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Hi everyone. When I started Bali Holiday Secrets at the beginning of 2019, the tourism sector was looking bright. I was also actively involved with the live music scene here in Bali, collaborating with a local live music venue owner to produce a series of music festivals in 2020.

To say everything has turned to custard is an understatement. I’m also sure that you must be suffering too, so before I say anything else, I sincerely hope you and your families are safe and well.

The live events sector has been hit with devastating impact. In fact, the events and hospitality sectors have been decimated on a global scale. 

In pretty much every country live music performances have come to a very abrupt halt. That means that not only artists and musicians have had their income reduced to zero, but also the support staff that was employed making gigs and concerts happen.

Waiters and bartenders, chefs and kitchen hands, sound engineers, performers of every shape and genre, publicists and garbage collectors, security staff and cashiers, venues and delivery drivers, and the countless back-of-house staff that nobody sees, but without whom a gig, concert or any event doesn’t take place.

While many countries have social safety nets and are seeing their governments engage in large-scale economic stimulus packages, the situation here on the ground in Bali is very different.

While there is some government assistance flowing through at the village level, far too many people have been left to fend for themselves, with no job, savings, income or support.

So along with Graeme Storr from The Orchard, I co-founded the Bali Community Appeal to raise money so we could buy rice, fresh vegetables and essential groceries to help feed those in our local community who are going hungry.

Donations are currently closed.

All the musicians, support staff, back-of-house and their families are now living hand to mouth, day to day, with no income and dwindling hope. People are going hungry, and while their friends and families are usually the first people to rally around them in crisis, unfortunately, they have all lost their jobs too, because almost every family in Bali relies on tourism for employment.

The appeal was launched on 14 April, and since then we have raised over $20,000 which has enabled us to distribute over 10 tons of food to more than 800 families in need.

The Bali Musicians Appeal

Please note the appeal has finished up and no further donations are being accepted at this time. Thank you so much to everyone for their generous support.

Thank you and bless you, and love from my family to yours.

Michael — Bali Holiday Secrets

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