, 3 in the rear and 2 more in the rear-most fold-down seats. If you prefer more room you can upgrade to a Toyota Innova, which is slightly larger and roomier, and far more comfortable for 5 or 6 passengers, or you can hire a minivan instead.

Not included: Parking fees, entrance tickets to attractions or event tickets unless otherwise stated (like the Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour).

I am staying at different villas and hotels. Is that OK?

It’s no problem if you need to be picked up at one place and drop off at another. There is no extra charge. The only proviso is if you are picked up in the south, and dropped off in the north (or vice versa) you must choose the North Bali (or vice versa) tour as these will take considerably longer than just touring locally.

You can check out the list of locations we service in the booking form below under the Pick-up Location.

Can I choose where to go and places to visit?

Absolutely. The whole point of hiring a private car and driver is to wherever you want.

You can plan your schedule directly with the driver when you meet or look through my posts on itineraries for day tours, attractions, temples, beach clubs and waterfalls beforehand. You can choose from some popular routes which my drivers are very knowledgeable, or you can choose to follow your own tour itinerary. We’re OK with whatever you decide and you can change your itinerary as the day progresses for no extra charge.

1 or 2 days beforehand I email your driver’s details, including his phone number, so you can text him on WhatsApp for any pre-planning requirements or questions.

Will my driver wait for me outside the attractions?

Yes, of course. Your driver will drop you off, and where possible park close by and escort you to buy entry tickets or help arrange a local guide if appropriate. For really busy attractions he may have to drop you off at the entrance, then go and park further afield.

Before you are ready to leave you can text him ahead of time (say 10 -15 minutes) and he can come to pick you up at a prearranged spot. There is no extra charge for waiting as long as you like, so take your time and relax.

This is really helpful when visiting attractions that take a while or hanging out for a few hours at a beach club.


Make a booking

SSL Secured - Bali Holiday SecretsBooking online is easy and secure. This website uses SSL Encryption and payments are secured by Stripe in 25 different currencies so you can easily see the exact cost in your home currency. I’ve been building online businesses and websites since 1995, so you can be assured your booking is completely secure.

I’m a technology entrepreneur and traveller and began Bali Holiday Secrets as a guide for friends and family who came to visit after I moved to Bali, and has grown to 80,000+ visitors a month.



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  1. Hi Michael,

    I am traveling to Bali in July(with my son) and was hoping to hire a driver for probably 2.5 days. Can you advise how best to book?

    21/7 – Hoping to make a very early start and spend the day seeing some waterfalls starting & ending in Ubud (?)
    22/7 – Travelling from Ubud > Padang Bai, Ideally stoping at 3 attractions on the way. (East Bali Tour?)
    24/7 – A transfer from Padang Bai > Kuta after we get back from the Gilis. Due to land at about 3pm. (?)

  2. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to book for a private driver for 2 adults, on 2 consecutive days.

    First day for a whole day and the second day for a half day from 3pm to 8pm, if this works with you?
    I would like to know if I should directly book from this page and how the fees will be calculated.

    Many thanks :))

  3. Hello Michael,

    My plan is to travel from Denpasar Tuesday, 6/18 to Lovina with a private driver (it is just me) and I would like to tour the Wanagiri Coffee Plantation (do I need to arrange through them?), and if time, soak in the Banjar Hot Springs and see the Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Temple before arriving at my hotel.
    I plan to stay in Lovina 2 nights. I plan to go on a dolphin tour (have not booked yet) on Wednesday 6/19.

    I will need a driver again on Thursday, 6/20 to drive from Lovina to Sideman with some sight-seeing along the way. Would Besakih Temple be en route? I am open to suggestions for waterfalls, swings, temples, etc.
    I will stay in Sideman 3 nights.

    I will need a driver again on Sunday, 6/23 to drive me from Sideman to Seminyak – again, open to sightseeing ideas en route.

    How would you suggest I arrange this? What would the time frame be for each of the trips? And, what would the cost be? Thank you in advance for your help and expertise!


    (Ms.) Terry M.

    • Hi Terry,

      For 6/18
      You can book the North Bali Day Tour (on this page) and tell your driver that you’ll end your day in Lovina. There’s no need to arrange a tour with Wanagiri Coffee Plantation.

      For 6/20
      You can book an East Bali Day Tour (on this page). Besakih Temple could be on the way depending on what route you take. You can simply tell your driver that you’d like to stop there on the way to Sideman.
      He’ll also have some suggestions on the best Bali waterfalls, Bali swings, Bali temples, etc, on the way.

      For 6/23
      This will also be an East Bali Day Tour.

      You can check your costs on the booking form on this page before booking. If there’s any adjustments to be made, can be done very easily!

      Safe travels,

  4. Hi Michael,
    I have 4 legs of a journey that I’d like to hire a driver for but I’m not sure how to arrange it.
    Our group is made up of two parents with a 1 year old baby and a 4 year old.
    Sept 12: Kuta > Serangan Habour (no stops)
    Sept 17: Padang Bai > Ubud (+2 tourist stops)
    Sept 19: Ubud > Sarinbuana Eco Lodge (+2 tourist stops)
    Sept 23: Eco Lodge > Sanur (+1-2 tourist stops)

    How can we book this please?

  5. Dear Michael, we would like to go from Ubud to Medewi (Lost Lindenberg). To which part or tour does it belong to then? Best, Ingo

  6. Hi Michael,
    We really enjoyed the trips we booked via your website. Our driver got us safe to all places and made some route changes according to traffic conditions or just because of better timing for us to visit the temples.
    Thank you very much for maintaining this website with up to date information. It helped us out a lot!
    Kind regards,

  7. Hi Michael,
    Can you help us with our trip please?
    We are now in Munduk (Elevate Bali) and would like to visit:
    On April 24th:
    – Munduk rice terrace
    – Banyumala waterfall
    – Handara gate
    – Pura Ulu Dara Beratan
    – Pura Taman Ayun
    Drop off afterwards at Ubud (Pita Maha Resort)
    April 25th
    – Campuhan ridge walk
    – Monkey forrest
    – Pura Tirta Empul & Ubud Palace
    – Goa Gajah temple
    Return to hotel in Ubud
    April 26th
    – Tegallalang Rice terrace
    – Pura Besakih
    Drop off at Purnama beach/Sukawati (hotel The Royal Purnama)
    April 28th transfer to airport Denpasar for flight at 8PM

    Is this feasible and how do you recommend we book all this?

    • Hi Bert,

      Looks like a wonderful itinerary!

      For April 24th, considering booking a private car and driver for the North Bali Day Tour.
      You should be able to cover all your stops within the day. Your driver will be able to return you to Pita Maha Resort in Ubud.

      April 25th, grab the Ubud Day Tour. You can adjust your itinerary as you please.

      April 26th, you can book a private car and driver again, this time selecting East Bali Day Tour.
      Alternatively, you can also book my standalone East Bali Day Tour, which includes tickets to Lempuyang Temple (if you’re interested in this one.) You can swap out a destination or 2 to fit your preferred itinerary.

      April 28th,
      You’ll be booking a Transfer to Bali Airport, from Royal Purnama in Gianyar.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you need anything else.

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael,
        Thank you for all info and booking guidance!
        Is there a possibility to pay all these via a Wise debit card in IDR? I didn’t find that currency in the drop down list.
        Can you recommend a stop where we can try a original kopi luwak (civet coffee)?

        • Hi Bert,

          You’re very welcome.
          Currently IDR is unavailable. And since most guests book with credit cards or while in their home countries, I didn’t bother to make a fuss about it. I will definitely look into including it soon!

          Regarding the Kopi Luwak, there’s a few places. A popular spot is Bali Pulina near Tegallalang. Or Hidden Garden Coffee Plantation, here you can try a variety of coffee (Free samples) and also get to play with the Luwak if it’s in the mood!

          Safe travels,

          • Hi Michael,
            Thanks again for your prompt response.
            Before going to the airport on the 28th from Royal Purnama in Gianyar we would like a visit to Tanah Lot temple.
            If we should arrive at the airport by 5:30pm what time do you suggest we start and which tour should we book for this please?
            Kind regards,

  8. Hi Michael – thanks for this great resource. Keen for your advice over our upcoming trip to Bali, staying in Jimbaran. After a bit of research, we’ve come up with the following itinerary – keen on your thoughts:

    Day 1:
    – Ubud Palace, Monkey Forrest and Goa Gajah and Tanah Lot (on the way back to the hotel)
    Day 2:
    – Rice terraces (including Ceking), coffee plantation (Cafe Pulina) and a couple of temples (Pura Tirta & Candi Tebing)

    Keen to not overload each day’s itinerary, include some travel and relaxation time at each visit. Welcome your thoughts if we could do better?

    Many thanks, Emma

  9. Hey! I’m planning a family trip and am looking for a reliable driver/ guide to help with the following:
    * Airport pick up and transfer to Canggu
    * Day trip from Canggu south to see temples/ waterfalls and ideally uluwatu at sunset
    * Transfer to fast boat to Gilli Air
    * Pick up from fast boat from Gilli’s and transfer to Ubud. Ideally I’d like to plan a stop or two to make this into a tour and use our time well
    Is there an email address where I can contact you to discuss?

  10. Hi Michael,
    I am travelling with my family (a group of 6 total) this June and we plan on travelling to several locations all around Bali during this time. For example, we are going from Uluwatu Beach to Ubud, from Ubud to Munduk, from Munduk to Amed, and then from Amed back to Denpasar. Would you recommend using a service like yours and hiring a private driver for these transfers? Since they do take a few hours, I feel like it would relieve some stress by having these drives booked ahead of time. What are your thoughts?


    • Hi Laura,

      Yes, a private driver would be perfect for your transfers.
      You can book a private car & driver in Bali for the day and be able to tour around before your destination (or after, totally up to you!)

      Alternatively, you can also book hotel transfers if you don’t need a driver for the entire day.
      You can book a Hotel Transfer from South Bali here.
      Or if needed, you can book a Hotel Transfer To South Bali here.

      Safe travels,

  11. Hi Michael, I have already booked a couple of days with car and driver with you for my family of 4. I have booked one day of 10 hours when we are staying in Seminyak to take us to tanah lot and use the rest of the time to get around seminyak, maybe go to Potatoe Head for a couple hours & out in the evening to a restaurant further away from the hotel. The other is to take us to our next hotel in Ubud and do the east Bali tour at the same time, itinerary 1. I was thinking of a car and driver for another day from Ubud to do more north of the island, but could you recommend a tour we could do that would include tea/coffee tasting? and we also need a transfer to Nusa Dua, can you recommend if we just do a half day transfer or would it work to do a tour again and go to Uluwatu at the same time. we will be able to get around Ubud whilst we are staying there, so I didn’t think we needed to do the local attractions there, other than maybe the monkey forest at the beginning or end of a day touring? any thoughts would be welcome?

    • Hi Gillian,

      For the North Bali Day Tour, I currently don’t have any stops that involve tea / coffee tasting. However, you could request that your driver stop at Jatiluwih Rice Terraces on the way to the North to try some red rice coffee and other red rice products – unique to the region.
      Alternatively, you can check out my Kintamani Day Tour, which makes a stop at the Akasa Coffee Plantation.

      For the transfer to Nusa Dua, perhaps instead of booking a tour directly, you can book the Private Car & Driver (South Bali) and simply informing your driver that you’ll be headed towards Nusa Dua at the end of your day.
      If you only feel like doing a transfer, you can book a Transfer from Ubud here.
      Or, you can book a Half Day Private Car & Driver. This will give you 5 hours.

      Uluwatu is fairly close to Nusa Dua, so perhaps the Transfer to Nusa Dua + a day tour with the Private Car & Driver might be the best option.

      Safe travels,

  12. Hi Michael!

    Me and my friend are thinking about doing a day trip around the North of the island from Ubud. We are thinking about the following stops:
    – Sekumpul Waterfalls
    – Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall
    – Banyumala Waterfall
    – Twin Lake View
    – Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

    Do you think it would be possible within the 10 hours? I see that the trekking path for Sekumpul is not short, 45 minutes to reach the waterfall and then another 45 to come back.
    Would it be possible to add another extra hour or 2 hours if needed?

    Thank you for all the info!

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Daniel,

      Nice plan! You should be able to hit 10 hours with your itinerary. In case more time is needed, you can always give your driver 100k IDR in cash per extra hour.

      Safe travels,

  13. Hi Michael – Great website, very helpful. Thank You! I am in the process of booking a car with your drive from your website and I see the options are South, East, and North (I will be based in Ubud). Based on my interests, I have allocated the places that I would like to visit under these 3 buckets as follows. Do you think the plan is feasible? Though it will not be my preference, I can always go with an additional day, if need be. If that is what I need to do, how should I split the itinerary (one day split into two or take away certain sites from each of the days and make up a Day 4 Itinerary) and what will the additional selection be in your booking form? Also open to taking out one or two non-priority sites, so that I can stay with a 3-day itinerary. I will be traveling solo and will always be ahead of schedule from my end, so time management is not an issue. Cheers, DS

    Day 1
    Monkey Forest
    Tegenungan Waterfall
    Puseh Batuan Temple
    Goa Gajah Temple
    Kanto Lampo Waterfall
    Tibumana Waterfall
    Suwat Waterfall
    Tukad Cepung Waterfall

    Day 2
    Lempuyang Temple
    Tirta Gangga
    Besakih Temple
    Gunung Kawi Temple
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Tirta Empul Temple

    Day 3
    Pura Tanah Lot
    Batu Bolong Temple
    Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
    Banyumala Twin Waterfalls
    Buyan Lake
    Tamblingan Lake
    Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

    • Hi there,

      Day 1: looks great and well planned!
      Day 2: perhaps I would remove Tegallalang Rice Terraces as it’s the odd one out from the itinerary. And driving back from East Bali might be tiring.
      Day 3: I would suggest removing Tanah Lot and Batu Bolong temples as you have a long drive towards the North for the rest.

      That should leave you some for day 4 in South Bali!

      Safe travels,

      • Thank you Michael for your prompt response, this is very helpful. I plan to book your North, South, and East tours then. What is your suggestion for Day 4? I will be staying in Ubud (either at Dinara or Arya) – it looks like Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Tanah Lot and Batu Bolong temples will be a round trip of roughly 3 hours driving time – so with sightseeing, is 6 hours a good estimate (no problem, if we go over) and if so, can it be at the current hourly rate of IDR100K? How do I book it online or can it be arranged separately with your driver on Day 3?

        • On day 4, maybe consider visiting the Southern tip of Bali, such as Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua.
          You can use my Ultimate Uluwatu Day Tour as inspiration for some stops.
          If the allocated 10-hour is not enough, you can always give the driver an extra 100k IDR in cash.

          All your days can be booked online on this page. After which you’ll be provided with a confirmation, and another that includes your driver’s details.

          Safe travels,

  14. Hi Michael,
    My husband and I would like to book a version of the East Bali tour but we’d like to be picked up in Sidemen and dropped off in Amed. What we’d like to do on the way is as follows (in no particular order, happy to go with your reccommendations for timings etc.)
    * Tirta Gangga
    * Bali Asli Restaurant
    * Lempuyang Temple
    * Lahangan Sweet
    Final destination Amed Beach Villa.

    • Hi Kye,

      You can actually book the East Bali Day Tour with your pick-up location. And simply inform the driver that you’ll be returning to a different location in Amed instead.

      Safe travels,

  15. Hi Michael,

    I am looking for a private driver to take us from Ubud to Gilmanuk with maybe one or two stops along the way and then we would stay in gilmanuk, as want to get the ferry, leaving the driver to go back alone. Is this something one of your drivers would offer, and if so how much would it cost?

    • Hi Arthur,

      I currently have the Transfer from Gilimanuk booking. Feel free to fill out the few details to see the cost at the bottom.
      If you make the booking, I can manually adjust it for you on my end. I have a Gilimanuk Transfer form / page in progress but going through some technicalities.

      Safe travels,

  16. Hi Michael,
    My wife and I are visiting Bali in April and staying at a hotel in Sanur. Being of an age we really don’t fancy getting around on scooters and hiring a car doesn’t enthral me either. Therefore, is there an option to hire one of your drivers for our stay or have someone ‘on call’ for when we need them as we will be quite flexible? If so, what can you offer and what would your cost be. Alternatively, can we safely order from you the day before we need transport. We’ll be there for nine days, not including arrival and departure days for which airport transport is already covered in our package. Great website by the way!

    • Hi Conrad,

      Glad you’re enjoying the info on the website!
      The most convenient and economical option would be the 2nd one.
      The booking form here will allow you to book the day prior. This way after the booking is confirmed, I can assign you a driver.

      Safe travels,

  17. Hello, We are two people, looking to book a 1-day tour in Bali. We are interested to visit Lempuyang temple, Tirta Ganga temple, Tibumana Waterfall, Tukad cepung waterfall. We need to be pickeup at Sanur and Drop-off at Kampug 168. I have a query regarding this booking. A professional photographer option is availaible during booking. So will he carry his own professional camera for taking pictures in all these locations including Lempuyang temple?

    • Hi there,

      That’s correct. He will accompany you at all locations you intend to visit.
      For this tour, you’ll be selecting “East Bali Day Tour” in the booking form.

      Safe travels,

  18. Hi Michael,

    This is the itinerary I’m looking at from the 12/2/24 to 15/2/24 for Bali. I did read your suggested itineraries and there were a couple of things we did not wish to do and things we did. Hence, the plan as below. Would you recommend we just get a driver for all these days and discuss the plan? In addition, is it possible to do the Ayung rafting tour without the rice terrace/swing and go to the waterfalls and Goa Gajah as the itinerary below?

    Thank you!


    > Airport to Ubud and staying there till 14/2/24

    > Campuhan Ridge Walk
    > Ubud Palace
    > Water Palace
    > Ubud Art Market
    > Tegalang Rice Terrace
    > Pura Tirta Empul

    > Ayung Rafting
    > Hidden Canyon, Tegenungan Waterfall and Goa Gajah

    > Mt Batur Hike
    > Tanah Lot before staying the night at Seminyak

    > Seminyak
    > Uluwatu in the evening

    > Leaving from Seminyak to Airport

    • Hi Vish,

      Yes, that’s correct. You can simply book a driver for the days you need, then discuss your plans the day prior.
      And yes, it’s possible to do the rafting tour without the rice terrace and swing and instead switch it out for waterfalls and Goa Gajah.

      Safe travels,

  19. Hi Michael,

    I’m traveling with my family to Bali in April and would like to book a driver for the following trips/days:
    1. Transfer from Bali Airport to Kuta Hotel x 6 pax (with luggage)
    2. Kuta Hotel to Ubud day tour to see the rice terraces, monkey sanctuary, Tukad Cepung, Tegenungan Waterfall etc and back to Kuta Hotel x 6pax
    3. Kuta Hotel to Lovina transfer with stops at Ulun Danu, Aling-Aling, Git-Git x 4 pax (with luggage) NB – we will be staying in Lovina for a couple of nights so this is one way only.
    4. Lovina to Bali Safari Park with stops along the way x 4 pax (with luggage) NB we are staying at the park so no return trip to Lovina is needed.
    5. Airport transfer from Bali Safari Park to Bali Airport x 4 pax (with luggage).

    What forms are the best for us to fill out for this?

    We are staying in Lovina for 2 nights and at this stage don’t know if we require a driver on the middle day. What is the price difference to have a driver for all 3 days compared to just booking the 2 days travel between North and South Bali?

    Sorry for the stream of questions, appreciate your help and expertise with this.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Tracey,

      Wonderful itinerary!
      Here are the following links to book:

      1) Aiport Transfer from Ngurah Rai airport to Kuta: Bali Airport Transfer Booking

      2) Ubud Day Tour from Kuta: Ubud Highlights Day Tour

      3) Hotel transfer from Kuta to Lovina + Day Tour: North Bali Day Tour (Selection at the bottom)

      4) Transfer from Lovina to Bali Safari Park + Day Tour: North Bali Day Tour

      5) Return transfer from Bali Safari Park to Ngurah Rai airport: Bali Airport Transfer Booking

      A few things to note:
      -You can actually book 1 & 5 in one booking (arrival and departure trips)
      -I would suggest booking an Innova (slightly larger SUV) to accommodate all passengers and luggages

      Feel free to let me know if you need any assistance or have any complications.

      Safe travels,

  20. Hi Michael, I would like to book a car to pick my friend and I up from our cruise ship (Benoa) and stop at a few destinations then take us up to our hotel in Ubud. I am thinking it would make sense to see some things in the southern part of the island while we are down there anyway, so possibly Uluwatu Temple, Tanah lot and perhaps a few other stops. I am not sure how to book on your website though as the only options I see are for some of your planned itineraries. I am not sure we will want to do a full 10 hours on our first day. How do I book a flexible tour? Also can you make recommendations on what else to see in that area before we head to Ubud? We will likely book an Ubud and east Bali tour for our second day (which is why I thought it made sense to see some places in the south the day we arrive in that area). Is there a better way to communicate with you instead of the comments section? I’d love to have a conversation over email or text if possible to come up with a plan. Thanks!

  21. Hello Michael, your form doesn’t allow for areas we’d like to visit 24/2t July.
    We are 3 ladies needing a VIP private car and guide to take us to Beratan Temple, Tanah Lot , Tirta Empul Temple and Lempuyang Gae of Heaven. Also avoidng/skipping queues.
    Our hotel will be in Sanur and we hope to fill in two full days and if time permits, with any other attractions in between.
    Is this feasible and what would be your estimate?

    • Hi Kim,

      For the form you’ll be selecting “East Bali Day Tour.”
      I would suggest keeping Tanah Lot for a separate day from the rest for time efficiency.

      For a cost estimate, feel free to fill in the form and it will provide a cost at the bottom.

      Safe travels,

    • Your prices are est from year 2023. Does that may it can change, drastically?
      Can you tours include guide to purchase tickets and skip queues?
      Is there waiting time at Sanur port to catch the fast boat to Nusa Penida and on return as well?

      • Hi Kim,

        The prices remain the same so far.

        Regarding the tours, our drivers do help with purchasing tickets on the location so you don’t have to deal with queues.

        For the Sanur port, it sometimes depends on the water conditions and if there are tons of visitors.

        Safe travels,

    • Hi David,

      There will be a slight discount in pricing if you enter consecutive days in the form.
      I do have to reserve your driver for the booked days, this means he will have to turn down other tour bookings for the week.
      However, you can book for the week and change pick up times for the days through communication with your driver.

      Safe travels,

  22. Hi Michael,

    My partner and I will be in Bali in April 2024 staying at Nunamkhalu private villas and spa. We’d like to do a day trip on the 24th from kuta (our accommodation) to canggu, denpasar, ubud, seminyak to see so far the following attractions:
    Tegalalang Rice terrace, Bali swing, Bali Zoo, Trans studio mall, Uluwatu temple, beachwalk shopping centre,

    Do you think its possible to do on 1 (10hr) day trip?
    Also what areas are South Bali?

    • Hi Panashe,

      Perhaps Tegalalang Rice Terraces / Bali Zoo should be done on another day as they are a bit further out from the rest, and you wouldn’t want to burn most of your time with your drive by commuting between destinations far from each other.
      The others, such as the malls, Uluwatu, and many other sights down in the south, are very possible!

      Safe travels,

  23. Hi Michael,
    we are a group of 8 adults are you able to provide private drivers and could we customise our tours?

  24. My daughter and I are traveling to Bali in May. If I understand correctly I need to submit 4 forms?

    1. Roundtrip airport transfer
    2. South Bali Day
    3. North Bali Day
    4. South Bali 2 Day

    Would be have the same drive for all four day hires? Are there female drivers in your network? Is there anyway to request a female driver?


    • Hi Rebecca,

      For your initial question, yes that’s correct – due to some of those trips being different costs.

      Usually in this case I will assign the same driver to all days, trips, and tours.

      I’d also be more than happy to assign a female driver for you!

      Safe travels,

  25. Hi Michael,
    My husband and I have been to Bali many times over the last 30 years, and are hoping to return in September ’24 for the first time in a while. This is my first visit to your site, which intrigues! If we wanted to be collected at the airport and get away to some of the more remote spots in the north and east for 6 nights, what would be the approximate cost (before tips) for that period of time? Thanks much, Tracy

    • Hi Tracy,

      Glad you’re finally paying Bali a visit!
      You can use to form above to checking the pricing. Fill out the details and the cost will be provided at the bottom.

      Safe travels,

  26. Hi Michael, it’s our first time to Bali where we’ll be staying in Nusa Dua and we would like to hire a private car and driver for a day. The elderly prefers not to travel for more than an hour to a destination. Should we book the South Bali option? What would be the rough relaxing itinerary you recommend?
    And lastly how much notice do you require for a booking?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Jacqui,

      The South Bali Day Tour option would be the closest to Nusa Dua, so it would be the most ideal for the elders. It gives you the freedom of your own private driver to explore wherever you’d like in the Southern region!
      Booking can be done a day before your trip day.

      Safe travels,

  27. Hi Michael
    We are transferring from Seminyak to a hotel in Munduk on 26 December 2023. We would like to do some sight seeing on the way like the swing, rice fields etc. Which tour should we book? We are a family of 2 adults 2 kids (4 & 7) should we also get car seats?

    • Hi Graeme,

      I would suggest the booking the Ubud Highlights Day Tour and simply informing your driver that you won’t be returning to Seminyak but prefer to end your trip in Munduk instead.

      For the little ones, perhaps a car seat for the 4 year old might save you some trouble.

      Safe travels,

  28. Hello,
    Nice to meet you. Thankyou for a very informative website on Bali. Well done! Q:we have a 12hr layover and would like to use that time to do a some of light sight seeing and sit around the beach instead of sitting around the airport. We land about 9:50am and depart 9:40pm. Which option form would be the most appropriate?

    • Hi Thorsten,

      Happy to help!
      I’d suggest the South Bali tour. It will keep you within the general region of the southern tip and can always plan / adjust your itinerary depending on your time.
      You’ll also be closer to the airport (as opposed to the East or North day tours)

      Safe travels,

  29. I arrive in Bali Sat 2 Dec, 11am. Want private driver for 4 days. Pick up from airport, deliver to Lovina Hotel. Sunday to drive to West Bali, back to Lovina. Monday to see waterfalls and end up in Munduk. Tuesday to deliver by lunch time to Ubud Hotel. Is this counted as 3 full days, as it is two full days and two half days?
    What is the cost please? I cannot book until I understand how this works. Do I have the same driver or swap to different driver once we reach Lovina?
    Thank you, Kim

    • Hi Kim,

      Here’s a simple breakdown for you:

      Pick up from Bali Airport
      You will need a Bali Airport Transfer to Lovina

      Sunday – Tour to West Bali and back to Lovina
      You can Book a Private Car and Driver and select North Bali Day Tour

      Monday – Waterfall tour and drop-off in Munduk
      For this you can select any of the waterfall tours, and you may have your driver drop you off in Munduk

      Tuesday – Transfer to Ubud Hotel
      You will need a Hotel Transfer to Ubud

      For the pricing, you can fill in the details on the forms to see the accurate costs, and book these tours / trips whenever you are ready.

      Hope this helps!
      Safe travels,

  30. We are a party of 3 arriving on the 30th march 2024 into benoa cruiseport at around 830am we are looking for a private driver to take us on a tour , we wish travel to tegallalang rice terrace also take in a waterfall on our return if time permits some siteseeing before arriving back to the cruise terminal, for 1600 hrs . Could you please advise if this is possible in our timeframe also if this is possible could you give me a price of this
    Many thanks leesmith

    • Hi Leesmith,

      It’s fantastic that you’re planning so far ahead!

      Yes it is possible to visit the Tegallalang Rice Terraces and perhaps sneak in a few waterfalls then head back to Benoa.

      I would advise booking a South Bali to Ubud Day Tour (Itinerary 1).

      You can simply fill in the details on the form at the bottom of the page to view the pricing options and book directly there.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Rohani,

      Sorry, no cash payments. Everything can be processed via the online booking form, including your receipts / proof of payments, and confirmations.

      Safe travels,

  31. Hi there!

    I’m looking to hire a private car for 7 days. We are not looking to tour, but we have airbnbs all within 1-2 hours of each other. Our desire is to have a driver available at our disposal within certain hours of the day (allocate off hours for the driver to sleep)

    What option should we select?

    • Hi TC,

      Not a problem. The North, South, and East Day Tour options are there for you to choose the general area you’ll be in and moving around with your driver.
      For example, if you’ll be staying in South Bali (Canggu, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, etc) and will be spending your time there, then you can choose the South Bali option.

      Safe travels,

      • Michael, thanks so much for your reply.

        What if it’s a mixture of South, East, North and West?

        To be precise…

        Arrival/Pickup in Denpasar.
        1) Kecamatan Kediri
        2) Ubud
        3) Tegallalang
        4) Selat
        5) Denpasar (depart home)

        Thanks again!

        • Hi TC,

          For days 1, 2, and 3, are all considered South Bali. So you can book those as consecutive days all in one booking.
          For day 4, Selat in Karangasem, will be East Bali (separate booking as slightly different price)
          And day 5 will be South Bali again (One more separate booking)

          Hope this helps!

          Safe travels,

  32. HI Michael, my daughter and I are travelling to Bali on the 20th. We go over to Flores for a few days and return on the 30th and will need transport to our next destination. We are booked in at Candidasa from 30-5th October then we go to Ubud (Nandini- @ Hanging Gardens) from the 5th – 9th then onto the Jannata at Ubud until the 13th October when we will need to return to Dempansar Airport. We don’t want to rely on taxis to get around, is this something you can help with? How much would it cost to have a driver with us for that duration?
    I look forward to your response
    Kind regards


    • Hi Sharon,

      Sounds like a fun trip you have planned. You can check the pricing on this very page by entering the details – the cost will be displayed at the bottom of the form.

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael. as we are going from the airport to Candidasa we are going from South to East Bali – can you advise how much that would be please

        • Hi Sharon,

          If you’ll need just an airport transfer for the 30th, then I would suggest booking a Bali Airport Transfer to Candidasa. If you’ll need an transfer as well as a private driver & car for the day, then you should book a Bali Airport Transfer Plus Day Tour. Fill out the details on the forms to see the accurate pricing as costs can vary. For the rest of days you’ll need a driver, you may refer to the booking form on this very page.

          Safe travels,

  33. Hi Michael

    My family of four are travelling to Bali for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I’m keen to book a private driver via your service. We are staying in Canggu for 4 nights, Ubud for 4 nights and Uluwatu for 2 nights. However, I’m not sure how to combine bookings for a daily private driver interspersed with some day tours. I have planned the following:
    1 Airport transfer + day tour (we arrive at around 12pm but would like a car to go shopping, etc on arrival)
    2 Canggu – local exploring
    3 Gitgit Waterfall Tour
    4 Canggu/Seminyak exploring (possible trip to Tanah Lot)
    5 South Bali to ubud Tranfer & East Bali Tour
    6 Ubud – local exploring
    7 Ubud Day tour (itinerary 2)
    8 Ubud – local
    9 Ubud – Uluwatu transfer (with a couple of stops along the way)
    10 Uluwatu – local (+ temple & kecak dance in evening)
    11 Transfer from Uluwatu villa to Beach club in Jimbaran for the day (flight not leaving until 11:30pm)

    I would really appreciate your guidance on the best way to book this with as few separate bookings as possible.
    Many thanks

  34. Dear Michael,

    I hope you’re well. After scanning your tours and wonderful website, I am interested to know more about the possibility of arranging a 4-day tour with one of your drivers. I am one person, and I will be staying in Ubud September 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th (hoping to leave my last day the 28th free for some local activities).

    I have thought through an itinerary, and would love your advice as to whether it is feasible, possible to incorporate lunches, and overall a good idea. I have studied the tours available on the website and they look great but I am thinking that a personally arranged tour could allow me to see more spots on my list.

    If it is also possible to join another person’s tour that is very similar, or have them join mine to share the costs, I am also willing.

    Here is what I was thinking:

    DAY 1
    Agung Rai Museum of Art
    Tanah Lot
    Garuda Wisnu Kencana
    Uluwatu Temple & dance performance

    Day 2
    Goa Gajah
    Besakih Temple
    Temple Of Penataran Agung Lempuyang

    Day 3
    Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring
    Pura Tirta Empul
    Leke Leke Waterfall
    Bayan Ancient Tree
    Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

    Day 4
    Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
    Handara Gate
    Sekumpul Waterfall
    Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall
    Banyumala Waterfall

    Thank you very much for your time and your effort for helping us all to have a great experience in Bali.

    Best wishes,


  35. Hallo Michael and congatulations on your very helpfull web site!

    I am contacting you cause we are a group of three persons: a man, a woman and a lady in a Foldable Wheelchair that can only stand and walk a little with someone helping her .

    We will need :
    a ) The Bali Airport Transfer to our hotel in Kuta in 6/9/2023
    b) Private car and driver for the following days that we will be staying in Kuta, Amed, Lovina and Ubud.
    Is it ok for us to book the Avanza 6-seater SUV ?

    We would also very much appreciate if you could give us some tips on how to get some more help with the disabled lady during our tours to the attractions of Bali.

    Thank you in advance


    • Hi Argyro,

      Glad you’re enjoying the site.
      The Avanza 6-seater should be sufficient.

      You can book your Bali Airport Transfer here.
      For the private car and driver, you can book via this very page.

      Regarding some help with the disabled individual, do you mean hiring someone?

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael,

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply!

        We are interested either :
        -In hiring someone to accompany the driver to help us give the disabled lady some possible close experience with the temples or other sightseeings
        -In tipping extra the driver in case he could help us
        -In finding individuals on spot to hire

        Thank you in advance for the information


  36. Hello,
    Do you have any cars that are 7 seaters? There will be 6 travellers. Please advise day or hourly rate. Seminyak area.

    Thank you.


  37. Hello Michael, we (2 people) are planning a Bali trip May 2024. I know – still a long way away!
    Ubud for 5 nights. And 5 days exploring the North. We have some thoughts about where we want to explore for the north trip and hoping to hire a driver for this period. This is our very tentative plan:
    – drive Ubud to Lovina – taking in rice fields, temple & waterfalls along the way
    – stay in Lovina 2 nights – do day trips to waterfalls
    – drive to Amed, stay 2 nights – taking in temples along the way
    – drive Amed to Kuta before flying out
    It is our first time in Bali so we are unfamiliar with the lay of the land – so to speak. Driving certain roads, times, etc.
    Wondering if you could provide a little advice on whether you think this trip makes sense, and hiring a driver for each of the trip segments; ie; 1) Ubud to Lovina, 2) Lovina to Amed, 3) Amed to Kuta?
    And do the drivers take you one way ie Ubud to Lovina, Lovina to Amed, Amed to Kuta?
    And would we need to complete 3 different booking forms?
    Thanks for any help you’re able to offer.

    • Hi Marcia,

      For the sake of simplicity and avoiding confusion, it would be better to complete the 3 booking forms.
      Regarding the itinerary itself, yes I think that would make sense in that order.

      Looking forward to your trip!

      • Hello Michael,
        We are now in the process of booking a driver(s), but have more questions on how best to do this.

        We will be in Ubud for a few days so will complete a form for a driver for 2 days for the Nothern area.
        We will then be traveling east to Amed for 3 nights, stopping in Sideman 1 night, before returning to Kuta.

        So, when booking the eastern travel from Ubud (to Sideman/Amed/Kuta (4 nights)), will that include the driver taking us to Kuta on the final day?

        Thank you

      • Hello Michael,
        We are now in the process of booking a driver(s), but have more questions on how best to do this. We will be in Ubud for a few days so will complete a form for a driver for 2 days for the Nothern area.
        We will then be traveling east to Amed for 3 nights, stopping in Sideman 1 night, before returning to Kuta.

        So, when booking the eastern travel from Ubud (to Sideman/Amed/Kuta (4 nights)), will that include the driver taking us to Kuta on the final day?

        Thank you

        • Hi Marcia,

          On these days will you be booking Hotel Transfers? Or private Car and Driver for the day?

          If you’ll be booking a private car and driver, your driver can take you back to Kuta on the final day. You’re covered!

          Safe travels,

  38. Hi,
    I just booked a North Bali Tour to transfer from our hotel in Ubud to Permuteran as I read that you need to book North Bali to transfer to a hotel in North Bali. Now when I wanted to book the trip back, I noticed that Pemuteran is not among the serviced areas. Does that mean that I cannot use this day trip to come to the hotel in Pemuteran? If yes, would you please cancel my booking for free, as I just made it 3 minutes ago?
    Is there any other option you would offer for such a transfer? Also for the way back?

  39. Hello! We are trying to arrange travel from Gilimanuk ferry dock to our stay in Gitgit. I do not see those as pick up options. Thank you!

  40. Hi there,

    We’re looking for a driver to pick us up from a beach club in Uluwatu tonight to take us back to our hotel in Seminyak. Are we too late to arrange this via your site, and is it possible to get a quote please?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Mel,

      Unfortunately, your driver needs to be booked at least a day ahead due to high demand. But whenever you have a planned trip or you know in advance when you will need a private driver, feel free to book via this very page.

      Safe travels,

  41. Hi Michael,
    I would like to book a car+driver for 1 day to transfer us from Lovina to Ubud. We are a family of 5 adults.
    We would like to make a day trip out of it, including some sightseeing. It will not be a round trip though. I am not sure if this is possible and how to book this?
    thanks a lot
    Karolien Kerssen

    • Hi Karolien,

      Yes, very simple. You’re free to book your private driver and organize your own destinations – including your final stop. You can fill out the details in the form on this page and select Lovina as your pick up location.

      Safe travels,

  42. Hi Michael,
    I am very interested in booking a car with you, but I am not sure how to get in touch with you, other han here. Is there a way to find you email adress?
    Best, Sanne

  43. Hi
    Looking for a car with WiFi & driver for 2 or 3 days when we are staying in Ubud & 2 days when staying in Kuta yo explore all the best tourist attractions. How much would this be for two people ?

    • Hi Ann, you can find the cost by filling in the private car and driver form on the same page you left this comment. If you ask the driver will be happy to share his mobile internet via hotspot with you for the day at no extra charge (but a tip might be appropriate).

      Safe travels, Michael

        • Hi Ann, yes there is. After making a booking, reply to the driver notification (the 2nd email) that you require wifi and we will make sure the driver is capable of sharing their phone’s hotspot.

          As an aside, I highly recommend getting a SIM card on the way through the airport on arrival. Very cheap for lots of data you can use anywhere.

          Safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      We are a group of 4 who will be travelling to Bali from 15th to 18th Jul. We are looking for a private driver who is able to speak English and recommend places to visit. Are you able to help us on this?

    • Hi Darren, if you make multiple bookings, even for different tours and transfers, we always endeavour to assign you the same driver.

      Safe travels, Michael

  44. Hello Michael,
    We will be coming from Nusa Penida and would like to be picked up at the Sanur Harbour and then to our hotel in the Baturiti area with stops in between. Is this possible?

  45. Can we book a private car for airport pickup and half day tour… basically go directly from airport to Uluwatu temple n dance performance before being dropped off to our hotel at night..?? We will be a group of 6 ppl with lugagge..

  46. Hi
    I would like to book one of your cars for two seperate day tours. I have severe tinnitus though and need a car with the least road noise. Which of your cars has the quietest cabin?
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Amanda, the Alphard has the least road noise and is predictably the most expensive, followed by the Innova, which has slightly better build quality than the cheapest, which is Avanza.

      Safe travels, Michael

  47. Hi – would it be possible to hire a driver from our villa in seminyak to Ubud and back again? I don’t specifically want a tour, just the convenience of going there and back without hassle and a good amount of time to wander and eat in a restaurant etc etc

    • Hi Polly, yes, you can literally hire a private car and driver for the day to go exactly where you want on the same page you left this comment.

      Safe travels, Michael

  48. Hi Michael
    Arriving on 20th June
    Looking to book a driver for 2 days whilst staying in ubud for 2 people. Would like a slightly later start on day 2 – 10am and 8am on day 2. Looking to cover the following sites. Is this doable and what itinerary would you suggest for each day
    Ubud palace
    Pura Taman Saraswati temple
    Tegalalang Rice Terraces
    Sacred monkey forest
    Campuhan ridge walk
    Goa Gajah
    Tibumana Waterfall
    Tirta Empul
    Gunung Kawi

    • Hi Dee, you can book a private car and driver on the same page you wrote this comment. I would ask the driver which of these attractions to split into the 2 days depending on where you are staying, as he will know the current traffic conditions and advise the best route for both days. I’d do the Campuhan Ridge Walk in the morning, as it will get quite hot from late morning onwards.

      Safe travels, Michael

  49. Hi
    We are looking for a trip around the south part of the island and eventually a trip to Tanah Lot on the 6th and 7th of July. We are staying in Sanur.
    Trip 1: shall consist of trip to Waterblow in Nusa Dua(first stop due to the tide), Garuda Wishnu Park and Uluwatu temple.
    Trip 2: Trip to Tanah Lot and a few other attractions on the way back or forth.

    Is this possible to plan our own trip?

    Yours Sincerely

  50. Hi, we are looking for someone to pick us up from the airport on July 7 at night and take us to our resort in ubud then drive us for July 8, 9 and 10 (ubud area and west, north and east). On the 10th dropping off at our resort in Seminyak. Couldn’t figure out how to request this, can you help?

    • Hi Yiling, as it happens we are adding the Alphard to our suite of cars available very soon. When would you be requiring it?

      Safe travels, Michael

  51. Hi, Michael,

    I and my wife want to do an overnight trip to Ubud from Nusa Dua. This will be booking a driver two days and we want to know the best way to do this. Rough agenda as follows:

    1. We want a driver for the first day to take us from Nusa Dua to see some attractions in Ubud and then drop us at a Ubud hotel.
    2. Then on the second day pick us up from the Ubud Hotel and take us to some additional Ubud attractions and then back to Nusa Dua.


  52. Hi Michael,
    We are looking to book a.private taxi to take us from Sanur to Saridevi Ecolodge, Jatiluwih where are staying 2 nights. Is it something that your company can organise for us.
    Thank you.

  53. Hi,
    I’m travelling with two other females in late June this year. We would like to hire someone to drive us from Jimbaran to Ubud for a day trip. This day trip would only be around 6-8 hours. Our locations would be Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Gunung Lebah Temple and Campuhan Ridge Walk. I was wondering if we could get a quote please?

    • Hi Paris, you can get a quote by filling in the details on this very page for booking a private car and driver, with the number of passengers and pickup location. For Ubud choose the South Bali option. Or you can book an Ubud Day Tour and change the itinerary to suit yourselves. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to walk the Campuhan Ridge. And here’s a pro tip: go hang out at Jungle Fish day club for a couple of hours afterwards for a dip in the pool overlooking the jungle.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi there,

        My partner and I are travelling to Bali for 2 weeks at the start of august. Do you allow quotes for just hotel pick up and drop offs at multiple locations and airport transfers only?

        Do you only allow bookings for 10 hours with the 3 options for north, south and east?

        We are also wanting to do a day trip to nusa penida, d you offer a driver for a day for this too?

        Look forward to hearing from you

  54. Hi Michael,
    We’re staying at the Kori Ubud Resort and we’re planning to take the hotel shuttle into Ubud to buy sarongs and then venture to Goa Gajah. How would you recommend we organise travel? Based on the info on your site I can see I could sort a bluebird taxi from the centre but then wouldn’t be able to get back.
    Thank you in advance.

  55. Hi Michael,
    Can I get picked up in Kintamani (after hiking Mount Batur) and get driven to Besakih Great Temple and then driven to where we are staying that night – Munduk Moding Plantation?

    Also, once we are at Moding Plantation, we may want a driver for waterfall visits and other things, but we will also be spending some time just relaxing at the resort. Can we hire one of your drivers to basically be on call for the 10 hour period even if on a given day we only end up using the driver for a short while? We’d still be paying the full amount, so I assume this would be ok.

    • Hi David, yes, you can choose Kintamani as your pickup location. And yes, you can hire your driver for the day, and use him as and when you feel like it, as long as it is within 10 hrs of the start time. We get that a lot, its great to have a driver on tap so you can decide to do something spontaneously and make it up on the day.

      Safe trvaels, Michael

  56. Hi Michael
    First off, thank you for all the information you have shared on this website. I especially admired your attention to a diverse array of data that a first time or recurring traveler will need for a Bali vacation. Your info on transport was very helpful compared to multiple other websites and blogs I have researched.

    I was wondering if you could help me with booking based on my planned itinerary. I will be traveling to Bali in a week, reaching DPS at around 1030 PM on May 4th and departing on May 16th night. I am staying in Canggu (1.5 days), Ubud (7 days) and Seminyak (2.5 days).

    Do you suggest booking a consecutive multiple day trip with a private car or does it need to be per day?
    Also do you suggest booking in advance or is there flexibility/availability if I want to book a day or two before?

    My rough planned itinerary is listed below:

    Day 1 – 3 – Staying in Canggu
    – visit Tanah Lot temple
    – Rice fields around Canggu

    Days 4 through 10 – Ubud
    – Day 5: visit Teglalang rice terrace, Campuhan ridge walk, Ubud Palace, Sacred monkey forest and Saraswati temple
    – Day 6: visit Pura Gunung Kawi, Pura Tirta Empul, Pura Dalem, Goa Gajah, Sampan Tiga Temple
    – Day 7: visit Tibumana Waterfall, Taman Sari Waterfall, Goa Reng Reng Waterfall Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Suwat Waterfall, Tegenungan waterfall

    Days 10 thru 13 – Seminyak
    – Day 11: Visit Uluwatu Temple

    Based on my planned trips, it makes more sense to hire a private driver for Ubud for three days. Do you agree?

    I’d greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.


  57. Hi there,

    I hope it is not too late to send my queries. My family and I ( 4 adults) will be arriving in Bali on 30 April 2023 around afternoon. Will be there until 5 May 2023 where we are scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur. Our hotel is Melia Hotel, Nusa Dua. Can I check whether I can make a reservation for a driver for the entire 6 days and decide day by day if I want to make a full day trip, half day trip or just a drop off and pick up at a beach, restaurant and so on? Can we also include to pick us up for the airport transfer on day 1 and day 6 return to airport? How do I make the booking if it is all good and the costs as well. Appreciate if you can email me your suggestions.


    Lina Yahya

    • Hi Lina, you can book an airport transfer, or an airport transfer plus day tour for your arrival.

      Then you can book a private car and driver for several days, and its up to you what time you start, where you go, or get dropped off. The driver is yours for 10 consecutive hours from the start time. And on the last day, you can get him to drop you off at the airport.

      Or you can make an individual booking for each single day, entirely up to you. All bookings are made online.

      Safe travels, Michael

  58. Hi Michael,

    My wife and I are going to spend 6 days in Bali. Would you suggest staying in multiple hotels around the area or is it feasible to stay in a single hotel and just take day trips to each location? I would like to book a private car and driver for the trip, it looks like on the website I will need to book each day seperatly, is that correct or can I book it all at once?


    • Hi Adam, if you are coming for your first time I’d recommend a few days in Seminyak and a couple in Ubud. However, you can stay in one place and take day trips to most places on the island. You can book a private car and driver for several consecutive days on this very page – take a look at the booking form. You can also change hotels if hiring for the full 6 days and changing locations, and I would recommend choosing the north Bali option so you can travel anywhere in Bali without any extra costs. I’d also look at the airport transfer, and if you want to keep the driver after your flight the airport transfer + day tour.

      Safe travels, Michael

  59. Hi Michael,
    We (5 adults and 4 kids) are planning to be in Bali (arriving July 4 and departing July 13). We thinking of spending 4 days in Ubud and 5 days in Seminyak. We are looking to hire a driver for the duration of our stay. This is what I have planned so far. We are also interesting in see Lempuyang Temple, & Tirta Gangga water palace
    Day 1 – Tegalalang Rice Terraces , The Holy Spring Water of Pura Tirta Empul, Ancient Bali: Pura Gunung Kawi, The Ubud Monkey Forest , and Campuhan Ridge Walk
    Day 2 – The Waterfall: Kanto Lampo, Tibumana Waterfall, Goa Gajah, Elephant Cave, Ubud Water Palace, Saraswati Temple
    Day 3 – Day trip on sail boat to explore Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan
    Day 4- Hike to Mount Batur for sunrise
    How much is a driver and car (must fit all 9 of us)? What is the most cost effective method? Please email with a quote for the car/driver, round trip transport from/to airport and from/to hotel? Also do you have any hotel/villa accommodations?

  60. Hi Michael I have just booked a day trip with you but wanted to see what would be the best way to travel if I was going to dinner from nusa dua to kerobokan or seminyak and obviously back to nusa dua I would imagine dinner would be approx 1-1/2 hrs Cheers Liam

  61. Hello Michael,

    My husband and I plan a trip to Bali from the 23rd of July to the 6th of June, staying the 1st 6 nights in Seminyak, then 3 nights in Ubud, and the last 4 nights in Uluwatu.

    We are looking for airport transportation, and a driver to help with our transportation during our stay, however, we’d like to take this vacation with chilled vibes and with no advance detailed planning.

    I was wondering if we could coordinate the days we would like to go out on and book the driver once we are there instead of pre-booked?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Sundus, the best thing for you to do is book a private car and driver at least one day before you need him and decide your itinerary on the day with the help of your driver.

      Safe travels, Michael

  62. Hi Michael,

    I am planning a 5-day trip with my partner to Bali this upcoming April.

    Here is our itinerary outline:
    Day 1: Fly in to Denspasar in the morning, travel to Ubud
    Day 2: Ubud private tour of major attractions (booked)
    Day 3: Drive to Uluwatu, visit temple and beaches and stay in Uluwatu at night
    Day 4: Drive to Seminyak and visit Tanah Lot
    Day 5: Visit Canguu for the day and drive to Denpasar for evening flight

    What would you recommend would be the best car options to book?

    Thank you,

  63. Dear Sir, I hope you are well. My partner and I are coming to Bali in the next week and wish to understand how much it would cost to book a driver for a few days of our trip? I have included our itinerary below:
    25/03/23 – from hotel in Ubud. We would wish to visit Pura Besiakh in the morning then perhaps stop for some lunch before travel to Tegallang rice paddies, Gunung Kawi and Pura Tirta Empul. We would then be grateful of drop-off at the same hotel.
    26/03/23 – travel from Ubud hotel to Sideman hotel early afternoon via Tukad Cepung waterfall
    27/03/23 – driver not required
    28/03/23 – travel from Sideman hotel to Pura Lempuyang Luhur in the morning then travel to Taman Tirtagangga water palace. Lunch nearby. We are then thinking of hiking from Tirtagangga to Tenganan but not confirmed currently. We would then be grateful if we could travel to Lovina hotel that evening.
    29/03/23 – tour around North Bali. Sekumpul and Fiji waterfalls then to Ulun Danu Beratan temple. Lunch. Mundum waterfall and Brahma vihara Arama temple. Return to lovina hotel
    30/03/23 – return to ubud in the morning

    I am open to suggestions if this is not the ideal way to arrange our time!

    Many thanks for your time

  64. Hi,
    Wondering if it’s possible to hire a private car for a transfer from Ubud to Sanur very early on Friday March 14th to catch a ferry to Nusa Pedina.

    Let me know. Thank you!

  65. Hi, I am one person / one luggage have a 5 day itinerary around Bali that I’d love a driver for. Can you please provide a quote?

    I will be coming from the ferry in Java so I’d like to be picked up on August 14th at Gilimanuk then go to the following: Brahmavihara-Arama Temple, Aling-Aling Waterfall, Sekumpul Waterfalls, Bali Handara Gate, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple , and Banyumala Twin Waterfalls. Then be dropped off in Lovena Beach – I need to book a hotel.

    August 15th: Jatiluwih Rice Terrace and Belimbing Rice Terraces
    Sleep near Tegallalang Rice Terrace

    August 16: Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Pura Gunung Kawi , Tirta Empul Temple, Tukad Cepung Waterfall , Besakih Temple (if time), Lempuyang temple; stay near this area

    August 17: I won’t need a driver this day.

    August 18: I’ll need a driver in Ubud for the following: Campuhan Ridge Walk, Sacred Monkey Forest (very early), Goa Gajah, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Ubud Water Palace (evening to see the dancers)

    If you think there is a better way to arrange this I am open to suggestions. I do like the days to be very busy. Thank you so much!

  66. Hi, I’m planning on staying in 5 different hotels during my trip to Bali in April/May and need to be shuttled between them. I have asked a few of the hotels directly but I have a feeling they’re marking up the price substantially. The prices are coming up to the same as or more as transfers in London which I find hard to believe. I am 1 person with 1 luggage. Would I be able to book cars via you? The longest stretches between hotels are Canggu to Jembrana , and Jembrana to Nusa Dua. The others are more “local” trips I suppose (ex. airport to Uluwatu). I’m not sure booking a driver for the whole two weeks will be cost effective, as I am staying between 2 – 4 days in each place. I may do day trips as well or maybe bake the hotel transfers into half day/day trips (?) but for now I’m mostly worried about getting between the hotels. I hadn’t done my research properly before booking the various hotels and am now realising this can be more complex than initially imagined. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

      • Thanks!!! I realise Jembrana is huge so I misread the hotel location and it’s actually more Pekutatan and not even as far up as Pulukan. So not as far up as the Gilimanuk harbour at all, more like half way up there. Sorry, what would be the most appropriate location to choose from your lists for booking?

        • Hi Marlene, to be honest, it doesn’t matter. Anything past Tanah Lot and we need to charge for basically a full day, as our drivers have to not just take you there but return back as well, and it’s further than you think. So if you are going to hire a private car and driver, which is where you have posted this comment, please choose the North Bali option.

          Safe travels, Michael

      • Thanks! I tried to reply but I didn’t see it posted here so trying again, apologies if you get this twice. I realise now Jembarana is huge and I’m not going as far up as Gilimanuk, I’m going to just south of Pulukan, I believe the more exact location is Pekutatan. Sorry about that, I’m not up to speed on Bali navigation just yet. Any better or more accurate location I should chose from your drop downs for more accurate pricing? Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.

        • Hi Marlene, you keep asking the same question… to be honest, it doesn’t matter. Anything past Tanah Lot and we need to charge for basically a full day, as our drivers have to not just take you there but return back as well, and it’s further than you think. So if you are going to hire a private car and driver, which is where you have posted this comment, please choose the North Bali option.

          Safe travels, Michael

  67. Hi Michael,
    My wife & I will be on a cruise in Bali March 01-03/2024 and would be interested in booking a car and driver for the 2 & a half days we are there. Your itinerary 3 to Ubud, etc looks particularly interesting. Otherwise we would look to tour south Bali. Your advice as to when we would need to book would be appreciated.

  68. Hi Michael, I am looking into options for a day trip for a group of 9 adults (in May). We’d like to book a private driver so we can devise our our itinerary and stop when we like.

    I have a rough itinerary in mind, but would appreciate a local’s feedback – ie. too ambitious or doable, etc.

    Is there an email address I could send you this detail ?


  69. Hi Michael, thank you so much for all the helpful information on your site. It’s so organized and informative without being overwhelming. We will be traveling to Bali for the first time in mid-June!

    I have two days on my itinerary where I’m thinking it would be beneficial to hire a private driver. I was inspired this post specifically to try to turn our Airbnb changing day (from Ubud to Seminyak) into a full day tour. Do you think this would be do-able in a day and still fall under “South Bali Day Tour – 10 hours” with pick up from Ubud? We are 4 people who will likely have a carry-on size bag and day pack each. In addition, do you offer any add-ons to have a guide with us explaining some things, or do you feel your drivers provide a good level of explanations? I don’t think we need full on tour guide level, but for example someone who can provide some basic background info about the rice terrace and temples would be great.

    Tegallalang Rice Terrace
    Bali Pulina Coffee Tasting
    Pura Tirta Empul
    Alohal Ubud Swings (optional)
    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary or Sangeh Monkey Forest
    Taman Ayun Temple
    Check in Seminyak Airbnb – after 2PM – Could also go after Tanah Lot if better
    Tanah Lot – Sunset

    I am also thinking of hiring one of your drivers for one of our Ubud-only days. Do you think this is do-able, and would you recommend booking a full day or a half day for this one?

    Hidden Zoo – 1-1.5 hrs
    Hidden Canyon – 2-3 hrs
    Tegenungan Falls
    Sumampan Falls
    Kanto Lamp Falls
    Goa Gajah

    Thank you so so so much in advance for your time.

    • Hi Cherry, both those look reasonable, although Tanah Lot for sunset might be pushing it depending on how long you spend at each attraction and the traffic conditions. Second day is definitely a full day – do not underestimate the time it takes to get from one to the other. And tour driver is your guide.

      Safe travels, Michael

  70. Hi Michael,

    Not sure if my previous comment was posted but it didn’t show up (apologies if is duplicate).

    I’m planning my trip from 22nd to 24th February. 1st Day 22nd pick up from Airport to Hideout Bali in Selat, 23rd from Hideout Bali to Ubud and ending at Ulaman Eco Retreat at Tabanan and 3rd Day from Ulaman to Ubud (maybe) and lastly ending at the airport in the late evening. Is this consider South Bali?

    If the first day I would like to book to East Bali (backup in case it rains and I can’t ride a scooter) but still ending at Hideout Bali, is there any way I can book 1 Day East Bali and 2 Days South Bali?

    Thank you

  71. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to book for a driver from 22nd (arrival) to 24th (departure in late evening), on the 22nd the trip would be from Airport to Hideout Bali in Selat (about 30-40 minutes from Tukad Cepung waterfall). 23rd from Hideout to Ubud and end at Ulaman Eco Retreat at Tabanan. Last day from Tabanan to Ubud and Airport. Is this consider South Bali?

    If first day I would like a backup to East Bali (in case rain and I can’t ride a scooter), is there any way I can book 1 Day East Bali and 2 Days South Bali?

    Thank you

    • Hi Kelvin, Hideout Bali is in Karengasem, which is East Bali (choose Karangasem from the destination on the airport transfer + day tour booking).

      From what you said about your itinerary, booking each 3 days individually would make sense. Booking from Hideout with a private car and driver (from Karangasem as your pick up point) to Ubud is South Bali. You would be surprised at the difference, but I calibrate my driver booking forms carefully to make sure drivers get paid the right amount, and don’t forget it’s incredibly cheap compared to western countries.

      The last day is a private car and driver with pickup from Tabanan, via Ubud, and end at the airport. It’s 10hrs from pickup to drop-off and the extra over time is well documented. Hope this helps.

      Safe travels, Michael

  72. Hello, you mentioned being able to book shorter trips, or a half-day, but I do not see how to do this in your system. I also did not see any contact information for you, so I’m hoping that this is the best place although it’s rather public and kind of odd in that respect. — I only need 1, 25 minute ride from one hotel to another. How do I book less than eight hours? This will be for tomorrow, so if I don’t hear from you right away, perhaps I will use your service another time while I’m here. — I appreciate the information that you have compiled and like that you are offering a secure option to help navigate the whole private driver situation.

  73. Hi, we are a family of 6 adults arriving late and transiting near airport before moving onto Ubud area the next day. What do you suggest for an airport transfer if we each have a carry on bag and two checked suitcases between all of us, will we all fit into a 6 seater just to go 10 mins up the road? Also looking at getting a minivan for the next day to pick up a further two family members at Seminyak before going to Ubud, maybe seeing a few sights on the way from Seminyak to Ubud then picking up some groceries and getting dropped to settle at our villa, does this sound like a 5 hr hire as we have a couple of elderly people so we don’t really want to exhaust them with lots of getting in and out of the car all day. Thanks

  74. Hi, I am looking to hire a driver for 10 days. We will be staying in Ubud, Sanur, and Uluwatu. What is best way to do this?

    • Hi Kathy, you can either make a single booking on this page for all 10 days using the first-day location for the pickup. After that, you can advise your driver of your changing locations. You can choose South Bali if that’s all you’re intending to travel, or North Bali and you can go anywhere, including all the attractions and waterfalls to the north.

      Or you can make separate bookings for each location you’ll be staying at. Either way works.

      Safe travels, Michael

  75. Hello
    Not sure if my last message went through so I am resending.
    I am going to a yoga retreat that is 2hrs from the airport in March this year. Cost wise would it be worth hiring a driver to take me there with an hour’s sightseeing on the way? I would need a return journey plus sightseeing before being dropped at the airport. My flight home is very late at night. I think I would have 7-8hrs free between check out & early airport arrival. Would it be good to take advantage of that time by hiring a driver? What is there to see at night though?

    • Hi Ann – yes, your previous message was received and replied to. I’m not always online so please don’t expect an instant reply. I answer all messages at least once a day 🙂

  76. Hello
    I am arriving in Bali 25/3 staying over night near the aiport then going to a Yoga Retreat which is 2hrs away from the airport the next day, book in time 2pm. I was wondering if it was worth booking a driver to get me to the Yoga retreat with some sight seeing (about an hours worth) on the way. I would also need a return journey to the airport on the 30th. Check out is 1pm with the flight out at 11.15pm. How much touring/sightseeing can be done at night time?

    • Hi Ann. Interesting question, it all depends on where your yoga retreat is. Assuming it’s in Ubud or nearby, and what time you want to leave, hiring a private driver for some sightseeing is definitely worthwhile. Remember the old travel saying, you may only pass this way but once. There are some awesome sights between the airport and Ubud.

      Considering you need to plan on being at the airport 2.5 – 3 hours before an international flight (and accounting for traffic) its definitely worth having a full day sightseeing before arriving at the airport around 8:30 pm, which is only an hour after sunset. If you are willing to leave much earlier than 1pm, this is an awesome tour (in reverse order going clockwise). Or book a driver for the day and make your own itinerary.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

    • Thanks Michael. The address of the Yoga retreat is Sesandan, Megati, Tabanan, Bali. I need to be there by 2pm so I would have about and 1 hour free for sightseeing on the way from Kuta. How would I book that? Full day sightseeing on the way back sounds good. I could discuss my options for my return journey with him on the way to the retreat? Cost wise is it worth booking a driver given the proximity of the retreat?

  77. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to potentially get a private driver for my entire trip – Jul 28 to Aug 4. A party of 4 wanting to do some sightseeing, local foods, beach clubs/bars a bit of shopping and overall a relaxing holiday.

    We’re looking for an on-call driver for some days as well as a full day tour on other days – i wonder if that’s possible for your drivers?

    • Hi Amanda, yes that’s exactly what we do well. I suggest you make a booking for July 28 for the number of days you require, and your driver can be on call every day for short excursions or longer tours.

      Safe travels, Michael

        • Hi Cherry, there is a dropdown for the consecutive number of days – if you need to book alternate days, make them make 2 seperate bookings.

          Safe travels, Michael

          • Hi Michael. I still cannot find the dropdown for consecutive number of days. Can you point it out to me? Is it on the form that is on this page?

          • Hi Cherry, you need to choose the number of passengers and pickup location first. Then it appears in the payment details section. Please note if you have different pickup locations across multiple days, it may be better to make separate bookings.

            Safe travels, Michael

  78. Hi,
    I was looking to make a booking for 4 people (3 adults, 1 child) pick up from Nusa Dua to Ubud, 10.1.23. for tomorrow for a full day tour. Could you please let me know if you have availabilty before I book. Cheers.

  79. Hi, what is the difference between booking a private car driver vs other attractions listed? If I book through this page I end up paying 60% less for the 10hr package than booking a Ubud day tour?

  80. Hello Michael,

    My colleague recommended your service, so I am keen to find out how best to make a booking.

    My partner and I are staying in Sanur from 25/12 to 28/12, and Ubud from 28/12 to 31/12.

    Out of the 7 days, I am hoping to have 4 full days, and 2 half days of guided tours. Is it possible to have a degree of flexibility in which days are full or half day? And if so, how should I book on the website?


      • Thanks for the prompt reply!

        If I booked the dates now, would it be possible to change them later? Or if I left 2 or 3 of the days to book last minute, while I’m in Bali, could that be accommodated?


        • Hi Ray, once booked date changes are not allowed within 7 days as per the cancellation policy at the bottom of the booking form. You can make bookings on the day before unless we have all our driver network already booked, which frequently happens during high season.

          Safe travels, Michael

  81. Hello, Travelling 22 Dec’22 to 3 Jan ’23I want some help planning my trip in Ubud and West Bali for the first 6-7 days then the rest of the trip for South Bali. I will use the services of a driver and car for most of it. We are a family of 3 adults and want to cover off as many sights, temples, Mt Batur VW trip but need the car to pick us up at a point from mid day onwards on the day we do this to complete further sights and then visit Amed for the night. Will the same driver then take us to other attractions the next day and take us to back to Ubud.
    For South Bali We move to Seminyak with visit to Tanah Lot and then mostly days spent at the Clubs, massages and Yoga. There is a new years eve stay that we are planning in Jimbaran at Ayana. Are private drivers allowed to drop and pick us up from the hotel reception. This is important for us to know as if it is not allowed then I might have to re-think this bit
    All in all we have 11 nights 12 days

      • Hi Michael,
        We have a rough idea of what we want to do from 23 to 26th Dec 2022in and around Ubud
        23rd: Around Ubud sights, Campuhan. Ubud Palace etc, swings, eateries/yoga etc.
        24th: Waterfalls around Ubud. need other suggestions please
        25th: We are doing a Jeep Mt Batur trip in the morning but want the driver to meet us at the Hot Springs at 11 am so we could do East till Lempugang Temple, Buka Cinta etc, South East coast White Beach etc and back to Ubud
        26th: Early start: Checking out of Ubud, Gitigit Itinerary 3 Tanah lot and drop off at Seminyak
        Should I just book 4 days straight of a full day car and driver 23, 24, 25 and 26th Dec?
        We can then plan our customised itinerary and gives us more flexibility?

  82. Hello. I will be travelling soon from 15th to 17th December 2022. It just 2 of us. Our itenarary as follows:

    15th – From Airport to Ubud (I’ll be staying in the hotel at Ubud area) + sightsee (Tegunungan waterfall & Puri Saren) + Dinner at Ubud

    16th – Start after lunch from Ubud hotel + sightsee (Monkey forest/ Ubud Art Market) + Dinner at Ubud

    17th – Sightsee (Tegallalang / Sukawati Market) then need to travel to Nusa Dua Beach for another stay.

    I need to hire for only these 3 days. Can you help me.


  83. Hi Michael,

    We are looking at heading over to Bali for 15 days in March, we are staying a few nights here and there we need a driver to take us from one accommodation to the other for example Seminyak to medewi, medewi to ubud, ubud to Candi dada, Candi to Sanur, if you get my drift. Plus a few side trips/tours mainly from Ubud. And can you vehicles a couple of short surfboards in bag for my husband, there is only 2 of us.


  84. Hi Michael,
    In this trip to Bali we (3pax) are planning for driver hire from Kuta to Ubud, a day trip to Munduk (from Ubud) then to Seminyak as follows:
    4/Nov (South): Kuta to Ubud + sightsee
    6/Nov (North): from Ubud to Munduk day trip to see different waterfalls, then back to Ubud
    7/Nov (South): Ubud to Seminyak + sightsee
    9/Nov (South): shopping around Seminyak
    10/Nov (South): shopping and 2x airport transfers (1x in the morning and 1x in the evening)

    Can you please confirm that I should make 4 separate bookings for the above given there are North and South areas and non-consecutive dates?
    I also noted that for separate bookings there appears to be a $5 extra per booking (i.e. for 1 day only it is $97.50 instead of $92.50, or in the case of North $122.5 instead of $117.5), so for 4 separate bookings it would be $20 more?

    Thank you

  85. Hi Michael,
    In this trip to Bali we (3pax) are planning for driver hire from Kuta to Ubud, a day trip to Munduk (from Ubud) then to Seminyak as follows:
    4/Nov (South): Kuta to Ubud + sightsee
    6/Nov (North): from Ubud to Munduk day trip to see different waterfalls, then back to Ubud
    7/Nov (South): Ubud to Seminyak + sightsee
    9/Nov (South): shopping around Seminyak
    10/Nov (South): shopping and 2x airport transfers

    Can you please confirm that I should make 4 separate bookings for the above given there are North and South areas and non-consecutive dates?
    I also noted that for separate bookings there appears to be a $5 extra per booking (i.e. for 1 day only it is $97.50 instead of $92.50, or in the case of North $122.5 instead of $117.5), so for 4 separate bookings it would be $20 more?

    Thank you

  86. Hi Michael
    I have 4 adults, 2 teenagers (13yrs) and 1 6yr old child, coming to Bali, staying in Seminyak from 18 Dec-22 Dec. Looking to book a private driver for 2 days of Day trips (to cover the places mentioned below), or 3 days. Should I get a minivan since there will be 7 of us? or SUV will be gd? We like to be free and easy and go slow instead of clamping everything. There’s airport transfers being arranged by the accommodation so I don’t need that.
    Like to visit:
    Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple
    Beautiful views of Mount Agung
    Tirta Gangga
    Tukad Cepung Waterfall
    Tegalalang rice terraces
    Elephant caves
    Tanah Lot
    (To skip monkey forest)


    • Hi Kath – as you pointed out, 7 people won’t fit in a 6-seat SUV, so you’ll need to hire a minivan. If you choose the North or East Bali option you can travel as far as Lempuyang Temple and Tirta Gangga. Those places you mention can be done in 2 days easy enough, and your driver can help you with advice and local knowledge along the way.

      Safe travels, Michael

  87. Hi Michael,

    We will be in Bali end of November and would like to treat ourselves with a driver for the first 8 days of our trip.
    Is there any way to book starting from airport pick-up? I couldn’t see this option in the dropdown menu.

    – Landing in DPS on 26th Nov (first pick-up)
    – Staying in Canggu for 8 days
    – Final drop-off in Uluwatu on 3rd Dec

    Thank you,

  88. Hi

    I will like to hire your services for a couple of days. Minivan for seven pax, sometimes with luggage?

    Nov 16
    – Pick up at airport (3 pax) 10:50am
    – Pick up at Hotel (4 pax)
    – Sacred Monkey, Cascades and Temples
    – Tanan Lot (sunset)
    – Drop at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali

    Nov 17
    – Pick up at at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali – 3:30-4am
    – Gates of Heaven (sunrise)
    – Tirtagangga Water Palace, Tukad Cepung, Tirta Empul
    – Drop at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali

    Nov 18
    – Pick up at at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali
    – Transfer to Ubud (Ubud Cycling Tours) 9:00am
    – Pick-up Ubud 1:00pm
    – Transfer to lunch
    – Drop at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali

    Nov 19
    – Pick up at at Airbnb – Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Bali
    – Ubud sightseeing
    – Drop at Airbnb (4 pax)
    – Drop at Pantai Sanur (3 pax / afternoon)

    My assumption would be a minivan with private driver for 4 days? Can you tell me if this is correct? And which location should I consider? Also how can this details be provided to the driver?


    • Hi Karla, Tampaksiring is is Gianyar. Yes, you are correct, for 7 people with luggage you will need to hire a minivan. For the 16, 18 and 19 you can choose the South Bali option. For 17 you will need to choose the North Bali option. I advise booking separate days so you can change the pickup time (sunrise for example). I can put your proposed itinerary in the driver notes after booking.

      Safe travels, Michael

  89. Hi. Do you offer booking options appropriate for a solo traveler, or must one still pay for the large vehicle seating 6ppl?

    • Hi Yasmin – It’s not economical to run smaller cars, as the cost is near to the mid-sized SUVs that are standard. Don’t forget, you’re paying for the driver’s time and knowledge, not just the car.

      Safe travels, Michael

  90. Hi,

    I am interested to query about booking a private car and driver for 2 days for 2 people – will be staying at sanur so basically looking at sanur to Seminyak on day 1 and sanur to ubud on day 2. Just wondering how do I go about booking this? Any other recommendations are appreciated.


  91. Hello,

    I am interested in a private car for a few days. Here is a tentative itinerary. We have 2 adults and 2 children. Would you be able to advise the cost per day and how I would book this on your site?

    6 Oct 2022 (8 hours – hopefully it’s enough)
    Morning pickup from CLV Hotel & Villas
    Jl. Cemara, Candi Kuning, Bedugul – Tabanan
    Pura Ulun Danu Berata
    handara gate
    jatiliwuh rice terrace
    Angseri Coffee Plantation
    Angseri Hot Springs
    Dropoff at CLV Hotel

    7 Oct 2022 (don’t think we will need 8 hours. Maybe 4 hours will be enough)
    Morning pickup from CLV Hotel & Villas
    Candi Kuning Market
    Drive to Ubud
    Drop off at Sagitarius Inn – Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
    From our hotel, I think we can walk to the local sights (Sacred Monkey Forest, Saraswati Temple, Ubud Palace)

    8 Oct 2022 (Hopefully 8 hours is enough)
    Pickup from Sagitarius Inn
    Elephant Safari Park
    Pura Gunung Kawi
    Pura Tirta Empul
    Drop off at Sagitarius Inn

    9 Oct 2022 (8 hours)
    Pickup from Sagitarius Inn
    Official Bali Swing
    Goa Gajah
    Tibumana Waterfall
    Taman Sari Waterfall
    Drop off at Sagitarius Inn

    10 Oct 2022 (8 hours hopefully)
    Pickup from Sagitarius Inn
    Temple Lempuyang
    Tirta Gangga
    Drop off at Sanur Svarna Hotel Sanur
    Jl. Danau Tamblingan no. 50, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, 80228

    Thank you!!!


    • Hi Tony, you actually posted this on the driver booking page, so I suggest you return here and use the booking form as per the following:

      6 Oct: Choose the North Bali option.

      7 Oct: a half-day isn’t worth the difference, so book a day private driver (all on this page) and choose the South Bali option.

      8 Oct: Choose the South Bali option.

      10 Oct: Choose the North or East Bali option.

      The prices will become self-evident dependent on the options you choose. I trust this helps.

      Safe travels, Michael

  92. Hi,

    I have a few scenarios/itineraries coming up where not sure to get a taxi or private driver for two people.

    1.) Check out of Potato Head S&S on Oct 12 to go to Ubud. I have an appointment from 11am-2pm and then need transport to my hotel at Bisma Eight.

    2.) From Munduk Moding Plantation to DPS Airport.

    3.) My husband wants to go rock climbing around Songan Village. Is there a driver that will go to and from there from Ubud or Munduk?

    Thank you,

  93. Hi Michael,
    We really love your website and how informative it is, awesome work.

    From your website, we (my partner and I, in our 30’s) have been inspired to take a trip to Bali and I wish to reach out to you on how we can go about a 4-day itinerary of the below in November:

    Day 1: Arrival at airport @ 10:30 am.
    – Pura Luhur Uluwatu
    – Seminyak Beach
    – Tanah Lot (Sunset)
    – Potato Head BC (driver can drop off here, hotel only 300m walk)

    Day 2:
    – Tegallalang Rice Field (@Sunrise)
    – Tukad Cepung Waterfall
    – D’alas Warung
    Drive to Hotel @ Karangasem

    Day 3:
    – Pura Pasar Agung Lempuyang (as early as possible/recommended)
    – Lahangan Sweet
    – Tirta Gangga
    – Taman Ujung Water Palace
    Drive to Hotel @ Ubud

    Day 4:
    – Bali Swing
    – Taman Ayun
    – Monkey Forrest
    – Goa Gajah
    – Ubud Art Market & Saraswati Temple
    Drop off to Airport for departure before 10:30 pm flight.

    Based on your experience, would you believe if the above is achievable/realistic and how to go around booking this?

    I’m just a little bit confused as some nights the driver overnight fee may not apply and some days it may count towards a South Bali tour and other day may count as an East Bali tour. Also, being very aware that the rates are based on 10 Hrs, I’m guessing some days may require a bit more than that, what happens in this instance?

    If you can advise the total AUD of what we should expect along with your comments that will be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi ES – if only everyone were as organised as you. Great itinerary BTW.

      day 1: Book a Bali Airport Transfer and choose the Transfers + Day Tour option.

      Day 2: Book a Private Car and Driver and choose the North or East Bali option so you can be dropped off in Karangasem.

      Day 3: Book the Lempuyang Temple Sunrise Tour and you can customise your itinerary with your driver and be dropped off in Ubud afterwards.

      Day 4: Book a Transfer to Bali Airport and choose the Transfer + Day Tour option.

      For all of these, you can change your itinerary to see the attractions you want and if you go over 10 hours of drive time (allowing time for the driver to return to the original pickup point) you can pay him the extra IDR 100k per hour directly.

      This should cover everything. Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael, thanks heaps for your kind comments and prompt response. With only a few days, we always like to get our things sorted and have more time discovering vs figuring out. I’ve made the bookings as suggested. Now the hard part: waiting for the journey to start! Cheers.

  94. Hi Michael,
    me and my partner are planning a week in Bali this November and I would like to book transfers/tours on 3 dates (manta snorkeling, and an east and a north day trip) with custom itineraries. Can you contact me via email so we can discuss the possibilities? I also want to say that your website has been a very good introduction to exploration of options, so thank you very much for generous sharing of your knowledge about this inspiring island.

    • Hi Karla – you can reply to the email from this comment, although to be honest I am flat out with managing bookings and don’t have much time to reply to everyone who wants my help creating custom itineraries. Please note that long requests for detailed help with custom itineraries for free are not at the top of my list, but I try to respond where possible, even if not immediately.

      Safe travels, Michael

  95. Hi! We are looking for a driver for tomorrow, but our hotel is located in Sebatu, please, can you tell us if wr can book a full day with an origin in Sebatu?

  96. Hi Michael,

    My husband and and I will be in Seminyak on Thursday. We have a booking at 5.30pm for dinner in Uluwatu. We are thinking of booking one of your a drivers for the full day (starting at 12pm) and having a bit of a tour and maybe visiting a beach club as well. Do you have a suggested itinerary?


  97. Hey there!

    I’d like to know if we’re able to have the driver to pick up from the airport (Denpasar) and send us back?

    Our villa is located in Seminyak. We’d like to have a private driver with us through out our whole stay as well and we’d also like to incorporate the ATV activity we saw in your post.

    First time travelling Bali and it’s for our honeymoon! We’ll be there from 23rd-28th October 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Syazwani – that’s easily done. What I recommend is you book your airport transfer on the 23rd. There is an option to keep your driver for the day if you prefer.

      Then book a private car and driver from 24 for 5 days, and he can drop you back at the airport on the 28th.

      Let me know which day when you are here you want to go on the ATV adventure and we’ll arrange discounted tickets for you.

      Hope this answers all your questions (and congratulations on your upcoming wedding 🙂

      Safe travels, Michael

  98. Hello 🙂

    You have a great website and ressources. We a couple from Canada looking to book a transfer from Gilimanuk to Ubud in October. Would that be possible with you?

    Thank you! 🙂

  99. Hi,
    We are trying to book a private driver and car for our family holiday between Christmas and New Year 25th Dec 22-4th Jan 23. We are 6 adults and one 6mo baby requiring a car seat. Would it be possible to book a driver who can pick us up from airport, spend 7 nights in Seminyak and 3 nights in Ubud and then drop us back at airport? We will be doing day trips here and there at each of these locations. Will we all fit in one of your vehicles?

    • Hi Paryae – If the question is will 6 adults plus a baby, plus a baby seat, plus luggage for 6 people fit in a 6-seater SUV, I would think the answer is no. So my recommendation would be to book your airport transfer with a minivan and then book a private car and driver for all the days in between specifying the slightly larger Innova option with baby seat.

      Or you could hire a minivan for your entire trip.

      It really comes down to how much room your are comfortable with for 6 adults, a baby and a baby seat. Would you feel comfortable in a 6-seater Innova? How much gear will you be taking with you each day? Or would you prefer a minivan? Entirely up to you.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

  100. Hi Michael,

    Great website, we have found your information very useful.

    We are trying to book a private car for Fri 19 Aug 22 ex Grand Hyatt 8am for North Bali:

    * Kuber Quad Bike Adventure (Treck ATV Kuber option)
    * Alas Harum Agrotourism (Couple Package Swing)
    * Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
    * Marigold Field (Kintamani-Bedugul)

    We have tried twice to book using your secure form but for some reason it wont process and complete booking ???

    • Hi Cassandra – There was a small window while I was upgrading some technical files when your order wouldn’t process, but that has been rectified ad you can book as per normal. I’ll keep an eye out for your booking.

      Safe travels, Michael

  101. Hi Michael,
    My husband and I will be in Bali at the beginning of September, as a stopover on the way to Australia. We are hoping to hire a car and driver for one day from Ubud, and your website caught our eye. Having done our own research, we have some ideas of what to do – Tegallalong rice terrace (quick stop), Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple, Tukad Cepung waterfall, Padang Bai/Secret Beach, Tegenungan waterfall and back to the hotel. We are also happy to take guidance – but would definitely like a couple of hours at a nice white sand beach and are more interested in the less busy temples than having to queue for the same Instagram photo that everyone else takes! Should we just book for the day and give our itinerary to the driver, for him to advise on the best way to make the most of our day?
    Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks, Rachel

  102. thanks for you,r reply and information,we are arriving tomorrow and if we wish to use you,r team how do we go about it.

  103. Hi Michael,

    We are staying in Uluwatu for 3 nights, and wants to hire a driver and car to take us around from our villa to the main shops. We may only need the driver for a few hours in a day instead of a full 10 hours. However, if we went with the South Bali option for 10 hours, can the driver be on standby at our villa until we need him?
    And also on the last day, we will have to check out at 11am, can the driver take us around to the shops for some exploring, then back to to the villa to collect our bags and go to the hotel?

    • Hi Kit – you are correct, you can hire a private car and driver for a half-day.

      However, should you book a driver for the day then yes, he can be on standby until you need him. In my opinion this is a smart move because then you can change your plans as you feel like it without having to worry about transport. Just be aware that the clock starts at the time your driver arrives (which is entirely reasonable).

      On your last day, an option most people choose is to check out, have your driver keep the luggage in the car while you are shopping or sightseeing until you reach your next hotel – rather than go back and collect your luggage.

      Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael,thanks for getting back to me so quickly! That is certainly helpful. Can the driver drop us off at the airport at the end of the trip on our last day? If so, will that incur and additional charge?

  104. Hi Micheal,
    First of all, thank you for your site! Everyhting is so well explained and we are booking many activities thanks to you 🙂
    We would like to book a driver for a whole day, in which we will check out from our accomodation in Ubud and we will check in in our new accomodation in Jimbaran (and we would like to see some temples and beaaches in between). Of course we will have our luggage with us for the whole day. In this case, is it possible to book a full day with ‘South Bali’ option and to arrange with the driver to inform him of all the details?

    Thank you in advance for a kind feedback,
    Federico and Lucia from Italy

    • Hi Federico – thank you so much for the kind comments, it really is appreciated!

      And yes, you are perfectly correct in your assumption about the South Bali option.

      Safe travels, Michael

  105. Bonjour,
    Je suis intéressée par votre offre de driver mais j’aimerai m’assurer que mon itinéraire est faisable. Comment puis je vous contacter ?

  106. Hi Michael, I’ve sent you an email as I’m interested in booking a private driver for 3 days at the end of August and just want to clarify if a few of my requests can be accommodated.
    Thank you

  107. Michael i just need the fast track through immigration and customs for my 82 year old mom. We will pick her up as i live in North Bali. Is this possible? And can i use your car service for her teturn trip after her visit in september..thank you Peter

    • Hi Petet – thanks for the question. The reason I only ever organise a Fast Track for Bali Airport Transfers is to ensure an end-to-end experience.

      Quite honestly, I never provide a service I am not directly involved with. Therefore just a Fast Track service is not something I choose to provide as a stand-alone service. There are plenty of them advertising online, along with drivers and other transport services, but I cannot vouch for them.

      I hope this answers your question. One of the reasons for starting Bali Holiday Secrets was to answer my elderly Mum’s questions and make sure she was looked after when she visited (before covid).

      Safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Petet – after thinking this through, what you are asking for is an airport transfer from North Bali to the airport for your Mum.

      Therefore I need to design a new service so the pickup is clearly a hotel or villa, but the destination is the airport for a specific flight.

      If this is correct, please respond and I will literally consult with our driver network and make this service.

      And good for you for looking after your Mum. All Mothers deserve special treatment.

      Safe travels, Michael

  108. Hi Michael – my fiance and I have booked our honeymoon for Bali and will be staying 12 nights in September (14-26) across multiple locations (Ubud 4 nights, Nusa Penida 3 nights, Uluwatu 2 nights, Canggu 3 nights).

    Our friends also honeymooned in Bali for a similar length of time and managed to hire a private driver for their entire stay for $50 USD/day. Is that something we can do with you?


    • Hi Shane – congratulations on your pending wedding nuptials. And well done you for spending your honeymoon in Bali. Wise choice mate!

      You are more than welcome to book on this very page. Looks like we are around USD$57 per day, but that’s our bottom rate. We believe in a living wage for our network of drivers, along with the other benefits and service standards, like being sent driver and vehicle photos before your trip, changing drivers should one become ill or unavailable… you can read what others have to say here.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael – would it be possible to do a Zoom call with you? We’re interested in several tours (Ubud Itinerary 3, Nusa Penida, airport transfer, etc) and would prefer to book everything together.

        Is that possible ?

        We’re in EST so 12 hours difference and can make an early morning or late evening call work this week.

        We arrive in Bali on Wednesday Sept 14.

        • Hi Shane – not sure how much value a zoom call will be considering I can’t take combined bookings. The reason why we need you to make individual bookings is that it’s integrated with our calendar system, which is how we assign drivers.

          So please by all means book each of the tours you mentioned, and if you have any issues, please let me know.

          Safe tarvels, Michael

          • Ok we have booked the Ubud tour, but we’re transfering hotels from Ubud to Nusa Penida and I saw that your day trip tour doesn’t pick up from location outside of South Bali.

            If we book the Nusa trip can we have the driver pick us up from our hotel in Ubud and then drop us off at our new hotel in Nusa Penida as part of the tour?

          • Hi Shane, Nusa Penida is another island, so our drivers cannot pick you up and take you to Nusa Penida by car (although it would be awesome if we could).

            Therefore you need to book a transfer from Ubud to Padang Bai or Ubud to Sanur depending on which ferry service you are using.

            Safe travels, Michael

          • Hi Michael – how does the Nusa Penida tour work? Do we meet a driver after getting off the fast boat?

            I’m happy to book a separate transfer from Ubud to Pedang Bai or Sanur, but my goal is to use this travel day between hotels to also explore Nusa Penida as well with a driver/guide. Is this possible?

          • Hi Shane – our Nusa Penida Day Tour is exactly that – just a day tour, with pickup from wherever you are staying (like Ubud), taken to the ferry at Sanur, by ferry to Nusa Penida for day, and then returning end of the same day.

            If you were staying on Nusa Penida, you could simply ask your driver on this tour to drop you at your accommodations rather than returning by ferry to Bali.

            If you want to book your own Nusa Penida tour elsewhere because you are staying on the island, feel free. I only offer the one day all-inclusive tour.

            Then all you will need is an transfer from Ubud to Sanur to meet whatever ie the ferry service you have booked through.

            Hope this helps. Safe travels, Michael

          • Thanks Michael! Can we customize the West + snorkeling tour? Or is the snorkeling portion of the tour with other people on a boat and therefore we have to do all 4 snorkeling spots?

            We’d prefer to do just 2 of the snorkeling spots and then hit an East island attraction, but want to check what level of flexibility there is and any other requirements.

          • Hi Shane. I think you mean the Nusa Penida Tour, which is over here. I’m unsure how big your group is, but we can arrange a small boat for 2-4 people where you can dictate the itinerary.

            Safe travels, Michael

  109. Hi Michael,

    We are travelling to Bali in Dec, spending a few nights in Ubud and then heading over to Jimbaran. We were looking to hire a driver for transfer of resorts but would also like to do some sight seeing as well. Still need to firm up itinerary but likely to be 1 – 2 days hire (with Day 1 sightseeing around the Ubud area and Day 2 to include sightseeing along the way with transfer to Jimbaran).

    Would you have available drivers to assist us?


  110. Hello – looking for help for my trip next week. I don’t have specific plans (destinations) within Bali (Bukit) but just looking for a driver who can be my private hire for the whole trip (about 7-10 days). It will mostly just be going to/from accomodation to surf breaks (at most from bukit to airport area), lunch spots and possibly some dinner spots. nothing really crazy long distance, but I don’t want to ride a scooter so I’m just looking for someone who can be on call and drive me around.

  111. during our stay in kuta we have also booked 1 night in ubud so we would like to be driven there and sightseing on the way,also the next day driven around before going back to kuta,what is the best way of doing this.thank you.geoff

    • Hi Geoff – Easily done. Just book a car and driver and you can be picked up in Kuta, do some sightseeing, and be dropped off at your hotel in Ubud. If you book 2 consecutive days, I’ll make sure you get the same driver for both days.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  112. Hi Michael,

    I will be visiting Bali in August and would like to arrange a private transfer from the Ngurah Rai Airport to Kuta and 2 days later from Kuta to Ubud. We are a family of 4. Is this something you are able to arrange and advise me of the cost.

    Thank-you for your assistance/advice.


  113. Hi,
    I was looking to book a private driver on July 17th for a tour of some North Bali sites for 4 people. We are staying in Ubud and would appreciate your insight on the itinerary! Some sites we’re interested in are: Jatiluweh Rice Terrace, Bali Handara gates, Ulun Danu Beratan, Sekumpul waterfall, Gitgit, aling aling, Leke Leke waterfall, Bhuana Sari Waterfall. I realize it will be impossible to see all of these so would be happy to pick just a couple of waterfalls. We are happy to hike some distance to see the falls. I’m wondering if Ulun Danu Beratan is worth visiting in the dry season because I’ve read that it may not appear floating and it’s best seen during the wet season.

    • Hi Diana – Ambitious, but most are possible depending on how early you start and how log you spend at each attraction.

      I recommend going straight to Aling-Aling, then on the return Gigtgit Waterfall, possibly Wanagiri Hidden Hills for the swings and views over Lake Buyan, then Handarah Gates, Danu Beratan (you go straight past it), then to Jatiluwuh and the back way through Penebel with a possible stop at Sangah Monkey Forest (its a nice drive) before returning to Ubud.

      It’s a big day and the round trip is 170 km with at minimum 5 1/2 to 6 hours pure drive time.

      Forget Sekumpul (too far) and Leke Leke (insignificant compared to Aling and Gitgit).

      There are other attractions on the way but you will have your hands full with this. I estimate this is at least a 12 hour tour depending on how long you stop at each.

      Let me know, and if you want to do this, I’ll price it with my driver team and make a tour for you to book.

      Safe travels, Michael

    • Hi Diana – got together with my driver team and we think even my last recommendation is too ambitious.

      So our recommended itinerary is Aling Aling and Gitgit waterfalls, Twin Lake view on the return followed by Danu Beratan and Sangeh optional.

      The reason is a lot of time (up to 4 hours) can be spent at Aling alone. My drivers will take you o a route that passes through many rice terraces anyway, making Jatiluwuh redundant. However, a separate hiking day tour at Jatiluwuh is recommended as a separate excursion.

      That’s our recommendation. Your call. Just don’t underestimate the travel time (almost everyone does). Better to have an amazing experience at fewer attractions than try to ram in more and have no time at any of them, creating a rushed and, in my opinion, unenjoyable experience.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Thanks Michael! That’s super helpful. I’m wondering if Aling is worth the time if I can’t swim and enjoy the natural water slide? We are also visiting the monkey forest another day (we have 2.5 days in ubud). We’re also ok with skipping Wanagiri Hidden Hills. If we skipped Aling aling and wanagiri and monkey forest, what could the itinerary look like?

        • Hi Diana – something was lost in translation there. Aling Aling Watefall is the place for swimming, cliff jumping and natural rock water slides. That’s why its important to allocate a few hours there because it’s such epic fun.

          • Oh I see, but I don’t know how to swim, so I think it may be best for me to skip it and see different waterfalls.

          • Also just to give a bit more info, my husband and i have been to Bali before in 2019 and visited parts of ubud (including the monkey forest and one of the swing sites) but we didn’t explore north Bali or any waterfalls. I don’t know how to swim and I’m kind of fearful of heights so cliff jumping is not an option for me. There were some sites in ubud we were interested in as well such as Tukad Cepung waterfall and pura tirta empul. Hope this helps! We would love to book a tour/driver with your team.

  114. Hi Michael
    We are visiting Bali from Sydney and would like to hire car for 3 days to do South, North and East Bali tours from 8-10 July.

    Can we hire car for 3 days with same driver who can take us through the tours? We are traveling with family (2 teenagers) staying in Nusa Dua. Pick up and drop off each day would be in Nusa Dua.

    While we have done some basic research on sites we would like to visit, I think the 3 day tours would meet most of our requirements assuming driver has good local knowledge and a planned iteniery for the 3 day tours.

  115. Hi Michael
    We’re visiting Bali from 4th July, staying in Ubud for the first week then Nusa Dua. If we want to hire a driver for the day is it too late to leave it until the day before we need it? We were going to decide what we wanted to do and when once we had arrived.

    • Hi Sam – while you can book the day before, I highly recommend booking 2 days before. Tourism is increasing dramatically and I’m running out of drivers, so the day before runs the risk of me not having anyone available.

      Safe travels, Michael

  116. Hi,
    My mum and I are visiting in August. I would like airport transfers to our hotel in Legian and back when we leave. I would also like a private driver for 3 days while we visit, covering Ubud, Uluwatu, Tanah lot, floating temple kintamani and perhaps some Waterfalls too. Is visiting all those places in three days feasible, and also can I book these online as I can’t seem to book north and south Bali in one booking.


    • Hi Courtney – you can book a transfer from the airport and then back to the airport.

      Yes, visiting those is feasible in 3 days. You can book using the above form and choose North Bali for 3 consecutive days, or you can book each day individually for separate days depending on which days you want to travel and which attractions you want to see.

      This map will give you a good idea where attractions are located.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  117. Hi Michael,

    We’re staying in Seminyak for 3 nights and then headed to Nusa Dua for four nights in July and were hoping to do a full day trip to Ubud to see some sights – what do you think the best way is to do this? Is it to book a private driver for the day? Or to book the Ubud day trip? I’m thinking of doing the Ubud day leaving from Seminyak and finishing in Nusa Dua.

    Please let me know, i’d be very interested to have your recommendation.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah – either one would suit your purposes, as you can advise your driver (or I can do this for you) that your drop-off is in Nusa Dua. Both options will cost the same, but the Ubud tour has more specific recommendations that suit you better, as I’d assign a driver who comes from the Ubud area. But for either option, you can make up or change your own itinerary.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  118. Hi Michael – looking for a reliable driver to do airport transfers (Denpasar-outside of Canguu) on 11 July 9.45pm and from Ubud to Denpasar (29 July about 6pm) – and then several day trips, plus transfers from Ubud-Sanur (going to Nusa Lembongan) and back mid-trip. There are only two of us.
    Can’t see how I can use your online template for airport transfers. Do you do these, or only day trip/other transfers?
    With thanks, Claire

  119. Hi Michael, I am looking for a driver to pick me up from Bulgari Hotel and take me to Lammmm for 2 hour massage and then collect me for return to Bulgari Hotel. I would like to this for 4 days from Sunday 19th – Wednesday 22nd June. Can you do this and what would price be if possible. Cheers Jason

    • Hi Jason – I’m happy to help arrange and price this for you. The problem is I can’t find a “Lammmm” anywhere in Bali. Could you give me a map reference?

      Otherwise the easiest option is to hire a private car and driver using the booking form above with Bulgari as your pickup location and you can go for a massage, and possibly stop for a bite or sightseeing on the return. It’s completely flexible, so up to you. Hope this helps.

      Safe travels, Michael

    • All sorted Jason. Thanks for booking repeated trips to your spa, the extra day tours and airport transfers. We really appreciate it.

      Safe travels, Michael

  120. Hi Michael,
    We’re in Seminyak now and have really appreciated your website- thank you so much!
    Do you do car hire for a shorter length of time? We’re thinking we would like to see just Tepegungan Waterfall and Tanah Lot on Tuesday the 14th.
    I understand if this is your set hours tho 🙂
    Thanks! -Kati

    • Hi Kati – I appreciate your wish to lower the cost, but from experience, I can tell you that driving from Seminyak to Tegenungan waterfall, then to Tanah Lot and returning to Seminyak will actually take up most of your day.

      That’s a 74 km round trip which would take 3 hours with absolutely no traffic, which is an impossibility. I would factor 4 – 5 hours drive time, plus 1 – 2 hours for each attraction, which will be most of the day.

      Hope this helps!

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Thanks Michael! We were actually thinking we were a little lazy to go for all day???? Really appreciate your advice- we’ve booked (in my sisters name) for tomorrow and if we get tired we know we can just finish when we want to, & will still consider the day a great deal.
        Just saying- love how you do business Michael. Impressed.

          • Hi Michael, your website has been most helpful in educating us first timers on how to get around Bali! We are looking to book a driver for half day for airport transfer to our hotel in Kuta, then for the next 3 days to explore beach clubs in Seminyak and Jimbaran. Would it be possible to have the same driver for the 3.5 days? As I saw the booking pages for half and full day tours are different. Hoping for your advice! Thanks much~

  121. Hi Michael,

    I am looking for a driver in September for my partner and myself, pick up in Kintamanu at approx 0400, catch sunrise at Pura Lempayung, and then drive down to our next accommodation in Uluwatu. I understand it’s about 5 hours driving, plus temple time so it would be the 12 hour tour is that correct?
    Also do your drivers recommend food stops along the way or would I have to map out Warung stops myself?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Olivia – yes that’s correct. After you select Kintamani as your pickup location, the form will change options. Choose the South Bali option and the driver take you all the way to Uluwatu. My drivers know some great spots to eat, so you can ask them for recommendations when planning your day. I also highly recommend visiting Tirta Gangga after Lempuyang Temple.

      I like stopping at Komune Beach Club for lunch on the way south from Lempuyang.

      Safe travels, Michael

  122. Hi Michael,

    We will be visiting Bali between 25th and 31st July. We are a family of 5. 2 adults, 3 kids (13, 15 both boys and 2.5 year old daughter). We wanted to do two trips with the following dates and itinerary: –

    27th July – Pickup from Conrad in Nusa Dua. We want to visit the following places: –

    Gates of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple
    Beautiful views of Mount Agung
    Tirta Gangga
    Tukad Cepung Waterfall
    Tegalalang rice terraces
    Famous jungle swing

    I presume we would be able to cover these places in 1 day. I dont know if its North / South or East, but have been told that these should be possible. What do you think, is it doable in a day? I have been told it would take about 12-14 hours and we need to start early by 5-6 am. How much will this cost?

    The other tour will be on 29th July – Again pickup from Conrad in Nusa Dua. We want to visit the following: –

    Tirta Empul Temple
    Monkey Forest
    Kanto Lampo waterfall
    Tanah Lot Temple

    I presume this could be done in a day as well.

    How much will both the days cost us. We want to travel comfortably becayse of the little girl we have. We probably would have one stroller and a baby bag on both the trips. Do you think both these days are nice destinations or should be ammend some of the places. Would be great to hear your ideas on this.



    • Hi Khurram. You might be trying for too much if you want to see Lempuyang Temple for sunrise. You will need to leave around 4 am to see the sun come up, or 5 am to get there soon after. It’s a long drive, over 95 km, so after visiting Tirta Gangga (which I highly recommend) you will be pushed for time to fit in Tegalalang as well. And I don’t recommend Kanto Lampo Waterfall if travelling with small children as it’s not very accessible. I suggest stopping for lunch at Kommune Beach Club o the way back, and then visiting Tegenugan Waterfall if you feel you have enough time afterwards.

      That’s a 200 km round trip, so going to Tegelalang after all that might be pushing it.

      I highly recommend you book the Lempuyang Sunrise Tour and make adjustments to your itinerary with your driver on the return journey depending on how much time and energy you have. I also recommend you choose the vehicle upgrade option for added comfort.

      For the 2nd day, I would group all the attractions located around Ubud in a single day, as the route makes much more sense. I would go to Monkey Forest first, followed by Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi, and Tegalalang Rice Terraces (you can do the swings located at Tegelalanng) followed by Tanah Lot before the trek back to Nusa Dua. Here’s my route map recommendation.

      For that, I recommend booking the Ubud Highlights Tour. I’m updating the recommended itineraries to include these recommendations, and again you can change your itinerary on the day with your driver depending on your time and energy. Choosing the vehicle upgrade option as before for extra comfort.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Thanks Michael, this sounds like a workable solution. I will choose the vehicle upgrade option. Just another thing that came to my mind, will the driver be a guide as well or would they be just driving us around. We were hoping to have someone with us throughout our trip who can give us more information about the places that we are visiting. We were also thinking about trying to do some shopping, I presume that could be added as well and as its mentioned, if we go above the time limit, we could pay directly to the driver a fixed fee of IDR100K per hour or part thereof. Please can you confirm the above? Thanks


        • Hi Khurram – your driver can guide you as well, except for going to attractions where there are dedicated guides, in which case that would be prohibited. For all other attractions, he will happily accompany you assuming you pay for the entrance tickets if applicable. And shopping until you drop is highly recommended. If you go over time just pay the extra directly to the driver.

          Safe travels, Michael

  123. Hi Michael,
    we are four people and would like to start our four day trip from Ubud. Firts we would like to go to Mount Batur (visit Tirta Gangga and possibly Lempuyang Temple on the way there). We will stay the night in Kintamani. The next day we would like to go to Lovina and stay two nights there (see Sekumpul waterfall and maybe Aling.Aling or Git Git waterfalls). Finally we would like to go from Lovina to Nusa Dua. On the way we would like to see Ulun Danu Beratan and Jatiluwih. So we would need a driver for four days, who can drive us to all of these places. Is that possible and how much would that be?
    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Martina. You can book that trip using the booking form above. Select 4 people, 4 days, select the North Bali option, select the overnight option (as you are keeping your driver overnight) and for 4 people plus luggage you would be well advised to upgrade to the slightly larger SUV for comfort. The smaller SUV will be too cramped with luggage. I am assuming for 4 days you do not have that much luggage, but you will know if 4 people plus your luggage will fit into an SUV.

      I just checked the price and that would cost AUD$640. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  124. Hello,

    I would like to a driver to pick me up from Ubud at 5:30am and take me to Leke Leke waterfall, Nungnung waterfall and Sekumpul waterfalls. It is just myself – how much would this be for one day?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Esmae, you can book using the form just above this comment. For 1 traveller going to North Bali for the day will be AUD$105.00.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else.

      Safe travels, Michael

  125. Hi Michael,

    My wife and I require a car for 3 days with approx itinerary as per the below (though this might shift a bit as we do a bit more research):

    1. Sunday 19 June – Pick up from Ari Cottages Ubud at 5am to see sunrise at Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. Then drive to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwung followed by Kanto Lampo Waterfall. Drop off back in Ubud

    2. Wednesday 22 June – Pick up from Adiwana Dara Ayu Villas around 11am to The Breezy Volcano via Sekumpul Waterfall. We would love to see other highlights along the way/nearby that you or the driver can suggest

    3. Thursday 23 June – Pick up from The Breezy Volcano around 11am, travelling to Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Penataran Agung Lempuyang. From there, travel to Amnaya Resort in Nusa Dua for drop-off

    My understanding based on reading the above is that Day 1 is a South Bali Day Tour and Day 2 and Day 3 fall under North / East Bali Day Tours (so 3 separate bookings with total cost of $295). Can you please confirm this ahead of me booking?


    • Hi Khuzair – you have your itinerary absolutely nailed! And yes, you are perfectly correct that Day 1 is South Bali and Days 2 & 3 are North Bali.

      When your booking comes through I’ll make sure to attach your itinerary details when assigning a driver. He will also know other attractions along the way, and you can adjust your itinerary on the day to suit your schedule.

      Safe travels – Michael

  126. Hi Michael,

    My wife and I are planning to travel to Bali in June and are considering private driver for part of our trip. Can you please advise how much it would cost for the following:

    Day 1: Travel from Adiwana Dara Ayu Villas to The Breezy Volcano via Sekumpul waterfall. We would love to see other highlights along the way that you or the driver can suggest

    Day 2: Travel from The Breezy Volcano to Tukad Cepung Waterfall to Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang (and perhaps some other viewpoints nearby), and finish the day by driving to Amnaya Resort in Nusa Dua.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Khuzair – looks like you already figured this out as per your more recent comment. Please let me know if you need ay more help.

      Safe travels, Michael

  127. Hey Michael, super helpful site! 🙂 I wanted to check if I can book a driver to pick me up around noon from Komaneka Keramas Beach (Gianyar) and take me sightseeing in East Bali for 4-6 hours, then back to the hotel for a rest, and finally to dinner and back that same evening. i.e. Can the 10-12 hours be from 12 noon until 10-11pm? I know that’s late and maybe an odd schedule compared to what most people do, so I wanted to ask first before booking. Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Layne – yes, we can do that, no problem. Simply select Gianyar as your Pick-Up area (Keremas Beach is in Gianyar), select your pickup time as 12 pm, and you can do exactly as you say.

      If you go over 10 hours, you can pay the driver IDR 100k per hour or part thereof at the end of the day.

      Safe travels, Michael

  128. Hi Michael

    Can you arrange a Hotel transfer for 3 adults with suitcases on 11th June.

    10:00 Peninsula Beach resort – 16:00 Bali Seascape Beach Club Candidasa.

    We would like to do some sight seeing along the way with a suggestion stop for lunch.

    Please advise if this is possible and what our day might look like with cost.

    kind regards


    • Hi Marion – no problem at all. Simply book using the form just above this comment and I’ll reply after the booking confirmation with some suggestions for lunch. Choose the South Bali option for Candidasa and the cost will be AUD $85.

      Booking is pretty straightforward, but let me know if you have any problems. I’ll email you directly as well so you have my contact details.

      Safe travels, Michael

  129. I would like the best contact for booking a car for random days during my month long stay from next week. I’m staying in Seminyak

  130. Hi Michael,

    We’re spending half of our trip in south Bali and half in north Bali. For the south Bali portion of our trip, we’d definitely love to book with you. But do you have any recommendations for a trusted English speaking driver for the northern Bali part of our trip? Thanks!

    • Sure do. I’ll send you an email asking for more specific details so I can help set you up with the most suitable driver and vehicle.

      Talk soon – Michael

  131. Hi Michael,
    I am enquiring about booking a driver for two days in July pick up from accommodation in Ubud
    Do they have two be consecutive days?
    Day 1 – mason elephant park. Could anything else be done on this day?
    Day 2- pick up from accommodation in Ubud and dropped off in Kuta but along the way stop at any recommended attractions.
    We will be traveling with a 2 and 5 year old. Do they need car seats?

    • Hi Val. The best thing to do would be to make 2 separate bookings for a single day each. That way they don’t have to be consecutive days.

      There are plenty of attractions to be seen on both days – but considering that many are just reopening it would be better to check back in a week or so before arrival as much more will be available by then.

      Regarding car seats, that’s entirely your decision. There was an option to hire them along with a driver, but that business hasn’t reopened yet. Again, best to check closer to the dates.

      Don’t forget to book drivers early, along with airport transfers, as things are heating up fast.

      Safe travels – Michael

      • Thank you Michael.
        Is it a legal requirement to have car seats? Would like to know for when making a booking?


      • Thank Michael.
        Is it a leagal requiremnet for children to be in car seats? would like to know for when booking.

        • No, it’s not a legal requirement. Yes, we can indeed hire baby seats for IDR100k per day. Just let us know after. making a booking and we’ll arrange them for you.

  132. Hello, we are looking to book a driver for one day, but we (6 people) would have our luggage. Would it be possible to store the luggage within the car when we’re moving around?

    • Hi Justin. Of course, you can leave your luggage in the car when you are moving around, but how will you store the luggage when all of you are actually in the car? I recommend hiring a Toyota Hiace Minivan. That way you can all travel in comfort and take your luggage at the same time.

      Safe travels, Michael

  133. Hello,
    I’m enquiring to see if the following is possible within one day, please let me know if I’m over-reaching (or equally under-reaching)!
    Collection from Ubud
    Visit: Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple, Nungnung Waerfall, Leke Leke, Pula Ulun Danu Bratan, Handarah Gates
    Drop off in Seminyak
    2 people
    Monday 6th April.

    Please email me with suggested costs/times etc?

    Thanks, Lizzie

    • Hi Lizzie. I think it’s too much of a stretch. Did you plot this route out on Google Maps? If you drop out Nungnung Waterfall it might be achievable, but it’s still a long day. I recommend you book the Danu Beretan Tour and select the Itinerary 1 option. Then after you receive your emailed confirmation, reply with your intended itinerary and I’ll pass onto my driver. Hope this helps!

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi,
        Thanks for getting back to me. I did have a look and did wonder if we were being a bit too ambitious, thanks for the recommendation to take off Nungnung. We’re aware it would be a long day in any case but with limited time thought we could tie in a long distance destination tour as well as transporting between hotels.
        I can’t book anything until I next get paid but will follow your instructions as soon as I can.


        • Hi Lizzie. I was thinking about this from your comment on the other post, but unless you have booked your accommodation, I’ve got a solid recommendation for you. Depending on what time you arrive, you could knock off a couple of attractions on your arrival date. Then the next day, hit everything around Ubud. The following day, pass through northern attractions like Danu Beratan and others on the way to the Liberty dive site. Get there in the evening, stay the night, and dive first thing in the morning. Then do Besikah, Tirta Gangga and Virgin Beach on the way back and stay in Candidasa – which is much closer to Mount Batur for a Sunrise Tre the following day with Uluwatu Temple Kecak Dance that evening and then stay in Seminyak before flying out.

          If you give me your travel dates, the number of passengers and flight arrival/departure times I’ll do an itinerary for you with the cost of one of my drivers for the whole trip. Regardless, safe travels!

          • Sorry, I’ve only just seen this, for some reason I don’t get notifications of your reply. I think you might have me confused with someone else? As far as I know this is the only post I’ve commented on (unless I have and just completely forgotten about it)? I’m only now aware of what the Liberty dive site is from googling it after seeing it mentioned in your reply.

  134. Hello, I will be coming to Bali in August and am so excited to explore! I have a list of places I want to see can you tell me if this can be done in 3 days? Mason elephant park, elephant cave, virgin beach, blue lagoon, bali spirited healing, terrace river pool swing, pura luhur pakendungan, Gunung Kawi Sebatu, Brahmavihara-Arama, lempuyang temple, besakih temple, pasor agung temple, I would also like to dive the uss liberty and do a mountain sunrise hike, uluwatu temple at sunset,padang padang beach, tegal wangi beach, suluban beach … Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Angela. I think that’s way too much of an ambitious list to expect to visit in 3 days. Why don’t you look through my pre-planned day tours to get a better feel for what’s achievable in a day? After having more of an understanding of where the attractions are located, feel free to drop me another itinerary for me to sanity check for you 🙂

      Safe travels, Michael

  135. Michael,

    I am so excited to see the updates to your website and all the good news about people booking with you. I have shared your page on so many FB groups so I hope it has helped.

    I booked a day tour and received confirmation, however I am looking to just book services for a full day (Hotel in Ubud, to Spa in Ubud, to Hotel in Seminyak) What is the best way to go about securing a driver for the day? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Casey. I saw your booking come through, and thank you so much for sharing my website. It really is very much appreciated!

      You can book a private car and driver for the day on the same page you left this comment. Scroll up and make a booking, and you can decide on the day where you would like to go. Easy 🙂

      Safe travels, Michael

  136. Hi Michael!
    How realistic is it to do parts of the East such as gates of heaven and Tirtagangga and do tirta empul on the way back?

    • Hi Katheryn. That would depend entirely on where “on the way back” is. If you mean on the way back to Ubud, for example, that would make perfect sense. From Seminyak, not so much, as this map illustrates.

      I have an East Bali Tour that’s proving a pretty popular route.

      Safe travels, Michael

  137. Hi Michael,
    I am not sure Whether you received my previous post, However, I am posting again to make sure. We 4 people arriving Denpasar airport on 03/05/20 by 8.00pm and departing 08/05/20 by 10 pm. We need a car with driver for the 5 days including pickup and drop off. We are staying the whole period in Jimbaran and planning to visit south bali and attractions. Could you give the cost so that straight away I can book.

  138. Hi, My name Varghese. We 4 peoples coming to Bali on 3rd May and leave 8th May. We are staying in Jimbaran. I like to book a car with driver to pick up and drop off to and from airport as well as visit south Bali attactions. Could you please provide cost approximately.

  139. Hi Michael

    We’d like to hire a driver for a day trip picking us up in Seminyak for a tour in North/East Bali, but we’d like to them to drop us at new accomodation in Ubud. The booking system isn’t quite built for this request (we’ll be spending the rest of the trip in Ubud and don’t want the driver overnight or for consecutive days). Can you send me an email to discuss?

    Many thanks for all your great website and helpful advice


    • Hi Maddie. Thanks for getting in touch. You can book a driver for just the one day for North Bali, and when you get the confirmation please reply with your final destination in Ubud. We’ll make sure to pass this along to your driver.

      Because you’re booking a North Bali day tour you have 12 hours of service and can go anywhere as long as you leave enough time for your driver to return back home to South Bali. It’s no problem at all to be dropped at a different hotel in Ubud from your pick-up.

      Safe travels, Michael

  140. Good Morning, I have booked 3 days with a driver through you for June 2020. Are you able to assist with itinerary?

    We are based in Ubud. We both love nature, views, waterfalls, temples, rice terraces etc, and we are always taking photos. We don’t mind seeing ‘touristy’ places but a mix of tourist and ‘off the track’ would be good. Please note we are already seeing: Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud Art Market, Ubud Palace, Puri Saren Agung, Museum Puri Lukisan, Pura Taman Sawawati and are doing 2 village/rice paddy walks.

    Places we would be interested in include: Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tanah Lot Temple, Gate to Heaven, Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Mount Kawi, Tirta Empul Temple, Giant Swing, Celuk Village, Elephant Cave Ubud, Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets.

    Two days with you we are based at Ubud (pick up, drop off), 3rd day is pick up Ubud, drop off at Seminyak. What would you suggest for our days with your driver? Are you able to do up an itinerary for the 3 days with your suggestions? Not a problem if you charge extra to do this, just let me know. If some of these places are considered North or East please let me know so I can figure in the extra amount to pay the driver on the day (have paid for the 3 days as ‘South Bali’ trips).

    Hope I have covered everything. First time to Bali for us so all suggestions/recommendations welcome.

    • Hi Dayle,
      Thanks for booking your private car and driver with us, it’s very much appreciated.

      I can help you out with itineraries, but I’m travelling myself for the next week, so I will get back to you later on. There’s plenty of time as your holiday isn’t until June.

      And a big thank you for being so specific. It really helps me to provide a much clearer answer to your questions 🙂

      Safe travels,

  141. Hi Michael,
    I have replied to you via email. Can you please check? We are hoping to get an estimated price and itinerary before we book.


  142. Hi Michael,

    Thank you so much for all the great information. I subscribed to your email list. Your website has been really helpful with planning my trip to Bali in a few weeks. One question, I was thinking of booking a tour of the Ubud area with starting point being our hotel in Ubud. Is this possible? Also, do you have an email where I can direct further questions or inquiries? Again, thank you so much!!

    • Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes, you can book a tour around Ubud from a hotel in Ubud.

      Please don’t take offence, but I don’t publish my email because it’s far too time-consuming to answer the flood of emails I get asking for free travel planning and advice. I’m happy to respond to specific questions in the comments though.

      Safe travels,

  143. Do you have an email? I have a question about how much is possible to do in a day? We have a list of places we want to go and are trying to understand how many we can see each day and to then book a driver. Thanks

  144. Hi Michael,
    Is it possible to pay in AUD for airport transfers and day trips? When I searched some prices a couple of weeks ago it was showing in AUD but now appears to be all USD. Am I able to change the currency of the transaction before paying?

    • Hi Tan,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The conversions from people looking at the booking form to actually booking improved a lot when I tested making the payment currency USD instead of AUD.

      So I moved all the booking forms to charge in USD, resulting in more business for my drivers.

      May I ask, what date are you looking to book for, and if it’s in AUD would you book?

      Let me know, I may have a solution for you.

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. We are looking at airport transfers to Ubud 23/1 and return to airport 28/1. Also looking for a driver for the day on 25/1.

        Yes, would definitely book. Just hate being at the whim of the banks with the conversation from USD to AUD, which is already terrible at the moment.


        • Hi Tan,

          Thanks for letting me know what you are thinking – really appreciated!

          FYI the deposit is calculated using an open-source currency converter, which I rounded up to pay for the transaction fees. This means you would pay exactly the same amount as if you were paying in AUD.

          But I get it. Paying in your home currency provides a much greater degree of comfort. I’m exactly the same way when I book my travel.

          So, may I ask you. If I spend a few days working over a hot laptop building a currency converter so you could pay in AUD, would you still make a booking?

          And for a special bonus that I’ll send you by email, may I ask why you will (or won’t) book a day tour or private car and driver from Bali Holiday Secrets?

          Safe travels,

          • Thanks Michael, that sounds great! I will definitely book both transfers and a driver for the day straight away.

            Yes, we would like to book a driver for the day to show us around and take us to the best places to shop for bargains and quality goods. Having an English speaking driver who we can trust is very important to us, which is also why I want to book it all through you. We really want a relaxing holiday so don’t want to have to deal with taxies or tour companies either. Your services take all the guesswork and hassle out of that for us.

            I haven’t been back to Bali for 25 years (awful experience in Kuta the first time), and this will be my husband and daughters first time there. I have read all your Bali Holiday Secrets tips and information and have found it all very helpful. Far more useful information than I have been able to find anywhere else, especially the advice on the airport, sim card and cash.

            Had your beautiful villa been available in Seminyak while we were there, I would have booked that too!


          • Hi Tan,
            I’ve updated the booking system so it now accepts AUD (and a bunch of other currencies too) so you can book away without any exchange rate concerns.

            Safe travels,

          • Hi Tan. I was going to send you a complimentary copy of the book that I’m putting together based o all the travel advice on this website before your trip. But it’s taking sooo much longer to produce than I expected. It will be released later this year, and I’ll make sure I send you a free copy when it’s released.

  145. Hi Michael,
    On Wednesday Jan 29, we would like to hire a driver.

    Is it possible to do this in one day, or am I crazy?

    Pick up from Ubud
    Hike Mount Batur (we would like to make it to the summit)
    Besakih Temple
    A waterfall
    Drop off in Uluwatu


    • Hi Kevin,

      You’re not crazy, although I empathise because you will be getting up very early. If you leave at 2 am you can do a Mount Batur hike and watch the sunrise. Maybe 3 am from Ubud. You can get from Mount Batur to Besikah Temple in just over an hour. From there you could make Tekud Cepung Waterfall before 1pm, which would have enough light to make it worthwhile, or Tegenungan Waterfall is a safe choice with plenty of local drink-and-food stalls to make for an easy afternoon.

      North Bali cost IDR 1.000k, not 800k for the South Bali Driver Hire. I’ll make a new tour booking so you can use my drivers and let you know by email.

      You’re not crazy at all. Do it!

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Matthijs,
      Yes, we can arrange baby seats for you for IDR 80k each per day. Just let us know by return email after you get your booking confirmation.

      Safe travels,

  146. Thank you so much for arranging our day tour in Lovina with Gede! We had a great day! Gede was a fantastic guide and so helpful! I can not recommend this service enough!!

  147. Hi Michael, we are staying in lovina and would like to arrange a driver for a day to explore north bali and also on our last day to take us around kuta before dropping us at the airport. Is this possible?

    • Hi Liz,

      Sure can. Day tours in North Bali are 1.000k per day. It’s 800k per day if just in the South Bali region. You didn’t mention what dates you needed a driver? Will you require a day tour in Lovina and then transfer to Kuta the following day? Is your flight the next day as well, or will you be staying in Kuta.

      Safe travels,

      • Hi Michael, thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for such a helpful website. we are staying in lovina so looking a driver for the day of 3/1/20 ….. then looking to be picked up from lovina on the 6th of Jan 2020 in the morning so we can explore Kuta and do some shopping before flying home in the evening.

          • Hi Liz,
            I have a driver for the 3 January. The way to book this is to also book the Lovina transfer booking form – and I’ll let the driver know it’s a pickup from and return to Lovina day tour.

            This covers the cost of you want to go further afield, like Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Handarah Gate and Danu Beratan for example.

            Safe travels,

  148. We wanted to say a massive thank you for providing us with our wonderful driver Kadek. I am so relieved we booked a private driver for 3 days as we explored around Bali. Kadek was amazing: a superb driver, so calm and understanding when our itinerary kept changing. He was patient and kind and I felt my family were in safe hands all the time, but particularly when I directed us down a back route of a very steep, winding narrow road. Thank you for providing such a reassuring service.

    • Hi Nathalie,

      Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ve passed it on to Kadek and he’s stoked for the shout-out. It means a lot that you took the time to write a comment, it really is very much appreciated.

      We hope to see you and family back in Bali again someday!

      Safe travels,

  149. Hi Michael, would we be able to book a driver for 1 day:
    19th-pick up Ubud, drive up to Tegallangan rice terrace, Bali pulini coffee plantation, lunch at kepitu restaurant and then drive to sideman for drop off at a hotel?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Nathalie,

      Yes, you can, thanks for asking.

      You can book online using the reservation form on this page.

      Because Sideman is in the South Bali area there are no extra charges, and my drivers know the area around Ubud well, including Pulina Coffee Plantation and Kepitu Restaurant at the Kayon Resort.

      Safe travels,

  150. Hi,Michael
    We(4p) are planning to travel from Legian to Ubud where we will stay for 2 Days and planning to visit ;
    Day 1; Monkey Forest ,Tegallalang Rice Terrace &Swings @ Aloha & in the evening Ubud Palace

    Day 2 ; Campuhan Ridge walk ,Saraswati Temple ,Ubud Market & Tegenungan Waterfall.

    Can You Tell me the cost of the above 2 day for hiring a driver.

  151. Hi,

    We (2p) are looking for hiring a car with driver for 10 days (entire stay). Pick up from airport, utawala, canggu, ubud, drop off airport, please send me details, thx

      • Hi Michal looking to stay with a family of Six. Stay if for one month. Selected airbnb in Sanur. Not yet booked, but soon will be Reserving that. Any sugestions or further follow up required. Please USD email.
        Ken Abbs

  152. Hi Michael,

    We (3p) are thinking of :
    1) travelling from legian to amed
    on our way we like to visit waterfalls like kanto lampo and tukad cepung
    and also visit the sidemen rice terraces
    In Amed we will stay the night

    2A) In Amed we will do snorkeling,
    and at the end of the day we will go back to Legian

    or, 2B) In Amed we will do snorkeling,
    and at the end of the day we go to Lovina beach
    In Lovina we will stay the night
    Next day from Lovina we will do a boat trip
    and after that we go back to Legian
    preferably via waterfall and Jatiluwih rice terraces

    Can you inform us of the possibilities and costs if we would hire a driver for:
    – Only 1)
    – 1) and 2A)
    – 1) and 2B)
    Please separately.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sabine,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The simple way to work it out is this:
      – Tours locally around South Bali are IDR800k per day with 10 hours drive time. Extra hours 100k per hour.

      – Longer tours, like to Amed, Lovina and othe destinations in North Bali are IDR1.000k per day, up to 12 hours drive time. Extra hours 100k per hour.

      – Overnight driver cost IDR300k per night.

      To use your examples, overnight to Amed, 2 long days + 1 overnight = IDR2.300k

      To Amed the Lovina and back to Legian is 3 x long tour + 2 overnights = IDR3.600k

      Let me know by comment if this is what you want and I’ll send a booking email.

      And thanks for being so descriptive. It really helps!

      Safe travels,

  153. hello can someone contact me please I would like to book a car with driver fopr the full duration of my stay in bali (8 days)

    • Hi Maitha

      Contact sent as requested. It always helps to write some of the details of your questions into the comments so I can help you faster.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi George,
      I’ve sent you an email, but I can often help quicker if you post the details of your question within your comment.

      Safe travels,

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