Bali Airport Transfer with Private Car & Driver

Transfers from Bali Airport to your hotel or villa are easy if you book ahead. Remove the stress from arriving at Bali Airport and book a private car and driver to personally meet you and get you to your accommodations quickly and easily. Be met on arrival by one of my personally vetted, English-speaking drivers and receive comprehensive, detailed instructions on navigating the airport and making contact with your personal driver straight after booking.

I have personally vetted all the drivers I work with. They text me when they arrive at the airport when they collect you after arrival, and again when you have been dropped off. I also email you his name, profile photo, vehicle photo and phone number to ensure your safety and comfort.

Bali Airport Transfers - Driver Pickup

How much does a transfer cost?

That depends on the number of passengers and your destination. But for example, for a solo traveller with luggage to Legian would be AUD$42.50. This covers the airport entrance fee and parking for the car and driver, fuel and waiting time.

You can use the booking form below to find out how much your specific requirements will be, and we have transfers to Bali Airport if you want a reliable pickup service to get to the airport and catch your flight home.

What is the Fast Track Service?

We have suspended Fast track service bookings due to a change in local government regulations prohibiting the provision of Fast Track services at Bali Airport for tourism. This being Indonesia, the rules can sometimes change quickly. I advise you to be very careful booking Fast Track services elsewhere as online Fast Track scams are common.

What is and what isn’t included?

The Bali Airport transfer rate includes being met at the airport personally by a private, English-speaking driver with a recognisable sign and an air-conditioned SUV. Each SUV comfortably holds 1-4 people with checked luggage and suitcases. For 5 or more passengers please book an Airport Transfer with Minivan.

My rates are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Can you carry surfboards?

Yes, we have an option during booking to specify if you are bringing surfboards, so we can assign a driver who have surfboard straps and is willing to transport them on the roof to your destination.

10/10 would recommend

The professionalism of the staff and ease of booking through Bali Holiday Secrets made the start of our holiday simple and stress free. The detailed information provided by email alongside clear communication resulted in a seem-less airport pick up (despite me mixing up the date!). Really impressed with the drivers. 10/10 would recommend.

Who will be my driver?

Immediately after making a booking, you will receive a confirmation email with reservation details, expert tips on navigating the arrivals hall and clear directions on how to connect with your driver at the airport.

Before your arrival, I will personally email your assigned driver’s name, profile photo, vehicle photo and phone number so you can connect with him using WhatsApp after you land.

I do this to make it as simple and friction-free for you to connect with your driver and remove the stress of arriving in unfamiliar surroundings. It also provides comfort and security that you won’t be scammed by another driver pretending he is there for you.

It’s why I teach my drivers to never put your name and destination hotel on a placard to hold up, as that’s simply asking for trouble.

Your driver texts me when he arrives at the airport, again when he collects you and also after you have been dropped off.

What if my flight is delayed or early?

No problem. My drivers use flight tracking apps on their smartphones to ensure they are up to date with your flight status and will be waiting for your Bali Airport Transfer even if your flight has been delayed or is arriving earlier than scheduled.

Book Bali Airport Transfer

There is no extra charge for delayed flights and waiting time is included in the price.

Definitely recommend this service

Hi Michael, Can’t thank you enough for arranging our airport pick up. From start to finish everything was perfect, frictionless. All the tips on getting though the airport, getting a SIM card, using the airport ATMs and most of all, Wayan our driver and all the communication before and during was great.Very nice aircon car. Nice polite knowledgeable driver. The best airport pickup experience. We even got to do the hotel minibar bypass stop at a great supermarket recommended by Wayan ???? Thanks again. Definitely recommend this service. Cheers Lyndy

Can I make stops or visit attractions on the way?

Stopping to get snacks or drinks along the way is fine. Just tell your driver what you need and he’ll find an appropriate store to stop at.

If you would like to visit tourist attractions on the way to your destination and make a day of it you can use the Airport Transfer + Day Tour booking form. That way you can have a dedicated car and driver for the rest of the day to go shopping, hit the beach or one of the excellent beach clubs to make the most of your first day in Bali.

This is also perfect if you are arriving in the morning and cannot check in to your hotel for several hours.


Make a booking

SSL Secured - Bali Holiday SecretsBooking online is easy and secure. This website uses SSL Encryption and payments are secured by Stripe in 25 different currencies so you can easily see the exact cost in your home currency. I’ve been building online businesses and websites since 1995, so you can be assured your booking is completely secure.

I’m a technology entrepreneur and traveller and began Bali Holiday Secrets as a guide for friends and family who came to visit after I moved to Bali, and has grown to 80,000+ visitors a month.


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  1. Hey Michael

    How are you? We are group of 5 visiting bali from 28th April to 4th May.
    How do we get in touch with you once we are there?
    We would be interested in booking day tours

    Mumbai- India

    • Hi Shekhar,

      No need to get in touch. You can browse all the day tours and book directly via this website!
      The secure payment gateway also now accepts INR currency.
      Hope you’re excited for your trip to Bali, see you soon.

      Safe travels,

  2. Hi Michael,
    I am trying to plan my airport transfers, day tour in ubud, and Ubud hotel to Seminyak hotel transfer. I see there is an option to book consecutive days but not multiple different days. Is there a way to book everything together or do I have to book the trips separately?

    For my airport transfer to Ubud:
    I am staying the night at the hotel that is connected to the airport. Can the driver pick us up at the hotel vs the arrival terminal at the airport? My plan is to book my airport transfers together. Should I book my airport transfers separately so the driver and can go straight to the hotel? I may want to have the driver for a few hours after we get to Ubud to take us around for lunch and dinner.

    For my airport return transfer from Seminyak Beach area:
    My flight is at 1:00AM, can you advise the best time to leave my hotel?

    Can you recommend the best option for my trips?

    • Hi Em,

      Ideally, it would be better for everyone if you book them separately, as I would need your details for each day.

      For your transfer from Bali Airport to Ubud: of course! your driver can pick you up from the hotel.
      For the day tour in Ubud, you can book my Ubud Day Tour.
      For the hotel transfer to Seminyak from Ubud, you can book a Transfer from Ubud.

      For your return transfer, I reckon getting to the airport around 10:00pm the latest. Leaving Seminyak around 9:00pm should give you more than enough time, plus there weren’t be much traffic during those hours.
      Both Airport transfers can be booked in the same booking with different locations.

      The booking forms are quite simple and quick to fill out and should all take you 5 minutes total.

      Hope this helps!
      Safe travels,

  3. Hello, I am coming in to town Friday, I wanted to be able to be able to talk to someone or email for more information about airport pickup & car service while there.

    • Hi Raj,

      Tons of information regarding Bali private car & drivers available on my website.
      What sort of additional information can I help you with?

      Safe travels,

  4. Hi, how difficult would it be to get a taxi at 10pm tomorrow with my boyfriend? I am aware it is a religious festival the next day.

    • Hi Mia,

      Tough question. But there will still be some around. (If you’re referring to local taxis at the airport)
      If you’re trying to book a private car and driver airport transfer, I can email you to have one arranged.

      Safe travels,

  5. Hi Michael,

    We have two young female travellers getting in at 9 pm on Sunday 10th March 2024 to Bali. I would love to book an airport transfer with your company to get to Seminyak safely and easily, but I can see you have no availability that day (I’m assuming it is because of Nyepi the next day). Any suggestions on any company that does private airport transfers that may have availability that night? I know it is likely to be more difficult because of the public holiday the next day.


  6. Hi Michael,
    Do your drivers do airport transfers to/from Karma Kandara? I can’t see an option in the booking form for this area.



    • Hi Trevor,

      Sorry to hear that.
      A few options here;
      You can either try from another browser or device.
      Or I can simply contact you via email which we I can manually proceed with your booking.

      Safe travels,

    • Hi Jessica,

      Currently Fast Track services aren’t available. Please be cautious if you are considering 3rd party services as there are also many scams.

      Safe travels,

  7. Hi Michael,

    Good afternoon. I hope you are doing well.

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and discuss a potential business opportunity with your esteemed company. My name is Arif, and I am the Director of BaronFleet, a global enterprise headquartered in Doha, within the GCC region, and boasting regional branches in Dubai, London, and the US. We lead the way in the limousine transfer service sector, pioneering limousine services on a global scale.

    We are expanding our existing operations and looking for a reliable Airport Transfer Partner in Bali. Our average daily requirement for airport transfers ranges from 30 trips or more.

    Could you please email your competitive B2B rates for airport transfers and car rentals?

    Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to the possibility of working together.


    • Hi Valentia,

      Apologies for that. Due to the very small fleet I’ve chosen to exclude TransNusa.
      But not a problem, simply select any airline (e.g. AirAsia), and as long as I have your flight number, you’ll be good to go!

      Safe travels,

  8. Hello Michael,

    We are interested in a transfer from the airport to The Menjangan by LifestyleRetreats hotel. I’m not 100% Sure of the area. Is that hotel in Buleleng? The hotel address is much longer than the 60 character maximum of that field. Will that be a problem?

    We will also need a private car and driver another day to take us from The Menjangan by LifestyleRetreats hotel to the Ubud area (doing some sight seeing along the way). I think after confirming our hotel location, making this reservation should be straight forward.

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hi Ross,

      For a transfer from Menjangan to Ubud, I would suggest booking a North Bali Day Tour (on this very page)
      For simplicity, you can simply select Pemuteran as your pick-up location (the closest to the vicinity)

      Regarding the address, that’s fine, just provide the vital details.

      With this North Bali Day Tour, you can organize your sightseeing, and have your driver end your trip in Ubud.

      Safe travels,

  9. Hi Michael,

    I would like to book airport pick up for my daughter, but cannot find the destination in your list:
    Jl. Umalalang, Cemagi, Kec. Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, is there no service available for Cemagi ?

    Additionally she would need a safe transfer from Cemagi to Medewi, Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency, Bali 82262.

    Thank you in advance for your kind support.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hi Michael,

    I’m looking to book a return airport transfer in November. I will have the drop off location (on arrival) but will not have a pickup location (on departure) until a week or so into my trip. Is it possible to leave that portion blank or make adjustment once my plans finalize?

    Thank you.


  11. Hi Michael
    We are 2 families arriving at Denpasar and require transfer for 9 people plus surfboards and luggage.
    Do we need more than 1 minivan to transport us all? We are getting the ferry over to Nusa Lembongan so need transfer from the airport to the ferry port.
    Thank you, Helen

  12. Hi Michael,
    My family and I will be flying to Bali for the first time on 25 July – there will be 6 of us (2 adults and 4 kids between the ages of 10 & 5).

    We would like to arrange a transfer from the airport to Ubud. As well as someone who can help us navigate the airport (get simcards, withdraw local currency, etc.). We would also like to arrange a couple of tours too but we were thinking that we’d figure that out once we are arrive (but I’m very open to suggestions for a group with kids our age).

    Because there are 6 of us I imagine that means we are a bit challenging to all fit in the one car. Is this is problem if we were to book through your service?


  13. If we need to purchase our visa at the airport, plus we want to pick up our SIM cards from an airport vendor, and so we’re not sure how long that will take… how would we arrange a ride with your company?

  14. Hi Michael,

    We have a hotel booked called Bondalem Bliss-Luxury Beachfront Villa in Tejakula and would like to procure you airport transfer services. There does not seem to be a drop-down option for Tejakula in the Destination section. Please advise how I can complete the booking reservation. Thanks.

    Kind regards,
    Ee Lin

  15. Hi Michael,

    I am also interested in Jason Livingston’s question about surfboards. I will be looking to get a 6’4″ shortboard. Seeing as to how Bali is a surfer’s paradise, people may be interested in your recommendations for cars for ranges of surfboard sizes. And also whether one should bring roof straps or not.


    • Hi Lu, I’ve spoken to my drivers, and some have straps but not all, so I’m going to organise another option on the airport transfer booking form to allow for surfboards in the coming week or so.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Hi Michael,

        I can confirm that the standard car (Avanza) can fit a 6’4″ surfboard inside (not strapped to the roof), but only if there is a single passenger because at least one of the rear seats has to be lowered. It’s possible that if the board is better positioned, a second and even third passenger can sit in the back, but my driver and I didn’t have time to try to optimize the board position. A longer board will interefore with the driver so 6’4″ maybe the upper limit for internal storage. Hopefully this rough measurement will be useful to other surfers.

  16. Hi Michael,
    I am arriving in Bali at 1440 and trying to get to Nusa Lembongan by ferry.
    Do you think I will be able to make the last ferry to Nusa Lembongan, or am I kiddy myself. Does the last ferry leave at 1700.
    I would look at booking a driver to get us to to the ferry, but will also have surfboards, I will have straps, can you recommend what car I will require, there will be 4 people no luggage just boards.


    • Hi Jason, this is probably too late a reply for you, but I’ve been flooded with comments and questions these past few weeks and it’s hard to keep up. I’ve spoken to my drivers, and some have straps but not all, so I’m going to organise another option on the airport transfer booking form to allow for surfbaords in the coming week or so.

      Safe travels, Michael

      • Thanks Michael,

        No not to late, arriving in Bali in June. I will book a car when I see the attachment to the new form.

        On the question of timing, do you think I will make the last ferry to Nusa Lembongan with that flight or will I have to book a night in Bali, just to be safe.
        If I need to book that night can you recommend anywhere near the port so we can get the first ferry the next day.


        • Hi Jason, 2.5 hours is now where near enough to clear immigration and customs and then get to Sanur. I don’t really have any recommended hotels in that part of town. Just make sure you understand if your ferry leaves from Sanur off the beach or from the new port at Serangan.

          Safe travels, Michael

        • did you make the last ferry Jason? we arrive in bali and 11.15 and hope to make the last ferry. how did your journey go?

          • Hi Helen,

            We arrived at 2.40pm and didn’t get out of the airport until just after 5, I didn’t even try for the ferry as the last one is at 5pm.
            I booked a night in Sanur and caught the first ferry out at 9 am.
            You should should be ok to catch the last ferry, it took us a bit to get to Sanur as our driver didn’t use the toll road, it would save some time if you needed to get there quicker.
            If you have kids and look needy, eg struggling, just after you pay for your Visa the security guys can get you through the business/first class check in, this is the area that takes the longest, it was about 45 minutes for us in this line. You can also pay/bribe them to put you in that line. Note sure of how much but saw a few people do it.

  17. Hi. Can I also make a reservation for a driver for 2 weeks and decide day by day if I want to make a full day trip, half day trip or just a drop off and pick up at a beach, restaurant and so on? And we have rented a car seat for our Baby. Can that stay in the car plus be picked up for us for the airport transfer on day 1? Thanks Claudia

    • Hi Claudia, yes, your child seat can stay in the car from airport transfer through to the 2 weeks you hire a private car and driver, assuming you have booked consecutive days for the car and driver. I’ll make sure it’s the same driver assigned as your airport transfer. And you can decide each day where you want to go, or not go anywhere at all. If you hired the car and driver for the duration it’s entirely your decision.

      Safe travels, Michael

  18. Hi Michael,
    Are Munduk and Amed eligible for pick up or end points of an all day trip? And in general starting from a point, make the tour and end in an other one?
    Is it safe to leave the luggage in the car?
    Can you reach out to me so that I can share the details and get a quote for all at once?
    Thank you
    Best regards,

  19. Hi Michael,

    How can I contact you? I’m trying to plan different day trips, as well as airport transfers in the evening adding a tour.
    Are Munduk and Amed eligible for pick up or end points of an all day trip? And in general starting from a point, make the tour and end in an other one?
    Is it safe to leave the luggage on the car?
    Can you reach out to me so that I can share the details and get a quote for all at once?
    Thank you
    Best regards,

    • Hi Alessia, you can choose Amed or Munduk as your destination for an airport transfer, or transfer back to the airport, or for a full-day tour. You will simply have to allow for the drivers time to return home after your get dropped off at the furthest location. Yes, you can leave your luggage in the car. I don’t do quotes for multi-day tours, you will need to book each trip separately depending on which tour your want, how many people and the destination, which will also show you the cost. Have you tried filling out the airport transfer or day tour forms yet to check the cost?

      Safe travels, Michael

  20. Hey Michael,

    I am trying to plan a 4 (different) day trips, as well as airport transfers. Can you reach out to me so that I can share the details and get a quote for all at once? Adding the email to the comment as well! You can reach out to me there

    Best, Koray

  21. Hi Mike, I’m trying to book a transfer on 21 March but it is not working – I know it is a holiday. Have you availability? If not, can you advise ? Thank you

    • Hi Mary, we’re closed for Nyepi. Most all Balinese are travelling back to their village and families before Nyepi. Most of the shops and attractions will be closed. The Ogoh Ogoh street parades are however not to be missed.

      Safe travels, Michael

  22. Hi Michael,
    How long in advance do you recommend booking a hotel transfer to Kuta from the airport?
    We don’t require a day tour, just transfer.

  23. HI is it possible to book the airport transfer but only perform payment via cash upon arrival
    Due to the no of scams that are taking place, we are quite worried on upfront payment

    • Hi Verinder, you can only book and pay online. Feel free to read our hundreds or reviews and all the rest of the content on jy website, which would be quite impossible for a scammer to replicate.

      Safe travels, Michael

  24. Hi there, I am looking for a return airport transfer in April, but we will arrive at one hotel and then we switch hotels and leave from another. Is it possible to make a booking like this? Also we were interested in the fast track airport, but from the below responses I’ve been very hesitant to book anything. My guess is to just brave it and cross our fingers.

  25. We are arranging our vacation for next October and already have our flights. I am interested in booking transportation to our villa in Ubud. Also, do you recommend the apparently new Fast Track Express service through VFS? Seems it’s a new partnership with the immigration service, though it’s a bit pricey at $90+. After reading all the hassles of immigration it seems like it might be worth it.

  26. Hi Micheal,

    Im putting together a trip for next september 2023 and want to go surfing in Medawi first and i can’t find it in your drop down list. can you tell me what approx price will be if you go that far. Also we will want to travel to the ferry after 5 days or so to Nusa lembongan maybe with a day couple of days at balian in between. is it possible to get prices for each leg of our trip please?

  27. Hi I am trying to book the transfer from the airport to my hotel in the center of Denpasar but there is not Denpasar on the destination options and I don’t know if there is another name for the neighborhood
    What should I do?
    Thank yoy

  28. Hi there! We’re a couple visiting Bali end of November. We have a general idea what we’re trying to visit, and we’re staying in the Ubud, Gianyar area. How can we get in touch in order to book several tours and airport transfer, so I can make a single payment?

    • HI Claudiu – you can book as many of the days tours as you like, but at this stage, you can only book tours individually, as that’s how we assign drivers and send you confirmation emails in our systems. The payment wouldn’t be any different from booking each tour anyway.

      Safe travels, Michael

  29. Hi , may i check if your airport transfer taxi service can pick up and drop off at Club Med Bali? I understand from your article that some taxis are not allowed at tourist attractions.

    • Hi Hoe Qian Yu — yes you can, our private car and drivers aren’t marked as taxis because they are not taxis. It’s a private service.

      Safe travels, Michael

  30. Hello, I arrive on Tuesday, November 15th at 9.00pm. My friend arrives 3 hours after that. I would like to transfer with her. Can you please tell me if this is available. Can your driver meet me and look after my luggage while we wait for her? Any advice much appreciated.

    • Hi Mark – the solution is to book an airport pickup for when your friend arrives so you can both transfer together. You cannot book an airport transfer for your arrival and expect the driver to wait 3 or more hours unless you book and airport transfer + day tour to pay for your drivers time.

      Safe travels, Michael

  31. Hi Michael, when I tried to input my credit card details it says “Unable to authorise card. No response from Stripe.js.” May I know why and how to solve this please?

    • Hi Rosie – I literally used the form and made a booking myself and there were no issues. It may have been an intermittent internet connection for your side, but I suggest you try again as I’ve had new booking come through without issue.

      Safe travels, Michael

  32. Hi – I am trying to book a pick up from the airport but but airline is not showing up and I can’t complete the booking.
    I fly – Philippine Airlines.
    Please let me know how to complete the booking.
    thank you

  33. Hello,
    I have tried to make a booking today for airport pick up with minibus. Unable to complete booking as it kept rolling and not completing booking.

  34. Hi Michael, am attempting to book an airport transfer but after entering all the details (twice now), the site is stalling after hitting the ‘Complete booking’ button (i.e. it looks like its processing but does not complete). Can you please assist? Vanessa

    • Hi Vanessa – it seems there was a script error happening during an update but that has been resolved and we are seeing new bookings come through. Would you try again, and I will watch for your booking.

      Safe travels, Michael

        • Hi Jess – I am seeing airport bookings coming through, so I know the form is working correctly. Please refresh your browser to make sure it isn’t caching old scripts and try again. Let me know if you need further help.

          Safe travels, Michael

  35. Hi Michael,
    Just wondering if it is possible to book return airport transfers or is it only one way?
    Thanks heaps,

  36. Hi Michael,

    I noticed that your site says your airport fast track service is currently suspended. Our trip to Bali is early September; do you think you will offer fast track services by then?


  37. Hi Michael,

    Great intel across your website. Confirming order for airport transfer of four days ago was received as I wish to book the return but awaiting confirm of the first.

    Thanks again.

  38. Hi Michael,
    Can’t thank you enough for arranging our airport pick up.
    From start to finish everything was perfect, frictionless.
    All the tips on getting though the airport, getting a SIM card, using the airport ATMs and most of all, Wayan our driver and all the communication before and during was great.Very nice aircon car. Nice polite knowledgeable driver.
    The best airport pickup experience.
    We even got to do the hotel minibar bypass stop at a great supermarket recommended by Wayan ????
    Thanks again.
    Definitely recommend this service.
    Cheers Lyndy

  39. Hi I am currently planning a holiday to Bali for myself and my daughter and would like to spend a couple of nights in Ubod and the remaining nights in Kuta/Seminyak. Could I book a car to pick us up from ubid and then take us to seminyak

  40. Hello Michael
    I would like to book a transfer arriving with Vietjet from SGN . Could you please add VJ to your menu so i can book ? Thank you . Andrew

    • Hi Renu. You’re correct, one of the currencies that my payment gateway cannot yet process is INR. But you can choose any other currency, like USD, and it will still transact the same.
      Safe travels, Michael

  41. We are arriving with EVA airlines. When attempting to book transfer from airport to our resort, asks for what airline are you arriving on. EVA is not an available option and cannot complete booking. Help please.

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